[2023] Best 13 Video to Audio Converters

If you want to ditch the video part from your file and only keep the audio part, these video to audio converter tools will help you achieve that. You can make audio files out of your videos in no time with these apps on your machine.

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Melissa Lee

Updated on Nov 03, 2023

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There is so much free music available on the Internet, however, most of that is in video formats. Sites like YouTube have a ton of music content for the public to consume but you need to play the video even though it is just that music that you are interested in. There are actually many video-to-audio converter tools that you can use to turn those music videos into audio files.

This way you can produce files that are in audio formats and contain your favorite music tracks. There are many other occasions as well when you may want to convert your videos to audio files. Regardless of why you want to do the task, you have plenty of options to do that on your various devices. The following gives you more information about these tools so you can decide what tool is going to be the best for you to convert videos to audio on your devices.

Top 1. EaseUS Video Converter (Windows 11/10/8/7)

Converting video to audio becomes much easier with the help of EaseUS Video Converter. It is one of the best video to audio converter software for Windows users. Whether you are working on Windows 7, 8, 10, or even 11, you can always use it to start a video or audio conversion.

Supporting more than 1000 formats, this program makes it easy to convert your video files into audio, including MP3, M4A, MAV, M4R, AIFF, APE, FLAC, ACS, AAC, OGG, AMR, MP2, etc., with excellent sound quality. In addition, the batch version feature is available as well, and it lets you convert multiple videos into audio at the same with simple clicks. If needed, you are able to combine all the converted audio clips into a single masterpiece after the conversion.


  • Convert video to audio or versa vice without quality loss
  • Provide up to 30X faster conversion speed
  • Support over 1000 media formats


  • Easy and straightforward user interface
  • Support bulk conversion
  • Convert any video to HD, 2K, 4K, and even 8K


  • The current version is only available for Windows

Top 2. EaseUS Video Editor (Windows 10/8.1/8/7)

One of the many reasons why most people stay stuck to a Windows PC is that they have numerous app options for their computers. If you are a Windows user and are looking to convert your videos to audio files, look no further than the EaseUS Video Editor.

It is basically video editing software but it allows you to perform file conversions as well. Using this feature, you can convert your videos from any format to your chosen audio format. Once that is done, you will no longer need a video player app to play your files and they will play just fine in your music player apps.


  • Add videos from almost any format
  • Load multiple videos in the app at once
  • Merge and split your videos before converting them
  • Convert your video to multiple audio formats including MP3 and AAC

Top 3. HandBrake (Windows 10/8/7)

HandBrake is a known name in the file conversion industry and you may have used it before if you have ever performed a media conversion task. This app allows you to easily and quickly convert all your media files from one file format to another. Since it supports a large number of formats, you can easily convert any of your video files to audio formats without any issues. The software has a nice interface for you to work with.

handbrake media file converter


  • Support for nearly every format out there
  • Completely free and open-source
  • Works on multiple platforms
  • Comes with presets
  • Convert video to many audio formats


  • Modern interface
  • Many formats can be converted
  • Live preview


  • Overwhelming for new users
  • Sometimes resulting files get corrupted
  • Occasional crashes

Top 4. Freemake Video Converter (Windows 10/8/7/Vista)

If you have ever looked on the Internet for a free video converter, you have likely come across this app called Freemake Video Converter. It comes bundled with many features that make the whole file conversion task easier for you. It supports the old-style DVDs as well.

You can convert your videos to dozens of audio formats with this app on your computer. It even lets you get content from sites like YouTube if your video is located on one of these sites. There are presets to convert files that will be compatible with your devices.

freemake video converter


  • Support for over 500 file formats
  • Multiple codecs included
  • Supports non-protected formats as well
  • Convert your videos to formats like MP3 and WMV
  • No size limitations


  • Quick-loading interface
  • The ability to convert 4K videos to audio
  • Edit videos before converting


  • It is too much for a beginner and you can get confused
  • Privacy concerns
  • Irregular updates

Top 5. iMovie (Mac)

If you own a Mac, you can actually get a really great video editor and media converter for free from Apple. The Cupertino-based company has developed an app called iMovie for both iOS and Mac that allows you to edit your media content as well as convert it from one format to another.

