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Best Ways to Convert YouTube to MP3 Ringtone for Android

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Best Ways to Convert YouTube to MP3 Ringtone for Android

updated on Feb 22, 2023 to Video & Audio Downloading

You can find lots of amazing music on YouTube, which can't be found anywhere else. What if you want to download the YouTube video to MP3 and set it as your ringtone? This article will explore how can you convert any YouTube videos to MP3 ringtones. 

We will provide you with two different ways in this article. Hope you will find a favorable approach.

Part 1. Convert YouTube to MP3 Ringtone with EaseUS Video Downloader 

EaseUS Video Downloader is not only a video grabber but also a YouTube to MP3 converter. With it, you can make an MP3 ringtone out of any YouTube video.  EaseUS Video Downloader can convert YouTube video to MP3, WAV, and MP4 according to your needs. MP3 is the best compatible audio format and you can feel free to use an MP3 ringtone on your Android phone.

Now let's follow the steps below to convert YouTube to MP3 ringtone with this video downloader. This is one of the securest ways to convert YouTube to MP3 ringtones.

Key features of EaseUS Video Downloader

  • Video Downloader - download videos from YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo, and other 1,000+ website 
  • Audio & Music Downloader - download soundtrack and playlist from SoundCloud, Bandcamp, MySpace, and more music streaming sites
  • YouTube Playlist Downloader - download an entire YouTube playlist or channel
  • YouTube Video Conveter - convert YouTube videos to MP4, WebM, MP3 or WAV
  • Video to Audio Converter - extract audio from videos on your PC or Mac
  • Batch downloader - download multiple videos at one time 


Now you have got an MP3 copy of the YouTube video. You can directly set the MP3 audio as your Android ringtone after you transfer the MP3 ringtone from PC to your Android device. If you need to cut the MP3 audio and use a certain clip from the audio file. You can use EaseUS MakeMyAudio to trim the MP3 file.

Bonus Part: How to Set a Custom Ringtone on Android 

After the MP3 ringtone is sent to your Android device, you need to go to the Settings app to set it as your ringtone. The process is very way and we will attach the steps below.

Step 1. Go to the "Settings" app on your Android device.

Step 2. Tap on the "Sounds and Vibration" or "Sound." The name varies slightly with different brands.

Step 3. Tap on "Ringtone" and choose "Add from Phone" to load local songs on your device. Then find the song you like to add it to your ringtone list.

Step 4. Then you can hit the "Ringtone" again and select the custom ringtone you've just added to set it. Now you will hear this custom ringtone when your phone rings.

Part 2. Use Online YouTube to MP3 Ringtone Converter

The second way to convert YouTube to MP3 ringtone is to use an online YouTube to MP3 converter. Such online tools can rip music from YouTube videos and save it in MP3 as well. You will find lots of online tools and we will not introduce them in detail here. But you need to know first the most online YouTube to MP3 ringtone converter contains ads and don't expect a good user experience. 

Usually, you can convert a YouTube video to MP3 ringtone in three steps.  The site we choose is 320YTMp3 Cutter.

Note: Don't trust the so-called YouTube to MP3 cutter you find in the search results. I have tried all tools listed on the first page and none of them really work. It is waste of time trying such tools.

Step 1. Copy the link above to open the site in your browser.

Step 2. Copy the YouTube video you want to set as a ringtone on Android. Paste the link to 320YTMp3 and click "Start" to search to parse the video URL.

Step 3. Click the download button next to the MP3 file. Wait for a while and you will get a download window. Choose the save path and click "Save" to add it to your PC.

YouTube to MP3 ringtone

Now you have saved the YouTube video to MP3 ringtone. Follow the steps we mentioned earlier to transfer it to your Android and set the YouTube to MP3 audio as a ringtone on your Android phone.

The Final Words

It is interesting to convert a YouTube video to MP3 ringtone and use it as your phone's ringtone. Why don't you have a try after reading this tutorial?

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