The Best Video Filters Software for Windows and Mac [2023]

The post includes a list of best video filter software for Windows and Mac. You can use these filters to add sensational and situational effects. You can also correct colors, brightness, and sharpness. make sure to choose best on your requirement and the platform. Some tools offer extensive filters while others offer only basic ones. However, you will have to download each of them to apply.

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Jane Zhou

Updated on Nov 24, 2023

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With Youtube, Twitch, and more video streaming platforms out there, there has been an increasing rise in the demand for Video Editing Softwares, especially for applying some cool looking effects and filters which could help in giving an extra-ordinary look to the videos. Whether its an Instagram Story, a YouTube video, a Facebook post, or anything, providing an extra touch to the video with the help of some filters could bring out the video to look professional. So, with multiple options available out there, how do you make the right choice of choosing the best video filters software out there.

Filters could completely change the look and mood of the video; there are multiple types of filters out there such as Color Correction Filters, Brightness and Contrast Filters, Filters for Backlight scenes and lots more, one could apply and use them as per their needs. One could make a video look from boring to very interesting and exciting by applying lots of different kinds of filters. So, if you are in a search for the Best Video Filters Software for Windows and Mac, Here's our list of the Best Video Filters Softwares for 2021.

1. EaseUS Video Editor (Our Recommend)

One of the most feature-packed and an almost perfect video editor for Windows, EaseUS Video Editor offers a variety of features that covers one in nearly all instances. The Video Editing software offers professional editing tools, including specialized tools to remove parts of videos that are not required, comes in-built with a bundle of Effects and Filters to make the video look stunning. Users can choose from the Library of 300+ video effects such as transitions, effects, speech, texts, and lots more to bring out the beauty and make the video professional. Multiple industry specialists are using this tool for editing videos and exporting them to a wide variety of audio and video formats. EaseUS Video Editor is our recommended pick for the Best Video Filters Software for Windows.

Key Features:

  • Easy to use interface even for beginners
  • Offers extensive video effects which include background music, text, transitions
  • Export configuration allows you to choose quality for audio and video formats
  • Directly upload to social media sites and online storage devices, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, YouTube, and more
  • Enhance audio and video properties such as sound, contrast, brightness, etc.
  • Increase speed and change duration
  • Speech and Text converter helps create transcripts for any video
  • Voice Over adds your voice after you have shot the video

Steps to Add Video Filters using EaseUS Video Editor

Step 1. Import wanted video

Launch EaseUS Video Editor. On the home screen, you can import the source file by either clicking the "Import" option or simply dragging the video to the appropriate area.

import video

Step 2. Add to project

You need to add the imported file to the track by choosing the "Add to Project" option, or you can drag and place the video to the track as you want.

add to project

Step 3. Put filters to a video

Choose the Filter style you want to use, drag it to the Filter track in the timeline. Or you can right-click the Filter style and select "Add to Project" to apply the feature to your video as well. Click "OK" to make the changes work with your video.

select the filters

Step 4. Export the video

Click "Export" in the Toolbar to export the video to the wanted format. 

export to wanted format

2. DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is a free video editing software that is used for editing big-budget video productions. The tool is exceptionally known for its color correction and the filters. It has a lot of features, including color wheels, facial tracking, eye, and lip color adjustments, and lots more.  It uses Fairlight, which is a suite of professional video editing tools enabling users to mix and match. It also supports the addition of 2D and 3D titles alongside trimming videos and mastering the audio.

Davinci Resolve

Features of DaVinci Resolve:

  • Revolutionary Dual Timeline for Quick Navigation
  • Professional Video Editing Tools
  • In-built Color Correction Tools
  • Quick Export to YouTube and Vimeo


  • Professional tool, not suited for beginners
  • Requires a High-End Machine
  • Not all Tutorials are free

3. HitFilm Express

HitFilm Express is yet another professional video editing software on the list, which although contains all the necessary tools such as Trimming, splicing, adding Text effects, and more, has a vast collection of over 180 special effects including Filters, Transitions and lots more. One could also find some great tutorials for using the application over the internet, which are very engaging.  Hitfilm Express is also suitable for YouTube content creators as it comes with the support for direct uploading built-in. While the user interface isn't easy to get on for a casual user, once mastered, the outputs are magnificent.