The app is available on the official App Store, and once downloaded, you can start using it to convert your files. Being an Apple app, it is well integrated with iTunes so you can import your files from there as well.

imovie video to audio converter


  • Add videos from iTunes with easy
  • Support for a wide range of file formats
  • Works seamlessly with macOS
  • Convert your video to various popular audio formats
  • Fast conversion process


  • No security concerns as the app is from Apple
  • It does not lag or get sluggish
  • Drag and drop your videos to add them


  • Occasionally it closes down while adding files
  • Not many target video formats available
  • It is not a fully-featured file converter

Download Link: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/imovie/id408981434?mt=12

Top 6. Media Converter (Mac)

Media Converter is a free and open-source file converter that makes it easy for you to convert your videos to various audio formats. Since it uses FFmpeg as its base for file formats, it has support for a wide variety of both video and audio formats.

It has support for almost every file type and works with subtitled videos as well. It utilizes many of the open-source technologies out there to provide users with a robust and powerful conversion experience. You will feel that when you actually use the app to convert your files.

media converter for mac


  • Totally free and open-source
  • Convert any video to many audio formats
  • Create and use presets
  • Filters for videos
  • Powered by FFmpeg


  • Plugin-based which helps extend the app functions
  • Support for SRT and hardcoded subtitles
  • Drag and drop support


  • File conversion speed could be improved
  • No regular app updates
  • Some conversions do not go well

Top 7. QuickTime (Mac)

One great thing about the Mac is that you have many apps preloaded on your machine and you do not actually need to install third-party apps for most tasks. Even for a task like video to audio conversion, you have an app available on your Mac to do that.

It is called QuickTime, and although it is only a media player app for most users, it can help you convert your video to audio files. There is an option in the app that lets you save only the audio part of your video. This way you do not need to install any other apps.

quicktime video to audio converter


  • Easily convert video to audio without any installations
  • One-click to convert videos to audio
  • Save the converted file anywhere on your Mac
  • Fast conversion speed
  • Built-in tool


  • Produces Apple supported audio file
  • Less-screens to go through to perform the conversion
  • Works with any video file


  • Does not offer many audio formats for conversion
  • Cannot convert videos that do not open with QuickTime
  • No support for the popular MP3 format

Top 8. Video to MP3 Converter (Android)

If you use an Android smartphone or tablet, you do not need to transfer your videos to your computer first to convert them. Your Android device can now perform conversions like video to audio thanks to an app like Video to MP3 Converter.

This app, available on the Google Play Store, allows you to extract audio from your video files with extreme ease. All that it requires you to do is load your video into the app, choose the format you would want your output file, and you are good to go.

video to mp3 converter


  • Uses FFmpeg as base
  • Basic user interface
  • Easy video to audio conversion
  • Cut the audio into a ringtone after conversion
  • Support for many bitrates


  • Offers both simple and advanced modes
  • Trim videos before converting them to audio
  • Preview files before conversion


  • Trimmed videos can go out of sync
  • Sometimes videos converted to audio have blank music
  • Gets sluggish occasionally

Download Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=mp3videoconverter.videotomp3converter.audioconverter

Top 9. Video to Audio Converter (Android)

The main purpose of the Video to Audio Converter app is to help you easily and quickly convert your video files to various audio formats. There are dozens of options in the app that help you convert your files exactly the way you want without any issues.

It offers ultrafast speeds for your conversions so they are not stuck in the process for a long time. Also, the app offers multiple bitrate support so you can choose what rate you would like for your converted audio file.

video to audio converter


  • Convert any of your videos to MP3
  • Different music bitrates support
  • Make ringtones from within the app
  • Works as a music player as well
  • Convert multiple files at once


  • Extremely easy to use interface
  • Separate sections for video and audio files
  • Multiple audio formats


  • Some conversions only produce blank files
  • Loaded with tons of ads
  • Sometimes gets stuck on the loading screen

Download Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bluefishapp.videotoaudio

Top 10. Media Converter for iOS (iPhone)

There was a time when you had to send every piece of your content to iTunes from your iPhone to make any changes. However, there are now loads of apps available to perform any task you want on your files directly on your iPhone.

