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Best Shrek Voice Changer for Shrek Fans | Shrekify Your Voice

Jane Zhou updated on May 10, 2023 | Home > Voice Changer Tips

Shrek is the main protagonist of an American animated fantasy film franchise launched in 2001. So far, 6 Shrek movies have come, with the last being named "Shrek Forever" in 2010. It remains among the most-viewed anime series of all time.

The most striking feature of Shrek is his voice. He spoke in a deep Scottish working-class accent, which resonated with people since day one. Shrek's voice can be utilized for fun with friends, video gaming, YouTube, social media Posting, and online branding. If you want to make yourself sound like Shrek, all you need is a credible Shrek voice changer software to turn your recorded or live speech into Shrek's voice. On this page, you will learn some excellent anime voice changers that can modify your voice to Shrek!

 🪄TIPS:The first part of this article shows you how we tested and picked out the best Shrek voice changer. Feel free to jump into this sectionif you are hurrying to find the right voice-changing software.

How We Tested and Picked Shrek Voice Changer

While testing and selecting the voice changer software, we always pay attention to the following:

🧑‍💻Ease of use A great voice changer should have a simple, intuitive interface that lets you quickly switch between voices.
🔮Compatibility It's widely used in gaming, streaming, and communication. So, ensure this voice changer is compatible with the most common software and gameplay.
🛠️Customzation It's also important to create a unique Shrek voice by adjusting the tone, pitch, and more.
👀Additional features The all-in-one voice changer provides a lot of other voices, soundboards, etc.

Knowing this fact, we have compiled a list of the top 4 Shrek voice changers for you. Also, watch out for the tools below.

#1. Voxal Voice Changer

Voxal prides itself on being a quality real-time voice changer. You can get classic Shrek voice effects with your live or recorded files. For live conversion, it can accept direct input from a microphone. It also provides a comprehensive vocal library catering to other celeb voices.

The Voxal includes built-in sound modification and amplification features. You can adjust the tone, tempo, and style of the output Shrek voice as per your requirement. Most importantly, it is compatible with many platforms like TeamSpeak, PUBG, Skype, Discord, etc. For example, you can change your sound on Discord with simple clicks.

Voxal Voice Changer


  • Accurate Shrek voice conversions
  • Hotkeys are available for switching between sounds/songs
  • Low CPU Storage


  • No option for customized voices/sound lab
  • Only allows limited audio files

#2. Voicemod

Voicemod brings much-needed versatility to the table. You can control Shrek's voice quality with this software. You can add songs, special songs, different frequencies, dialects, tempos, and pitches to the original Shrek voice. With Voicemod, your Shrek rendition can stand out among the plethora of monotonous Shrek duplicates.

Besides, Voicemod also has a "Soundlab." You can make a new sound or pitch for a character by adding your creative input. The app can be integrated with all major gaming, chatting, and video-sharing applications, which means you can also use it as a TeamSpeak voice changer, Discord voice changer, Fortnite voice changer, and more.



  • Ideal for live streaming (video games, podcasts, chats, meetings, etc.)
  • Offers complete control of output voice quality
  • Provides a wide range of celeb voices available in the built-in collection


  • Newbies can struggle at the start
  • Only supports MP3 and WAV Files

#3. Celebrity Voice Changer

Celebrity Voice changer Can instantly convert your speech into the desired Shrek voice. The tool utilizes deep learning modules to recognize and transform the voice. Due to modern technology, the tool claims 100% accuracy in voice conversions.

The software has a large number of personalities in the vocal store. You can pick any personality for conversion. In case of a new personality, you can ask for it in the options. The makers are very keen on upgrading the service quality. You can save, download, and share the output voice with your friends and family.

Celebrity Voice Changer


  • Ideal for instant conversions
  • User-friendly interface
  • Accuracy of conversion


  • No voice editing tools
  • Doesn't provide song addition or layering option

#4. Voice Changer Plus

Developed by Arf Software Inc., Voice Vhanger Plus is a credible app for getting Shrek's voice for Apple users. It offers 55 different celebrity voices and backgrounds. You can pick anyone as per the mood and requirement.

The app offers trim control and layering as editing options. All you need is to tap on "record", say the words, and tap again. The voice changer will start speaking in the desired style. You can save and share the records with others. However, this app can't integrate with other applications for live streaming.

Voice Changer Plus


  • User-friendly interface with quick conversion
  • No additional plug-ins are required
  • Can work offline


  • Lack of voice editing features
  • No provision for live streaming

The Bottom Line

Shrek is one character that has become a permanent part of the memories of Anime buffs. They instantly connect with its voice effects, which are powerful enough to bring back their childhood memories. Furthermore, with modern AI tools, you can speak like Shrek in friend circles and social media platforms.

This blog highlights four quality voice changers to convert your speech into Shrek's voice. It includes their introduction, features, interface, compatibility, pros and cons, and software URLs. So give it a read and start mesmerizing others with your Shrek voiceovers.

Shrek Voice Changer FAQs

These are the key questions related to Shrek voice changers.

1. Did Shrek change voice actors?

Chris Farley was supposed to be the original voice actor for the first Shrek film, but he died in 1997 before finishing his work. So, it was Mike Myers who had to redo the entire film in his voice. Since then, he has voiced in all Shrek movies.

2. Is there an app that alters your voice?

There are plenty of applications that can alter your voice. Modern apps use AI and deep learning to provide the most realistic celebrity voices. Of course, the choice depends upon your device, celebrity name, and the sound editing features you need.

3. Is there a Morgan Freeman voice app?

Morgan Freeman is a hot choice for any voice-changing app. Knowing how much people revere his speaking prowess, all quality apps have a Morgan Freeman voice in their vocal store. You can find plenty of such apps on the Web.

4. How can I change my voice like a celebrity?

The easiest way is to use a voice changer. Most software has a comprehensive list of celebrities. All you need is to upload a live or recorded speech and click on the conversion option. In a few seconds, your voice will change into your favorite celebrity's voice.

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