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Obama Voice Changer: Speak in the Voice of A Former President

Larissa updated on Apr 18, 2023 | Home > Voice Changer Tips

Barack Obama is a world-known public figure who came to more power after serving as President of the U.S. from 2009 to 2017. His distinctive speaking style grabs all the ears when he delivers a speech. His voice is unique, full of charisma, and expressive, along with the ability to get connected with the audience at an emotional level. 

So if you also have powerful speeches to drive your audience with inspiring messages, you can use an Obama voice changer. It will add depth and move your audience toward your content. You can try our suggested finds to get the best voice options for your speech. Check them out right away.

obama voice changer

6 Best Obama Voice Changers to Speak in the Voice of a Former President

After a lot of research and long-term review, we have found the six best options for changing your voice to Barack Obama, the former American President. So please make use of them and drool your audience in an instant. Here are the specific test statistics:

🔢 Tested voice changer  14
⏳  Time duration 2 weeks
💻 Tested Devices A Lenovo laptop, a Macbook, an iPhone 12 smartphone, a Huawei phone 
📯 Voice filters from cartoons to the original characters, multiple sound effcts
⌚  Voice Change Speed Real-time AI generate
🛒 Price Free to $65

A Quick Navigation to the Best Obama Voice Changers:

(1) FineVoice

🎡 Compatibility: Windows, iPhone, Other apps like Twitch, Xsplit, etc.

User Review: Very intuitive yet simple interface. A.I. works perfectly for changing voices in real-time.

FineVoice is a fantastic voice changer software that helps in changing your voice to Barack Obama's voice. It is a simple software that uses powerful A.I. to improve your sounds. You can use it for meetings, live streams, chats, gaming, podcasts, or making videos. It has a variety of preset voices that you can put to use anytime.


🎊 Main Features

  • Unique character voices as presets for gaming, live streaming, or pranking friends.
  • Supports 40+ languages along with 220+ voices in natural sounds.
  • Comes with a real-time voice-changing facility with more than 30 voice effects.
  • A sturdy voice toolbox is available.
  • Records from multiple sources using a high-quality voice recorder.

🎯 Steps to change voice into Obama sound

Step 1: Start by completing the download and installation of FineVoice.

Step 2: Tap the 'Text to Speech' option after launching the application.

finevoice barack obama voice generator

Step 3: Select 'Role TTS' and locate Obama's voice under 'Politicians.'

Step 4: Tap the 'Convert Now' option to start the conversion.

(2) Fakeyou.com

🎡 Compatibility: Mac, Windows, Android, iOS

User Review: No need for a download, it works ideally even on Android; it is straightforward and can be used anywhere. 

With a wide variety of more than 2700 voices, Fakeyou.com can work wonders for you as a voice changer. It works perfectly for changing your voice to Obama's voice. It is free and helps you feature the customer's voice using a cloning facility. You can also use a text-to-speech tool for your work.

fakeyou voice changer

🎊 Main Features

  • It produces high-quality sound with realistic voices.
  • There are voices of many cartoon characters and celebrities for your use.
  • The results are compelling and accurate due to a deep fake facility.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Very easy to use and does not need to download. 

🎯 Steps to change voice into Obama sound

Step 1: Start by visiting https://fakeyou.com/

Step 2: Move ahead by scrolling down to the section of 'Create TTS.'

fakeyou barack obama voice generator

Step 3: In the search box, type 'Obama.'

Step 4: Opt for a preferred voice and enter the text you want to have on Obama's voice.

Step 5: Tap the 'Speak' option to start the voice generation.

(3) Voicemod 

🎡 Compatibility: Communication apps like ZOOM, Discord, Fortnite, Mac, and Windows.

User Review: It has a fantastic user interface, and its use of A.I. is phenomenal while playing demanding games. 

Are you seeking Obama's voice to add extra effect to your speech? Voicemod lets you do so with its voice-changing software that is available for free. It is an apt app for vtubers, content creators, or gamers. It has a lot of voices, like robots, demons, etc. In addition, there are multiple voice avatars and voice skins to suit multiverse and metaverse platforms. 

voicemod voice changer

🎊 Main Features

  • There are more than 100 voices that you can use for your speech.
  • You can find a voice lab here that helps generate custom voice changes by combining effects.
  • It has a powerful soundboard that can be used to play and share sounds while using communication tools and chatting platforms. 
  • It is easy to use.
  • It has an interactive user interface.

🎯 Steps to change voice into Obama sound

Step 1: Start by downloading and completing the installation of Voicemod.

Step 2: Make sure you have closed all the communication programs.

Step 3: Now open Voicemod. If you're doing it for the first time, you may have to follow the on-screen instructions to complete its setup. In case you have already used it before, go ahead with opening the settings section. 

voicemod barack obama voice generator

Step 4: Now, for the input device, select your microphone.

