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Top 5 Excellent Moaning Soundboard Software [PC/Android/iPhone]

Jane Zhou updated on May 14, 2023 | Home > Voice Changer Tips

People do a lot of crazy stuff with their friends. One of them is using the dreaded moaning sound while with friends. While some do it with the people they know, others simply do this kind of thing in a stream or for a YouTube video. That's when they need good-quality moaning soundboard software. This post will show you some great software!

 👀Quick Answer: Before moving on to our complete ranking, here is a quick recap of the best moaning soundboard software:

Voicemod - Offers a wide range of voice and soundboard effects; compatible with many platforms; runs smoothly on PC/Mac;

Custom Soundboard - Designed for Andiord users; let you use different soundboard during calls;

Meme Soundboard - Suitable for iOS users; update the soundboard effects almost every day;

How We Tested and Picked

When deciding which moaning soundboard software solutions to include in this article, we considered the following criteria:

🤗User-friendliness: This moaning soundboard software should be easy to use with a simple interface that lets you play and mix sound easily.

🔮Sound variety: It should provide a variety of moaning sounds to choose from, ranging from soft to loud.

🛠️Compatibility: A good moaning soundboard program should be compatible with common gaming/streaming/communication platforms, like Discord.

5 Best Moaning Soundboard Software [Tested]

Let's see which soundboard software made it to our full ranking.

#1. Voicemod

Voicemod is one of the most popular soundboard software for Windows and macOS today. It is widely known for its voice-changing abilities. But it also has one of the best soundboard options that any tool offers today. That will be apparent once you switch to the soundboard mode in this software.


One of them is adding sound effects from any source. So you can use any MP3 or WAV file to upload any sound or voice effect you like. But it has so many great options that you would seldom have to because you can also customize each already available option.  


  • Upload MP3 or WAV sound effects easily
  • Customization of existing sound effects
  • Controller app for phones
  • Extensive options for keybinding
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#2. UniversalSoundboard

UniversalSoundboard is one of the best options for adding noises and background effects. This tool is easily available on Windows as it's a Microsoft Store exclusive. But you won't find the moaning sound effect in it by default.


It has a vast library that allows you to add sound effects to your existing soundboard. Yet you can add it on your own if you can import any voice filter in this tool. You might find that system a bit complicated, but it's a lot of fun when you figure it out.


  • Import sound effects from YouTube videos
  • Save effects to the account and access it from anywhere
  • Export or import sounds directly
  • Comprehensive keybinding customization

#3. NCH Voxal Voice Changer

NCH Voxal Voice changer is actually an all-in-one voice changer, but it also can be used as a soundboard software, as it has hundreds of voice effects.

NCH Voxal Voice Changer

You can easily keybind any of the voice filters present in this tool. So they will work as background effects whenever you need them to. All you will have to do is head into the setting and change the right options.


  • Record background noises over audio recordings
  • Add new sound effects easily
  • Assign key binds to trigger sound effects
  • Large collection of filters

4. Custom Soundboard

Custom Soundboard is one of the best options for Android users. This has a lot of great meme sounds that you can use while on a call or recording. The app is particularly known for its easy interface, as it lets you easily choose and use any background effect.

Custom Soundboard

Possibly the finest thing about this tool is the skill to add new sounds to it because you can record your voice to use as an effect. Or you can try the file import alternative to add more sound effects to your collection. These factors make it the best soundboard app you can find on Google Play.


  • Meme sounds, as well as voice lines and sound cues
  • Audio record option
  • Select MP3 files to add new sound effects
  • Color-based favorite selection

#5. Meme Soundboard

Meme Soundboard on iOS is one of the funniest apps you can try. It has all the famous memes and templates that you can imagine. It has all of the memes that were released after 2016. So you can imagine how many of them it might have.

Meme Soundboard

The tool claims to have 1000+ options. That means you can search for any option while you're on a call. This app also adds new background effects almost every day. So you can find new noises and effects in this tool regularly.


  • 1000+ sound effects
  • Adds new sounds every day
  • Famous memes from 2016-2023
  • Easy searching and usage of sound effects

The Bottom Line

These are some of the best moaning soundboards that you can use today. All of them offer a lot of great features. Each tool is on this list because of its unique ability to provide the moaning sound effect.

The phone versions of these soundboards can help you use them directly during a call. But it's suggested that you use Voicemod soundboard for a comprehensive experience as it's considered one of the best soundboards ever made.

Moaning Soundboard FAQs

You will find answers to your questions in this section.

1. Is there a moaning app?

There are various apps on both iOS and Android that provide the moaning sound effect. There are some sound effects apps made specifically for the moaning sound effect. But it's highly recommended that you use the two options mentioned in this article.

2. How do you make a moaning sound in the text?

You can type moaning in various ways. Some people use the simple Ah spelling followed by various Hs. Other people simply type multiple M's to mimic the sound of a moan. Another common way is simply typing Oh to mimic a moaning sound in text.

3. What counts as a moan?

Moaning is a natural phenomenon in the human body. It can be caused by both pain and pleasure. Moaning isn't strictly sexual, either. Because you do let out a little whimper when stretching or getting a massage. That counts as a moan as well.

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