Hitfilm Express Add Video Filter

Features of Hitfilm Express:

  • 3D Camera Projection
  • In-Built Animation Tools
  • Export Presets: Configure Export Settings
  • Mask Editing and Rendering


  • Confusing Download Process
  • It takes time to get used to the Editor UI.
  • Multiple Add-ons Required

4. Lightworks

Undoubtedly one of the best video editing software for Windows, Lightworks, which comes with an excellently designed timeline with a higher degree of control than any of the other software out there. While the user-interface isn't easy to navigate while using it for the first time, watching a few tutorial videos could help in better navigation and better utilization of the tools. It supports custom keyboard shortcuts and has a fairly decent variety of filters for editing jobs.

Lightworks Video Editor with Filters

Key Features of Lightworks:

  • Unmatched Format Support including ProRes, DVCPro HD and more
  • Dedicated Web Export: Instagram, YouTube, Facebook ready files
  • Multicam Editing: Allows Editing with Multiple Cameras at the same time
  • Unique Patented Console and Dedicated Keyboard


  • Export only in MPEG Format
  • It takes time to get used to UI
  • Not meant for Beginners

5. Adobe Premiere Pro

A video editing application which could be recommended easily and is a bit of no-brainer is Adobe's Premiere Pro. It is one of the biggest names in the industry and is quite popular among Windows users; it supports several uncapped video tracks, including AR's and VR's. The tool is especially famous along with its other companion applications, including After Effects, Premiere Rush, and more. It also has one of the most critical effect libraries out there in the industry. The app is top-rated among content creators and filmmakers.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Features of Adobe Premiere Pro:

  • Work on Multiple Projects Simultaneously
  • Support for Motion Graphics Templates
  • VR Audio and Video Editing
  • Direct Export To Social Media Platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and more


  • Powerful CPU required
  • Unstable, Crashes even on High-End PC's
  • Multiple Bugs Reported over Internet

6. iMovie

A list for the Best Video Editing and Video Filters application couldn't end without the mention of Apple's iMovie application. iMovie comes pre-loaded on MacOS and available for free and can perform all the necessary tasks such as trimming, adding voice-overs, transitions, effects, and lots more. There is support for TouchBar, 360-degree video editing, multi-camera mixing, and lots more. If one is looking to make the video polished, it's the go-to application for Mac's. While there are not lots of filters and effects in-built, it remains as one of the most advanced video editing applications.

iMovie Video Editor

Key Features of iMovie:

  • Automated Video Editing
  • People Detection, iMovie can automatically detect People in the frame
  • Direct Share with Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, and more
  • Support for Green Screen Editing


  • Only Available on Mac
  • Limited Number of Editing tools
  • Decent Collection of Effects

7. Shotcut

Shotcut, an utterly open-source application, comes without any limitations of a license, it boasts a wide range of video formats and tutorials. The app was designed for Linux but then was later brought to other Operating Systems. It supports editing videos in 4K UHD resolution in its timeline, which not all freeware is capable of doing so. One of the significant advantages of Shotcut is its vast collection of effects, including transitions and the ability to edit videos without importing them into the editor. If one is looking for a video editor with a vast collection of effects alongside all the other essential editing tools, Shotcut could be the tool of choice.

Shotcut Open Source Video Edtor

Key Features of Shotcut:

  • Wide Format Support including BMP, WebP and more
  • Support for Audio Scopes: Loudness, Peak Meter
  • 360-degree Video Filters
  • Cross-Platform and Codec Independent


  • Not Suitable for Advanced Projects
  • Doesn't Export to Platforms Directly
  • Limited Number of Features

8. Coral VideoStudio Ultimate

An excellent tool for beginners, Corel  VideoStudio Ultimate, is a well-rounded video editing application with a nice selection of features and pretty easy to use User Interface. There is support for multi-camera editing, 4K, 360 degrees, VR, and lots more. The music library, alongside the effects and filters, make it truly worth the price.  There are multiple tiny features that one could find on exploring the UI  deeply, which could come in handy at instances. It is also one of the few relatively cheap priced products which have the support for Color Correction, multi-timeline editing, and more.

