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Top 3 Ways to Convert H.264 to AVI Without Losing Quality

Jane Zhou updated on Mar 15, 2023 | Home > Video Converter Tips

H.264 used to be the norm back in the days until technology developed and people started to switch devices. Now, people prefer to use computers and cell phones to watch their videos. Unfortunately, there are times when H.264 files can't adapt to the new devices, forcing people to convert them to more universal files.

When this happens, users can convert the H.264 files and convert them to a more universal file type. Due to this case, this article will be talking about how to convert  H.264 to AVI with some free video converter.

How to Change H.264 to AVI using VLC

Another software for the H264 conversion that is worth checking out is VLC Media Player. Technically, VLC is not a converter. It is actually a media player, but it has a feature that allows its users to convert videos from one format to another. 

What makes the conversion from VLC great is the fact that you can still tweak the file despite the software being a video player. That's right, you can still edit the video codec (the H264), audio codec, and the subtitle of the video. So not only do you convert, but you also customize the video so that it can satisfy your needs!

Here's how to convert the H264 file into AVI with VLC Media Player:

Step 1. Open VLC on your computer, then go to the Media toolbar and click Convert/Save.

Choose convert and save option in VLC

Step 2. Upload your file, click the inverted triangle at the bottom, and choose Convert.

Import H264 files

Step 3. Go to the profile and click on the icon next to the file formats. Go to Video Codec and change the codec

Change the Codec

Step 4. Once the tweaking is done, click Save and Start for the conversion to start.

How to Convert an H.264 File into AVI Online

If you prefer to convert H264 files to AVI online for free, plenty of websites offer such a function. Below are some of them: 

1. FileZigZag

If you're having trouble converting from your device, don't worry; FileZigZag can assist you in converting H264 to AVI online. For free users, there is a limit of 10 usage per day, and the limit for each file is 50 MB. Combine it all, and you can get to convert 500 MB files per day! And if you can't download the file right away, don't worry because the link stays up for 24 hours. No-fuss, no trouble, all steps are done online!

How to convert H264 to AVI online with FileZigZag:

Step 1. Upload the file and choose AVI as the output.

Convert H264 to AVI online

Step 2. Click "Start Converting" to trigger the conversion process.

Step 3. Once everything is done, download the file.

2. Online-Convert

Don't worry if you're experiencing difficulties converting from your device; Online-convert can help you convert H264 to AVI online. Of course, you can also upload your files through online means such as Dropbox or Google Drives. Besides downloading the converted file, everything is mostly done online in Online-Convert.

Although the conversion is done online, the features offered by the website can rival those of offline software as it covers the basic tweaking that is deemed useful for the conversion. So don't be surprised if you can tweak your H264 status here.

Step-by-step tutorial to change H264 file to AVI online for free:

Step 1. Go to Online-Convert's official website, and upload your target H264 file first.

Step 2. After choosing the output (AVI), go to Optional Settings and change the codec.

Convert H264 to AVI online free

Step 3. Convert the file and download it after the conversion is done.

Recommend: Best Video or Audio Converter for Windows

Apart from converting H264 files, you may need to deal with many other audio or video formats, then an easy yet powerful media converter is necessary. So here we will introduce an excellent video and audio converting software - EaseUS Video Converter.

It is a great option for beginners who just recently delved into the world of conversion. The software's easy interface allows users to find its features and master them easily without scrolling here and there. It has plenty of features that will make users go through a great process during the conversion. You can change video frame rate, bitrate, and many more. Not to mention the audio editing that offers plenty of features. All of these things can be accessed on the same window, making it easier for you to do the tweaking.

Besides conversion, this free video converter also offers editing features such as video merging. Although the features are limited, they are sufficient enough for the conversion process. So, if you are trying some new software for the conversion, do check out EaseUS Video Converter!

EaseUS Video Converter

  Free Download
Windows 11/10/8/7
  Free Download
macOS 10.13 or later
The current version of EaseUS Video Converter does not support importing H264 files.

The Bottom Line

Converting from H264 to AVI is not common, but it is still possible using the converters presented right now. You can choose your desired method according to your needs. We hope this post will be helpful!

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