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Chewie Voice Changer: How to Speak Like Chewbacca (5 Tips)

Larissa updated on May 17, 2023 | Home > Voice Changer Tips

Chewbacca is one of the popular characters from Star Wars. Hence, a lot of the fans want to sound like him or create content while sounding like the character. So, what are some of the best Chewie voice changer apps available?

To help you with the question, I have reviewed and handpicked some of the best tools to help get the Chewbacca voice, and finally picked the 5 best ones according to their whole performance. Here are the specific statistics while testing:

🔢 Tested software  12
⏳  Time duration 20 days
💻 Tested devices An HP laptop, a MacBook Air
📯 How we evaluate the result Sound effects, generate speed, storage size, sound filters, etc.
🏆 Most recommend Voicemod

5 Best Chewbacca Voice Changers to AI Generate Chewie Voice

1. Voice.ai

🎡 Compatibility: Discord, Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom, Messaging Apps, etc.


Voice.ai is one of the best voice changer apps available out there. It offers you access to 1000s of different voices. The tool has a huge library and works with different messaging apps and games like Minecraft, Fortnite, and more. Along with that, getting started with the tool is also super easy, and it gets easily integrated with different apps.

🎯 Key Features

  • Free real-time AI voice changer.
  • Access to unlimited voices.
  • It offers you ultra-realistic AI voice changing capabilities.
  • You can use your recordings as soundboards.
👍Pros 👎Cons
  • Access to thousands of voice profiles
  • Changes your voice in real-time
  • Supports lots of different apps and games
  • It is only meant for non-commercial use
🙋‍♂️User Review: Voice.ai is a pretty amazing voice-changing tool that works with all the popular communication apps and games. Plus, it is free & super easy to use.

2. Resemble.ai

🎡 Compatibility: Twitch, Voicemods, Discord Chat, Zoom, Google Meet, etc.


With Resemble.ai, you will get to experience real-time voice changing to your apps within minutes. It is super fast and extremely easy to get started. Also, the tool is pretty lightweight and gets integrated into your existing apps online or on your PC. Also, thanks to its speech-to-speech engine, you can customize the way your AI voice sounds.

🎯 Key Features

  • Gets integrated with your existing apps.
  • You can build your own Ai voices.
  • It offers you real-time speech-to-speech via API
👍Pros 👎Cons
  • You can change your voice in real-time
  • Compatible with multiple apps
  • It comes with API support
  • There is no free plan
🙋‍♂️User Review: Resemble.ai is a hub of multiple text-to-speech tools. Using the tool, you cannot only change your voice in real-time. But it also allows you to convert your text into speech and comes with other interesting features.

3. Voicemod

🎡 Compatibility: Discord, ZOOM, Google Meet, Minecraft, World of Warcraft, Overwatch, etc.


Voicemod is a real-time AI voice changer app that adds custom sound effects to every PC game and communication desktop app. It has multiple voice profiles that make you sound like a Chewbacca or robot, demon, woman, and many more. Along with that, it comes with a bunch of other exciting features.

🎯 Key Features

  • Allows you to change your voice in real time.
  • Comes with lots of different voice profiles.
  • It allows you to create your own voice skins and voice avatars.
  • Compatible with lots of different communication apps and games.
👍Pros 👎Cons
  • Comes with multiple voice profiles
  • You can create your own voice profile
  • Free to download and use
  • There is no Mac version available yet

User Review: Voicemod is an excellent tool for changing your voice in real time. Plus, it is compatible with many apps and games installed on your PC.

4. Murf.ai

🎡 Compatibility: Web/Cloud


Murf.ai is a cloud-based text-to-speech tool with a versatile AI voice generator. You can convert your texts into 120+ different voices across 20+ languages. Also, it allows you to edit your voiceovers using video, music or image. You can also convert your home recordings to voiceover or collaborate with your team on the web.

🎯 Key Features

  • Create text-to-speech voiceovers in 120+ voice profiles.
  • It supports 20+ languages.
  • Comes with team collaboration features.
  • Convert your home recordings to excellent voiceovers.
👍Pros 👎Cons
  • Cloud-based tool
  • Collaborate with your team
  • Supports 120+ voice profiles and 20+ languages
  • You can't download recordings with the free plan
🙋‍♂️User Review: Murf.ai is an excellent tool for generating text-to-speech clips online or editing audio clips for audiobooks, YouTube videos, or other types of content. However, its free plan won't be helpful to you.

5. Voicechanger.io

🎡 Compatibility:  Web


Voicechanger.io is a free-to-use text-to-speech tool. The tool is super easy to use and allows you to upload your audio file and change the audio to any of the available voice profiles. Or you can use your microphone to record an audio clip and convert it to an AI-generated voice. It has many voice profiles and allows you to create a custom voice.

🎯 Key Features

  • Record audio using a microphone or record an audio clip
  • Bunch of audio profiles
👍Pros 👎Cons
  • Upload or record voices using a microphone
  • Way too many voice profiles
  • Free to use
  • Lacks advanced features
  • Lacks compatibility with other apps
🙋‍♂️User Review: Voicechanger.io has limited features, and you cannot integrate with other tools or edit your clips in real time. But it allows you to record your voice with AI voice profiles or convert your audio to an AI voice.

The Final Words

So those were some of the best Chewie Voice Changer apps available. Each of these apps works differently. So go ahead and check them out individually and see which app suits your requirements the most. For instance, if you wish to change your voice in real-time and communicate with others, then Voice.ai would be an ideal choice.

FAQs on Chewie Voice Changer

1. How to make a Chewbacca voice?

You can use voice-changing apps like Voice.ai to sound like Chewbacca. The app will help you change your voice and communicate with others in real time. As well as you can record audio clips in Chewbacca's voice.

2. How does the Chewbacca mask work?

It modulates the frequency of the original voice to match it with the Chewbacca voice, and the final voice sounds like it. While all these work with their capability, there might be a slight difference. 

3. How does Chewbacca speak?

Chewbacca is a fictional character in Star Wars movies. Its language includes growls, grunts, roars, and other guttural sounds. While they are not close to English, the Star war characters seem to understand it. 

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