Best 15 Website to Watch Anime Online Free - 2024 List

We have researched and listed the 15 best websites to watch anime online free 2024. You can explore them to find the best one according to your taste and ease of use. All these websites are considered to have a large list of anime series.

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Updated on Jun 19, 2024

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The time has gone when anime series are loved by the Japanese only. It has become common for people throughout the globe to watch anime online for free in 2024. If you are also an anime lover, you must be looking for some platforms to watch your favorite shows.

We are here to hold you back and let you accomplish the task. Read about the best 15 websites here and their features to find the right one for your browsing. 

1. 9anime

One of the best free platforms to watch anime is 9anime. It is a complete platform that focuses on old and new anime series. You can watch your favorite shows regardless of the location you are living in because they are accessible from almost every country.

9anime platform homepage

For quick and easy access to your favorite shows, the website has categorized the shows in A-to-Z format. Moreover, you can filter the series based on categories like action, comedy, drama, etc. Last but not least, this platform is also accessible to Android users with a dedicated Android application. 

2. Animeflix

Another platform to watch anime online is Animeflix. It has been designed with a similar interface to Netflix, which will help you understand the interface and use it accordingly. You don’t need to register with the platform even for free browsing.

animeflix homepage

From this website, you can separate series based on trending, currently airing, and popular series tags. In simple words, it lists anime series in different categories to let you choose the best one for your streaming. 

3. Anime-planet

With over 45,000 anime episodes, Anime-planet is another good choice for watching your favorite shows. You will find anime series related to almost every category in its list. Moreover, the platform keeps adding new episodes and series to its list.

anime planet homepage

In addition to the general interface, this platform also has a list of the most popular and loved anime characters. It will help you explore the list of characters and select one or more as your favorite. With this, you will find it easy to filter the anime series list and choose the best one. In the end, this platform allows you to watch as many series as you want for free after registration with it. 

4. Zoro Anime

Don't you want to register yourself with any platform? Zoro anime is your concerned website from where you can accomplish this task. This website doesn't ask you to register with the platform, even for free. Moreover, it has categorized the anime series into trending and newly released sections.

zoro anime homepage

So, you can easily explore the collection and find the best series from the list. Moreover, it shows the top searched series just below the search bar. It will also help with what is being searched on the platform and help you choose the right series from the list. You can also click on the "View Full Site" tag to get the list of all series.

5. Kissanime

Another website to watch and download web series and animes is KissAnime. It is a Russian website that particularly focuses on that area. However, you can access it from other countries, too. Unlike other platforms, it doesn't have a single search bar.

kissanime homepage

You can also use its "Advanced Search" option to filter the results and pick the right one. Additionally, it also shows you the list of upcoming/scheduled anime series. So, you can have a look at what is about to launch on the platform in the coming days. 

6. Funimation (Shutdown)

This particular website was owned by Sony TV and hosts a wide collection of anime series. Now, the website isn't available on the internet and has been merged with Crunchyroll, which we will discuss further in the list.

funimation homepage

However, the website is still popular in the anime fans community. You will find a long list of anime series that have been added to the new platform from Funimation. The website is made secure and private for the users to let them seamlessly browse or stream their favorite anime series. 

7. Aniwatch TV

This anime streaming platform has a captivating interface that is similar to "Zoro Anime." You can easily explore the platform for free to watch your favorite anime series. From this website, you can explore the list of episodes for every series available in its list.

ani watch homepage

A unique feature of this platform is the availability of a community for quick questions and answers. You can explore this section, read about queries related to anime series, and learn more about them. 

8. AnimeFreak

For a variety of fans, AnimeFreak is a perfect pick. This website includes a variety of content ranging from different categories. You will be able to access this website and stream your favorite show without paying anything.

anime freak homepage

Additionally, it is accessible from a lot of regions in the world. So, you may not face limited access or restrictions to this website. You can also watch your anime in high quality results like HD. To grab the attention of more users, it has also added popular TV shows to its collection. 