There is an app called Media Converter that lets you convert videos to audio formats without any hassle at all. Once you install the app, you can import the videos you want to convert to MP3 and the app will get that done in a jiffy for you.

media converter for iphone


  • Quickly import your video files
  • Extract audio from video files
  • Export your video in various audio formats including MP3 and OGG
  • Video compression
  • You can use it as a media player, too


  • Clean user interface
  • Dropdown menus to choose file formats
  • Access compressed archives


  • Sometimes it will not let you select a video from your device
  • Many features require upgrading
  • Intrusive ads

Download Link: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/media-converter-video-to-mp3/id1294207675

Top 11. Video to MP3 (iPhone)

Video to MP3 is an app for iOS-based devices that allows you to convert your videos to many audio formats right on your iPhone. All you need to do is load the video that you want to convert from your gallery and the app will perform the conversion for you.

There are many audio formats that you can choose from including some popular ones. It also helps trim your videos in case you want to do it before you perform the audio conversion. The app has built-in options to share your files.

video to mp3 converter for iphone


  • Convert video to MP3, AAC, OGA, and other formats
  • Choose any video from the Photos app
  • Preview videos before converting
  • Cut videos
  • Share converted files


  • Nice black interface
  • Customize start and end time for your files
  • Support for custom bitrate


  • Occasionally the app stops functioning
  • Many features require a purchase
  • Cannot control from the lock screen

Download Link: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/video-to-mp3-convert-audio/id1400653079

Top 12. Online Audio Converter (Online)

Online Audio Converter is a fully-featured file converter that lets you convert both your video as well as audio files to many media file formats out there. For a conversion like video to audio, you can quickly load your video file and the tool will get it converted to an audio format in no time.

Your files can be uploaded from many sources and not necessarily from your computer. You then have various advanced options to play with in case you wish to configure something before you go ahead and perform the conversion.

online audio converter


  • Upload files from your computer, Google Drive, Dropbox, and URLs
  • Easily choose an output format for your video files
  • Manually choose the quality for your output file
  • Change the bitrate for your file
  • Add fade-in and fade-out effects


  • Elegant and easy user interface
  • Add metadata to your audio file
  • Convert multiple videos to audio at once


  • Security concerns
  • Ads can be annoying sometimes
  • File downloads often fail

Top 13. FreeFileConvert (Online)

FreeFileConvert is not just an ordinary media converter but it lets you convert almost any file under the sun to any format you want. It has an audio converter as well that lets you turn any of your videos into audios from within your web browsers. You can upload your input file from multiple sources and then easily select an output format for them. It follows an easy three-step approach to help you convert your videos to audio format.

freefileconvert online converter


  • Convert almost any file to any format
  • Upload files from your computer, URL, and cloud services
  • Quick file uploads
  • Dozens of audio formats are supported
  • Fast loading site


  • One dropdown to select any format
  • Tabbed user interface
  • Three-step conversion procedure


  • Loaded with ads
  • File conversions take forever sometimes
  • Confusing as the dropdown has many more options than required


There are a plethora of reasons why you may want to convert your videos to audio files. If you have finally decided you only want to keep the audio part, there are tons of tools to help you do that as shown above. EaseUS Video Converter is easily the best tool you can use on Windows to convert videos to audio formats.


If you are converting something that is really important to you, you might have some questions about the conversion process. The following answers some of the questions that we get asked the most.

1. Which is the best video to audio converter?

There are many video to audio converters out there that can be considered the best. Two of the options you can consider are EaseUS Video Converter and HandBrake. Both of these are easy to use tools that help you convert your videos to audio in no time on your computers.

2. How can I convert audio to video for free?

If you are on a Windows computer, you can use the EaseUS Video Converter software to convert audio to video. If you are on a Mac, you can use a tool like iMovie that helps perform various file conversions tasks on Mac machines. Both of these are great tools for their respective operating systems.

3. How do I convert from MP4 to MP3?

You can convert from MP4 to MP3 by using the FreeFileConvert online tool. It should help you upload your file from various sources and then convert it to your chosen format. Once the conversion process is finished, you can download the resulting file directly to your computer which makes it nice.

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