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How to Make a Video Transparent in Background

Jane Zhou updated on Mar 15, 2023 | Home > Video Editing Tips

Want to make video transparent so that you can use it in other objects as overlay or animations? If you are one of them but don't know how to do it, you have come to the right place. Here we will walk you through detailed steps to make video background transparent with an excellent video editor called EaseUS Video Editor. Plus, you will learn other methods to create videos with transparent backgrounds. Now, let's get started!

How to Make Video Background Transparent using EaseUS Video Editor

For those who want to export video with transparent background on Windows PC, EaseUS Video Editor is a great tool. Providing the green screen effects (also called Chroma Key), it lets you remove video background, and export it with transparent background in simple clicks. Beyond that, you also can enjoy lots of advanced features here, including various special visual effects, plenty of editing tools like trimming, cropping, rotating, and many more. 

Last but not least, you can export the video with transparent background in different formats, including GIF. To conclude, it is worth trying if you need a easy yet powerful video editor.

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Here's how to make a video background transparent:

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Video Editor and import the source file (with green background) from your computer.

Choose an aspect ratio

Step 2. Right-click the file and click "Add to Project" to place it to the timeline. 

Add Project

Step 3. When the file appears in the timeline, right-click it and choose "Green Screen Cutout" to apply the green-screen effect. Then, you will find the background is black, but it is just transparent actually.

Remove original background

Step 4. After that, click "Export" to save the edited video.

How to Make a Video Transparent in Premiere Pro

If you often deal with videos, you must be familiar with Premiere Pro. It is a professional video editing software for creating incredible videos. And exporting video with transparent background is just a piece of cake for it. Now, let's see how it works to create a transparent background video.

Step 1. Open your target video project with Premiere Pro, and you will see the background tracks on the timeline.

Step 2. Find the background track you want to disable, then hit the toggle switch icon.

Make video transparent in Premiere

Step 3. Once done, you will find the video shows a background, but it is transparent.

Step 4. To see it better, you can enable the transparency grid in the Program Monitor.

Step 5. Click the "Export" button, choose "QuickTime" as the output format, and select the "ProRes 4444 XQ" option from the Preset drop-down menu. At last, you just need to hit the "Export" button again to start the task.

How to Make a Video with Transparent Background in Final Cut

Besides Premiere Pro, Final Cut is also used widely in the video industry. It lets you create stunning videos. No matter you are a professional filmmaker or just someone who wants to edit home videos, it can always make it easy because of its straightforward user interface. 

While speaking of making video transparent, it will help you complete the task in easy steps with the help of the alpha channel feature. 

Step 1. Launch Final Cut Pro on your computer, and import your video clip.

Step 2. Click Project > Share > Mater File in turn.

Step 3. In the Mater File window, select "Video Only" from the Format tab. And next, click "Apple ProRes 4444" from the Video codec's drop-down menu, and then click "Next".

Make video background transparent

Step 4. Set a new file name and a saving path for your transparent video. When everything is done, you can click "Save" to export your video with transparent background.

How to Make Video Transparent Online for Free

If you are a one-time user, or don't want to download any third-party software, an online tool like Kapwing might fit you better. 

Here we just take an example of Kapwing. It is compatible with your computer, phone, and even tablet, which means you can edit your videos anytime as long as good internet connection. There are lots of tools available for modifying your video, including the green screen. This feature will assist you in removing, changing, and making the transparent background of your video without hassle. 

Step 1. Move to its official website, and click "Upload File" to import the video file. Or you can directly copy and paste a URL in the box.

Import video

Step 2. Once imported, click the "Remove Background" button in the Effects tab, then wait a few seconds. Once done, you will find that the background is removed.

Make video with transparent background online

Step 3. Finally, you can click "Export Video" to download the transparent video to your local devices.

Final Words

On this page, you can learn four workable ways to make your video with transparent background, and which one do you prefer?

If you are a Windows user without much experience, we highly recommend EaseUS Video Editor. With its help, you can create brilliant videos, and edit your videos like a pro!

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