9. Crunchyroll

No denying that Crunchyroll stands among the most popular platforms for streaming anime series. You will access a huge series of series on this platform. This website offers entertaining anime series and movies to people throughout the globe.

crunchyroll homepage

However, the major problem for many lovers is its premium subscription. You can’t watch its shows for free. Abide by this, the website is perfect for anime lovers because of its captivating interface, wider collection, and simple searching methods. All in all, the platform is ideal for watching anime series if your budget is not a problem. 

10. Chia Anime

Another suitable platform to watch anime online for free in 2024 is Chia Anime. This website includes a wide collection of series ranging from action to adult, love to comedy and other genres. You will be able to access all the episodes of a series for free.

chia anime homepage

The best thing about this platform is the addition of recently launched anime movies to its list. Moreover, you can also filter the list by clicking on the "Seasons" option given in the top menu bar. Last but not least, it doesn’t ask you to register to stream on the platform.  

11. Hulu

When it comes to the collection size of the anime series, no platform can beat Hulu. It has a huge database of anime series with licensed access from the publishers. The platform gives you access to all the major names of the market and lets you watch them directly from this platform.

hulu homepage

It keeps on adding new series to its list to grab the attention of lovers of all genres. The best thing about the platform is that it enables you to browse and stream your favorite series offline. However, the major drawback of this platform is its subscription-based working, which doesn't allow free users to use it. 

12. AnimeLab

If you aim to watch a popular anime series or download raw anime 1080p, AnimeLab is the perfect pick for you. But you need to be residing in Australia or New Zealand to access this website. It includes a wide range of series related to different categories and genres.

animelab homepage

The website's interface has been set to be simple and captivating, making it accessible to everyone. You can also watch your favorite anime in high resolution and get entertained in your free time. But you have to buy its subscription, which starts from $7.99 per month. 

13. Netflix

You must have browsed or heard about Netflix because of its dominant position in the streaming market. It stands among the most popular platforms for browsing or watching movies. In addition to film, it also has an extensive list of anime series.

netflix anime page

You can also explore the platform to see if it has your favorite anime or not. It includes only popular and most-watched anime series, which limits its list. However, the problem is that the platform is not for free streamers as it is paid and allows you access to its collection only when you have paid for the subscription. 

14. Roku Channel

If you are living in the US, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, or the UK, you will have another choice to watch anime series in the form of Roku Channel. This website is accessible only in these countries. You can't access them from other parts of the world.

roku channel homepage

Abide by the regional restrictions, the website has a huge collection of anime series that can be watched in various resolutions. You can have an extraordinary experience while watching your favorite series. Keep in mind that you have to buy a subscription to watch your favorite series from this platform. 

15. Pluto TV

Another platform to watch anime online for free in 2024 is Pluto TV. It includes a variety of TV shows and anime series. The platform keeps on adding newly launched anime and other shows to its list for every lover.

pluto tv homepage

You can create your account for free to save your performance and resume it whenever you want. Moreover, the platform is secure, making it suitable for everyone to watch their favorite shows. In the end, the platform is accessible by US citizens only, which makes it inaccessible for users outside this region. 

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Using this specific software, you can get as many anime series as you want for offline viewership. You don't need to purchase its subscription for basic usage, which makes it perfect for everyone. Last but not least, it allows you to download multiple videos in a single go, which will save you time. 

  • It can let you download videos in different high-resolution formats.
  • You can use its batch download feature to get multiple anime episodes on your device.
  • This software provides a free trial and can be used on Windows and Mac.
  • You can use its built-in MP3 converter to download compressed video sizes. 

Wrap Up

From the above blog, you must have learned about the best platforms to watch anime online for free in 2024. You can use any of these platforms to watch your favorite shows. However, we highly recommend you download EaseUS Video Downloader to get your favorite shows on your device.

It will help you get entertained offline by watching those shows and anime series in your free time. 

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