Corel Video Studio Ultimate Ultimate

Features of Corel VideoStudio Ultimate:

  • Video Masking, Templates and Overlays
  • Video Stabilization (proDad Mercalli)
  • Colour and Lens Correction
  • Smart Proxy Editing


  • Suited only for Beginners
  • Pricey Tool
  • Requires Add-ons for a complete experience

9. CyberLink Power Director

A serious bit of video editing software applications for Windows, Cyberlink PowerDirector is for experienced filmmakers and editors. Some key highlights of the use being several video and color corrections tools, industry-grade effects, multi-cam editing, motion tracking, keyboard shortcuts, and more. Similar to a few other editors on the list, it has support for multi-format exporting, has a decent collection of effects, titles, transitions, and more. There are a variety of tutorials out there for the application, in case one is struck in the middle of something during the edit.

Cyberlink Power Director Ultimate

Key Features of Cyberlink Power Director:

  • Motion Graphics and Animated Titles
  • MultiKey Sampling
  • Chroma Key Editing
  • Advanced Motion Tracking


  • Not All Features available in Free Version
  • Not Suited for Beginners
  • Sometimes, Crashes During Playback Rendering 

10. Pinnacle Studio

Last on the list, but not the least Pinnacle Studio could be worthy if one is trying professional video editing for the first time. Being cheaper than a lot of applications out there, there are over 1500+ titles, effects, filters, templates built-in. There is support for six-track video editing, has a handful of color correction tools, a stop motion feature, time remapping, and plenty more. Instead of pulling over tons of editing tools from other applications, Pinnacle Studio comes with a handful of tools that are highly required and requested by users.

Pinnacle Studio Video Editor

Features of Pinnacle Studio:

  • Pro Caliber Tools for enhanced Editing
  • 2000+ Effects and Filters
  • Stop Motion and Audio Ducking
  • Split Screen Videos and Keyframe Controls


  • Handful of Features
  • Only suited for Beginners
  • Requires Optimizations on Windows

That's it; the above list covers all the possible Best Video Editing Tools for Adding Filters keeping in mind the compatibility, usability, and Platforms.  One could use any of the mentioned applications based on the requirements. However, if you are using Windows, EaseUS Video Editor is close to a perfect solution. It offers exhaustive effects to improve video quality, professional-level editing tools, and option to export

The Best Free Video Filter Softwares for Windows and Mac FAQs

1. Which is the Best Free Video Editing Software to Add Filters?

EaseUS Video Editor is currently the Best Free Video Editing Software to add filters to a video clip; it comes with loads of in-built transitions, effects, titles, and filters to make the video look professional.

2. Do Windows and Mac come with in-built editing software?

While Windows 10 doesn't come with an in-built video editor, Apple, with its Mac's does offer iMovie with tons of features and all the necessary video editing tools one would require for usage.

3. Which is the Best Video Editing Softwares with Filters for Beginners?

If you are in a search for the Best Editing Softwares with loads of effects and filters, but you aren't a professional, Do checkout EaseUS Video Editor, it has minimum hardware and software requirements and functions exceptionally.

4. Does One Need to spend a lot on Video Editing Softwares?

No, if you are looking for one of the best free or even paid video editing applications, EaseUS should be the first choice. Its free version only has a few limitations and offers exceptional performance without costing a penny.

5. Do all Video Editing Softwares come with the Great Collection of Filters?

No, not all video editing applications out in the industry come with a good collection of Filter's, while there are a few good options out there, EaseUS Video Editor has tons of special effects including 3D, Filters, Transitions and more.

EaseUS VideoKit

All-in-one Video and Auido Tool

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