Step 5: For the output device, select your headphones and tap the 'OK' option.

(4) Uberduck

🎡 Compatibility: Mac, Windows, Android, iOS.

User Review: A plethora of voices and a very easy-to-use interface. Love its simplicity and availability of royalty-free voices.

With a mammoth collection of over 4000 voices, Uberduck gives content creators an excellent text-to-speech experience. You can also use it as an Obama voice changer to create content in a powerful voice. Its easy-to-use and straightforward interface can be used multiple times during conversations, lectures, or creating content. Finally, it lets you download your work for exporting it as a video.

uberduck voice changer

🎊 Main Features

  • Availability of chatbots and A.I.
  • Has more than 4000 voices.
  • It helps in downloading your work in mp3 format.
  • It helps in converting voice to video.
  • Assists in making jingles with Obama's voice.

🎯 Steps to change voice into Obama sound

Step 1: Start by opening your browser and typing https://app.uberduck.ai/speak#mode=tts-basic&voice=zwf

Step 2: Find the 'Select a voice' box—type 'Obama' in the given section.

uberduck barack obama voice generator

Step 3: Go ahead with entering text in the blank space. 

Step 4: Now tap on the button for synthesizing your speech.

Step 5: Find your generated audio under the 'Generations' option. Go ahead with downloading it in MP3 format or exporting it in video format.

(5) Celebrity Voice Changer – Android & iOS

🎡 Compatibility: Android, iOS.

User Review: It is a perfect fit for mobile phones. However, the absence of real-time voice changing restricts you from changing voice-over calls.

If you want to switch your voice with Barack Obama's voice using your phone, then Celebrity voice changer for Android & iOS can do wonders for you. It is not equipped with a real-time voice-changing feature. However, you can use it for recording your microphone with the required voice. You will get a video generated based on recorded audio.  

celebity voice changer

🎊 Main Features

  • Easy to use.
  • Intuitive user interface.
  • New voices get updated regularly.
  • Provides original voice quality.
  • Provides clear celebrity voices.

🎯 Steps to change voice into Obama sound

Step 1: Install the app using Play or App Store. You will see many celebrity faces listed on the software's main screen.

Step 2: Select Obama's picture by tapping on his picture. You can press and hold the celebrity button to record the voice.

Step 3: Release the button once you are done.

Step 4: Save the file on your device or share it with family and friends.

(6) Speechify 

🎡 Compatibility:  iOS, Android, MacOS, and Windows.

User Review: It is a beautiful software that assists people with reading disabilities to create speech from text. 

Speechify uses TTS or text-to-speech technology to facilitate you if you are a content creator or a scriptwriter. It uses various voices to create A.I.-generated speech in multiple languages. It assists people with disabilities related to reading. It helps give life to the characters you are playing in the game. 

speechify voice changer

🎊 Main Features

  • Availability of multiple voices to suit audio or voice-over. 
  • Great for online learning.
  • The processing of language is quite natural.
  • There are a lot of collaboration tools.
  • It helps in text editing.
  • Works in multiple languages.

🎯 Steps to change voice into Obama sound

Step 1: Start by opening Google Chrome and navigate to the page you want to hear.

Step 2: now tap on the Speechify extension. It will be available on the right side of the URL bar and will open the floating player.

Step 3: Now tap on the blue colored button from the top of the page to listen to the speech.

Wrap Up 

Barack Obama left a phenomenal image while he was the President of the U.S. He is so popular that creators look to create memes related to him and post them on social media. Adding Obama's voice to your speech or game character will add an extravagant effect to your work. For this, you need an Obama voice changer.

We suggested six effective options in this regard. However, our favorite is Voicemod, which has attractive presets to suit your needs. And yes, of course, using A.I. in this software, you can use Obama's voice in a crystal clear form. 

FAQs on Obama Voice Changer

We hope we have provided you with options for your voice-changing query. Now let us ponder over some more FAQs related to the topic.

1. How to get Obama's voice?

If you are a voice artist, it is sometimes tough to get a specific voice, for instance, Barack Obama's voice. However, with Fakeyou.com, you can get Obama's voice in split seconds.

2. What is the best A.I. voice generator for Obama?

Voicemod is the best A.I. voice generator for Obama's voice. It has a variety of presets to choose from. You can utilize it for creating content or during gaming as well.

3. What does a celebrity look like, Obama?

There are many doppelgangers of Obama, but Reggie Brown is apt as an actor in this regard.

4. Who plays Obama in Austin and Ally?

Reggie Brown represented Barack Obama well in a comic role in episodes of Austin and Ally. The show was presented on Disney's channel.

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