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Best 7 Call Voice Changer in 2023 [Android, iOS & PC]

Melissa Lee updated on Mar 31, 2023 | Home > Voice Changer Tips

Smartphones are emerging as a go-getter gadget with numerous facilities available on a tap. You get clocks, maps, calendars, etc., all available on your phone screen. You may also use some amusing apps for games and activities for entertainment purposes to pull off through a hectic day. But have you ever thought about a call voice changer to give your friend some goosebumps over the call by instant voice modulation?

Well, there are multiple reasons for using a voice changer during a phone call:

  • For hiding your identity.
  • Comical or entertainment purposes.

So, if you plan to laugh out loud, check out the best options for voice changers on call for your phone and thank us later.

Best Phone Call Voice Changer

Check out our suggested top 7 finds for a suitable call voice changer to bring more fun to your prank calls.

Top 1. Voicemod

⚒️Compatibility: PC, Mac, Mobile

🍃User ratings: 3.7/5

Since some people like using call apps on a PC, we offer a call voice changer app suitable for PCs here. Voicemod offers a wide range of sound effects to change your voice while making a call with others. Baby, Alien, Robot, etc., are all supported.

Moreover, as a voice changer for streaming, Voicemod can easily apply voice effects to your voice for real-time voice calls, video calls, or streaming activities. It has many more features. Check its pros and cons below.



  • Support real-time voice-changing function
  • Over 100 voice effects are provided
  • Compatible with Skype and other platforms


  • It can't be used to record videos
  • Voice filters in the Free version are limited

Top 2. Call Voice Changer Intcall

⚒️Compatibility: Mobile

🍃User ratings: 4.3/5

Call Voice Changer Intcall emerges as a great call voice changer option with multiple funny sound effects. You can use this changer during calls with your friends and family and use crazy options for pulling off a prank on them.

You can use multiple languages from voice call options and create deep voices to scare them off completely. As a scary voice changer, it can also make your voice scary in calls. You can use a subscription plan for this real-time voice changer.

Call Voice Changer Intcall


  • Add many fun sound effects, such as robots, aliens, etc.
  • You can test your voice by recording before placing the call
  • It helps change the voice in real-time and your pitch


  • It uses VoIP to place calls over the internet
  • You need to buy talking minutes

Top 3. Live Voice Changer - Prankcall

⚒️Compatibility: Mobile

🍃User ratings: 4.5/5

If you want to use a powerful app as a call voice changer, then Live Voice Changer- Prankcall can be a great option. You can also record audio with this app. 

Moreover, you can add fun elements by creating an artificial gender voice, adding another sound, and using preset voices on the app. Use the voices of squirrels, tom cats, Darth Vader, etc., to exercise a good prank call on your friends.

Live Voice Changer - Prankcall


  • You get 11 live voices as a preset
  • It enhances your natural voice with the use of a 12-band equalizer
  • There are 15+ effects to make voice changing successful over call


  • It can be used only on iOS
  • There can be more live voices

Top 4. FunCalls

⚒️Compatibility: Mobile

🍃User ratings: 3.5/5

FunCall is one of the best apps for Android that you can use while placing a phone call with your friends. Using the app software, you can change your voice along with your number for using multiple voices. 

It is a straightforward app wherein you must opt for your country and tap on the voice of your choice. You can use a variety of voices that are funny without revealing your identity. From time to time, the site offers various gifts for its users.



  • Very convenient to use
  • It does not require a larger space on your phone
  • The voices offered here are of excellent quality


  • You can only use it for phones and mobiles
  • The number of voices offered is limited

Top 5. Call Voice Changer Allogag

⚒️Compatibility: Mobile

🍃User ratings: 3.7/5

If you want to make prank calls to your friends or relatives using various sound effects, Call Voice Changer Allogag is what you need. You can make variations in voices during the call and transform them at any time. 

With free credits, you can change background vocals and a preview facility for a selected voice before placing the call. You can use voices multiple times in top-notch quality. From using a girl's voice to a child's voice, you can switch between varied voices instantly.

Call Voice Changer Allogag


  • It aids in changing any voice in real-time
  • You can use its massive library to get perfect sound effects
  • You can hide your number with this app if you do not want to reveal it


  • The quality of voices offered needs improvement
  • You cannot use the app for free

Top 6. MagicCall

⚒️Compatibility: Mobile

🍃User ratings: 3.3/5

If you are looking for exciting voice sound options that can be used over phone calls MagicCall voice changer can aid you well. You can use voice effects while calling your friends and using the voices of famous cartoon characters and animals.

Novice users can use the effortless user interface, and sounds can be produced in high quality while making a call for fun. There are several background effects that you can use while talking in real life.



  • You can add voices even in live calls
  • There are many background sound effects
  • You can test the voice before placing a call


  • You cannot use it for a PC
  • The app crashes at any time

Top 7. Girl Voice Changer PRANK

⚒️Compatibility: Mobile

🍃User ratings: 3.3/5

If you are looking for something like male to female voice changer, then Girls voice changer works perfectly for you. It aids you with modifying your voice to a boy or a girl with a high pitch. 

This call voice changer app has an easy-to-use user interface that allows a seamless selection of voices on the prompt. Using the audio recorder feature, you get recorded voices that you can play back later.

Girl Voice Changer PRANK


  • Recording the voice in real-time
  • There are a plethora of voices
  • Change your voice speed and pitch for making calls


  • Sometimes the performance is poor
  • It requires a lot of space on your phone to function smoothly

Call Voice Changer FAQs

After going through our write-up about voice changers, if you have anything more on your mind, you can check out the following FAQs to grab some extra information.

1. Can I change my voice during the call?

Yes, with the options we mentioned above, like Prankcall, Girls voice changer, etc., you can change your voice during a call.

2. Is a voice changer legal?

You must note that specific audio processors are responsible for modifying the format and tone of your voice. For this, they use legal effects that can be applied everywhere. So as long as you are not committing any crime using a voice changer, it is not illegal.

3. How can I change my voice to a female call?

You can use Girls voice changer to change your voice to a female call.


Do you like to joke around with your friends or loved ones? Well, who does not? A call voice changer is the best option to pull off these jokes. Functional roles can get a new dimension with voice modulation. Additionally, minor alteration in essential voices provides support to your fictional character. 

Our suggested finding for voice changers on phone calls gives you the same experience and adds some fun elements. For example, you can use them to entertain your friends and family and pull off well with distinctive robotic, girl, or ghost voices.

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