4 Burger King AI Voice Generators for Creating Catchy Rap Jingles

Use the Burger King AI voice generator to create a catchy and unique rap, and this article gives you 4 Burger King text-to-speech generators that you can also use in ads, podcasts, or audiobooks.

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Updated on May 22, 2024

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Burger King is a famous fast-food chain known for its signature slogan, "Have it your way." Besides enjoying its burgers, what if you could also enjoy the voice of Burger King? What if you could make the Burger King mascot, the King, say anything you want in his unique and catchy voice?

In this article, we introduce you to the best 4 Burger King AI voice generators, which can create synthetic voices that sound like the King. You can use them to have fun, prank your friends, or create your own Burger King commercials.

burger king whopper

Story Behind the Burger King Song

Burger King's song is part of the fast-food chain's marketing campaign called You Rule!, which aims to promote the customizability and quality of its products, especially the Whopper burger. The song Whoper Whoper, released in November 2022, became viral on social media. This kind of marketing method that breaks the boundaries of traditional advertising has made Burger King a huge success.

Now, you have a quick overview of all the tools.

Methods Effectiveness Difficulty Pricing Rating
EaseUS VoiceOver A free tool with advanced features Super easy Free 4.3/5
iMyFone VoxBox Help get realistic overdubbing Easy Start from $15.95 5/5 from Product Hunt
UnicTool VoxMaker Achieve professional-sounding rapper voices Easy Start from $14.95 4.5/5 from Trustpilot
UberDuck Give music AI voices Easy free version and start from $96/year 4.3/5 from Softgist

EaseUS VoiceOver [Web-based]

If you are looking for more rapper AI voices like Drake, Eminem, or Kanye West, you should pick EaseUS VoiceOver. This free voiceover generator, a celebrity AI voice generator as well, will help you create voices from text with customized parameters. You can choose from its library of 460+ voices and customize the speech parameters. Moreover, it supports multiple output formats, including MP3, WAV, SRT, TXT, etc, making it suitable for most users.

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EaseUS VoiceOver


  • Support 140+ languages and 460+ voices
  • Allow to fine-tune each speech
  • Simple interface with quick processing


  • Some voices are under processing

iMyFone VoxBox [PC & Mobile]

iMyFone VoxBox text-to-speech is an AI voice generator with rapper voices that helps you get realistic voiceovers for podcasts, audiobooks, YouTube videos, and more. Although it does not provide a ready-made Burger King AI voice model, its voice cloner helps users clone rapper voices and generate Burger King Rapper voices, etc. It has an intuitive interface, secure and faster. Now, it is available for PC and mobile.

voxbox speaker options


  • Offer over 3200 realistic text-to-speech voices in 46+ languages
  • Support multiple studio-quality audio formats (MP3, WAV, etc.)
  • Give a vast range of TTS voice data


  • Free version has limited sound and cannot use the clone feature

UnicTool VoxMaker [Windows]

You can make Burger King Rapper say anything you want with UnicTool VoxMaker. It offers text-to-speech dubbing in 46 languages and 3,200 voices. With it, you can create a TTS AI voice that sounds like real humans or popular characters like SpongeBob, presidents, celebrities, Goku, etc. Besides, its AI voice clones can help bring your dreams to life with a single recording. This feature can be used for various use cases, such as ads, character voice in games and animation, and speaking different languages.

unictool voxmaker


  • Offer 3200+ AI voices, covering various styles and accents
  • Include the ability to clone rapper voices
  • Work seamlessly on both PC and mobile platforms


  • No Mac version

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UberDuck [Web-based]

UberDuck, a text-to-speech voice generator, enables the conversion of any written content into speech using the voice of a notable personality or even your own. No need for programming skills; you can generate a personalized voice clone in just a few clicks. With an extensive portfolio of over 5000 AI-driven voices, it provides a wide array of choices for you. Apart from this, it also serves as an open-source text-to-speech voice AI platform that helps you create AI-infused audio applications with their APIs.

uberduck main page


  • Replicate human intonation and inflections accurately
  • Offer fast conversion of written text into high-quality audio
  • Allow users to clone any voices


  • Generated sounds are less realistic

📺Here is a video that shows how to make the Burger King rapper's voice in detail.


To Conclude

We hope you have learned enough about the best Burger King AI voice generator. Using these AI voice generators, you can effortlessly generate Burger King Rapper voices with their distinctive style and catchy rap jingles. Finally, if you don't want to invest in this field and want to be proficient in it, we recommend picking EaseUS VoiceOver. It will help you understand the use of such tools without investing a single dollar, as they are completely free.

FAQs on Burger King AI Voice Generator

We hope you have cleared all your doubts by reading the above blog. If you have any quick questions, find them here.

1. Is the Whopper song AI generated?

Yes, the Whooper song is AI-generated.

2. What is the voice AI everyone is using?

Some of the most popular and widely used voice AI tools are Amazon's Alexa, Apple's Siri, and Google Assistant.

3. How do I get AI-generated voices?

To get AI-generated voices, you can use online tools or apps that offer voice generation or voice cloning features. Some examples are EaseUS VoiceOver, Speechify, Play.ht, and Murf.

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