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Top 5 Free Closed Captioning Software for PC and Android

Melissa Lee updated on Mar 15, 2023 | Home > Video Editing Tips

Suppose you are a YouTuber who wants to share your videos with people all around the world. In that case, it's critical to add suitable subtitles to those videos so that people can easily understand the content you want to express. Is there any easy-to-use captioning software suitable for everyone, especially for beginners?

Yes, there are enough robust and user-friendly video caption editors on Windows PC, portable phones, and online. If you don't know how to find the most suitable editor for you, this article is what you need. A list of the top 5 best free closed captioning software will be offered in this post, and you can choose from all the mentioned caption editors. Read to get more information about them.

Top 5 Closed Caption Creators for Windows/Android/Online in 2022:

1. EaseUS Video Editor - Windows 

EaseUS Video Editor is a versatile but user-friendly video editing software on Windows PC, and even beginners can use it without any hassle. This powerful video editor offers you both primary and advanced editing tools. For instance, it supports cropping, trimming, rotating, and merging video clips, as well as adding subtitles/captions to videos. 

You can add the subtitles with 2 different methods, i.e., manually inserting captions into the video or using an SRT file that contains all the subtitles. It's straightforward to sync the caption with the video using this video editor since it provides you with a specific track for the subtitles. And you only need to drag the file on the timeline to do that.

Key Features:

  • Free video editor without watermark
  • Add subtitles by importing SRT files or inserting them manually
  • Edit video and audio files with a complete set of tools
  • Support multiple video and audio file formats
  • Support exporting files depends on the playing device

This subtitling software is the optimal choice for you. Click on the following button for a free download.

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Windows 11/10/8/7

How to Add Closed Captioning to a Video on Windows:

Step 1. DOWNLOAD Launch EaseUS Video Editor on your PC, and click on "Import" > "Import file" to add the video you want to edit into this software.

import video files

Step 2. Then, click on the "+" icon in the corner of the video to add it to the timeline.

add video to timeline

Step 3. If you have an SRT file containing all the subtitles you want to add to the video, import it into this editor and add it to the timeline. Don't forget to sync the SRT file with your video on the timeline.

import srt file

This software also supports inserting subtitles into the video manually. You can choose the "Text" option and click on the "Insert New Subtitle" to add new captions.

insert subtitles manually

And this software even offers you some templates to caption the video.

caption template

Step 4. You can edit the video with other editing tools, like trimming, rotating, cropping, etc. Finally, hit the "Export" button to save the edited video to your computer.

There are options to adjust the settings freely, and you can select the suitable output format, video quality, and so on.

export video

2. Movavi Video Editor - Windows 

Another worth mentioning closed caption creator is Movavi Video Editor. This video editor is relatively complex to use for beginners as it offers many tools and options for editing the subtitles. For example, you have to customize the position, font style, font size, etc., by yourself, and it may cost you a lot of time.

Besides adding subtitles to the video, this software can also help you add stickers, filters, and transitions to the videos. With it, you can make an impressive masterpiece with various effects. But you need to spend some time learning how to use some of the effects, such as the green screen effect.

add caption to video movavi


  • Offer you some built-in tutorials 
  • Support many video formats
  • Support chroma key, PiP, keyframing, etc.


  • Slow rendering
  • It doesn't support H.265

3. VLC for Android - Android 

Compared with captioning videos on a PC, adding subtitles to a video on a portable device is relatively troublesome. If you need to add captions to a video on your Android phone, first of all, it's necessary to get a great captioning app, such as VLC for Android. This app is not merely a video captioner but also an open-source media player and video editor.

This all-in-one multimedia player supports nearly all the standard video and audio formats, such as MKV, MP4, AVI, MOV, and FLAC, so that it can play those files without any hassle. When playing the videos, it allows you to import the subtitle file to caption the video. Before that, don't forget to download the SRT file to your device. 

add subtitle vlc for android


  • Support internet streams  
  • Support view video/audio/images using it
  •  Support multi-track audio and subtitles  


  • It doesn't support creating subtitles manually
  • It's not convenient to close this app

4. Adobe Spark Video - Online 

When it comes to the most powerful video editing software, Adobe Premiere Pro is the one you can never miss. However, as a professional program, it's not suitable for users unfamiliar with video editing. If you are not an experienced user, choosing an intuitive online video editor, such as Adobe Spark Video, is advisable.

This online tool is designed to be easy to use and suitable for daily use. With its help, you can create a video by means of slides, and you can add captions to each slide with simple clicks. Adobe Spark offers you some preset layouts for adding the subtitles, and you can freely choose from them per your needs.

add caption adobe spark


  • Free to use
  • Beginners can use it effortlessly
  • Offer you royalty-free images and music


  • You can only directly share to Facebook and Twitter
  • It doesn't support enlarging text and photo

5. Clideo - Online 

Clideo is another excellent caption editor that offers you a complete set of editing tools. It supports nearly all types of video formats, and you only need to upload the source video to its server and choose any tool you need to edit. As a great video captioning tool, it allows you to edit the subtitle font from many aspects, including its size, color, etc.

This online video captioner is connected to many other online platforms, such as Google Drive and Dropbox. In other words, you can upload the edited video to the cloud storage with only several steps. 

add caption clideo


  • Help you create and edit videos online
  • Support many video formats
  • Offer you some templates to add subtitles


  • It may take a lot of time to upload videos


This post offers you a list of the best video captioning tools you can use on different platforms, including on PC, phone, and online. All those caption editors in this post are beneficial. Still, the EaseUS Video Editor must be the most suitable one if you are a beginner using a Windows computer.

This closed captioning software free helps you in captioning videos and enables you to edit the videos using any tool you need. Don't forget this software and click on the button below to download it now.

  Free Download
Windows 11/10/8/7

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