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6 Best Voice Changer for Singing on PC & Mobile (2023 Update)

Larissa updated on May 22, 2023 | Home > Voice Changer Tips

Singing on PC and mobile is an interest for a lot of people. It can be a fun relaxation if you have the correct tools for it. But you need the right software even if you have all the hardware and gear. And when you think about the software you might be thinking about auto-tune and such.

Nowadays a lot of people use voice changers for singing. But does a good-quality voice changer work well for singing? Good-quality voice changers can help you with singing but you need a tool of standard. In other words, you need a tool that makes your voice sound better.

Or something that acts as a voice enhancer with the ability to make one sound good. This article has a few such voice changers that one can use for singing. So let's talk about these voice changers for singing on both PC and Mobile.

6 Best Voice Changers for Singing on PC & Mobile

What are some of the things you need to look for when finding a voice changer for singing? You might think auto-tune is the one feature to look for. But there are many other things that can make a good voice changer for singing. This means trying to mimic other singers with voice effects. Or adding background noises to sing a cover song.

Based on the above, we have tested and reviewed 10+ voice changers for singing on both PC and mobile phones, and here are the specific test statistics:

? Tested software  15
⏳  Time duration 20 days
? Tested devices An HP laptop, a MacBook Air,an iPhone 14 Pro, a Xiaomi smartphone 
? Sound effects cartoon, real-person, robot, etc.
?Price $30 - $ 68

That's what the tools we have picked will provide and here they are:

1. AV Voice Changer (Windows)

AV Voice Changer is a well-known voice changer among people. That claim is backed by this voice changer's customizability. It has two main functionalities that make it stand out. The first one is its ability to morph voice live. The other is recording with voice effects and editing audio files with file morpher. It also provides a lot of customizability headroom. You can customize audio effects and make yourself sound good. Or use the audio editor to enhance existing media files.

With it, you can imitate various sound effects, and it is an excellent celebrity, ghost, and cartoon voice changer.

av voice changer


  • Ideal for voice clip conversion
  • Seamless live voice-morphing
  • In-built voice recorder


  • Lack of voice presets
  • Customization can be hectic

?‍? User Review:

2. Clownfish Voice Changer (Windows & macOS)

Clownfish Voice Changer is a veteran in the voice-changing game. This tool has been around for years and it has continued to serve quality. That's why it has been a favorite for many despite having limited voice filters.

It offers around 12 voice effects that you can use as a voice modulator. Or you can this voice changer while voice recording with its various filters. And it's freeware so you don't have to worry about paying for it any time.

clownfish voice changer


  • 12+ realistic voice filters
  • Customizable pitch
  • Ideal for use with recording software


  • Limited customer support
  • A bit buggy

?‍? User Review:

Many users are wondering "Is Clownfish Voice Changer safe". If you want to know more about it, this article gives you a complete and thorough explanation in terms of its features, pros and cons, etc. Read it and get your answer. 

3. Voicemod (Windows & macOS)

Voicemod is another good voice changer. This tool is used by many people including streamers and YouTubers. Singers can also use it as it has a lot of intriguing features. More than 100 voice filters is one of those features.

You can also customize each voice filter or create a brand-new one from scratch. You can also tweak your voice pitch and add other quirks to make it sound good and unique. And can easily incorporate it with any other recording or calling app. It is an ideal macOS and Windows voice changer



  • 100+ realistic voice filters
  • Easy customization
  • Large array of background filters


  • Limited free version support
  • Only 7 unlocked filters in free edition

?‍? User Review:

4. Murf.ai (Online)

Murf.ai is one of the best online AI-based voice tools. It's not exactly a voice changer or recorder. It's an AI-based voice tool that helps generate speech from text. So how does it help you sing on your PC? You can simply record your singing and then use this tool to enhance it.

This online voice changer app helps you edit audio files and embellish it with audio effects. This means you can use sound effects and an audio editor to enhance your recorded clips. And that's why this online tool is on this list. With multiple sound effects, you can change your voice from a male to female, and vice versa。



  • Provides support in over 20 languages
  • More than 120 AI-based voices
  • Extensive free usage


  • Only converts recorded voices
  • Text-to-speech singing is unnatural

?‍? User Review:

5. Voloco: Auto Vocal Tune Studio (Android & iOS)

Voloco is one of the best apps for mobile users. This is a voice changer as well as an editor app. So you can easily record your singing on your phone and use it to edit audio files.

It also has an intriguing UI design. So you won't have any trouble navigating or using the app. You can also edit the audios you record with the integrated voice filters. Besides that, the compressor and equalized option make it a complete voice changer app.

voloco: auto vocal tune studio


  • Pitch strength correction
  • Genre filters such as Modern Rap I and II
  • Vocal Compressor and Reverb editor


  • Doesn't have many voice filters
  • Customization isn't easy

6. Pro Microphone: Voice Record (Android & iOS)

Pro Microphone is another good voice-changing and recording app for iOS and Android users. It has all the key features that you'd need in an app like this. Said features include the ability to record audio and temper with recording using voice filters.

It also has various voice effects and background noises. Then you can also delay as well as mix or reverb your recorded audio. These factors make it one of the best voice changer apps. And it's free to use on both iOS and Android platforms.

pro microphone: voice record


  • Integrates auto-tune
  • Helps record quickly
  • Simple equalize makes customization easy


  • Lack of voice filters
  • Reverb isn't natural

The Bottom Line

These are some of the best voice changers for singing with voice effects. A lot of these voice modulator tools offer good options. But the best one among them is the one that offers all the right options for singing.

The one that stands out like that is Voicemod. You can see that it has some of the best features. Besides that, it offers stress-free voice filtering with the help of voice filters and audio effects. This makes this voice changer the best option on this list.

FAQs on Voice Changer for Singing

1. Is there an app to change your singing voice?

There are many apps that can help change singing voice on both iOS and Android. Some of them are mentioned in this article that work on both platforms. But Voloco is a good option if you need a definitive answer.

2. Can you use Voicemod for singing?

You can use Voicemod for singing and voice changing simultaneously. It has over 100 voice filters so you can use anyone while you are singing or recording. You can also try its background effects while recording a song.

3. What do singers use to edit their voices?

Singers on a professional level use a variety of software and gear to edit their voice. This technology is primarily called auto-tune by many people. It helps enhance the voice during recording and edit it after recording sessions too.

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