Top 6 Best Free YouTube to MOV Converters on Windows, Mac and Online

MOV formats offer excellent quality and useful for editing. Since MOV format is a container, it can hold many types of files such as video, audio, subtitles, images in the best quality. This makes it idle for streaming and playing on large devices. So if you want the YOuTube video to get better quality and add more objects, you can convert YouTube to MOV using these YouTube to MOV converter.

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Jane Zhou

Updated on Nov 03, 2023

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When watching videos on YouTube, you may come across some interesting videos and want to modify them again on your computer or other devices. However, some YouTube video formats are not compatible with your devices, you can convert YouTube video to other common video formats.

Based on popularity and applicability, you can convert YouTube to MOV, which are supported by macOS and Windows platforms. Moreover, the MOV file format is a multimedia container file, and it can be different types of media files, including video, audio, and more. MOV files usually have MPEG-­4 codec for compression. To meet your needs, the post lists the six best YouTube to MOV converters for Windows, Mac, and Online tools.

Top 4 Best YouTube to MOV Converters for Windows/Mac

When using Windows PC or Mac, you can use any of the software to edit the videos. These tools offer much more than conversion from YouTube to MOV format. So, if you want to enhance the videos and add anything missing, such as transcripts or graphics, you can do it using the editors.

1. EaseUS Video Converter

This is an easy yet powerful YouTube to MOV converter for Windows, and anyone can operate it like a pro because of its intuitive workflow. With its help, you can easily change your YouTube videos into other video formats including MOV, only taking a few simple steps. Also, this software supports video resolution up to 8K, which means you can convert any of your YouTube files without any quality loss. 

Besides, to provide a better experience, this YouTube converter makes it possible to convert multiple video or audio files in bulk at a time. And that is much helpful when you have loads of files to convert in a short time!

Best for both novices and pros

EaseUS Video Converter

  • Convert audio and video in a snap
  • Adjust resolution, encoding, channel, etc based on your needs
  • Convert any HD, 2K, and 4K video files
  • No quality loss after the conversion
  • Support converting files in batch

Step 1. Import the Selected Video

Open the downloaded Windows converting software, EaseUS Video Converter. Choose "Video Converter" from the main interface. Then, import your target video file by clicking the "Choose Files" option.

choose video converter

Step 2. Start Conversion

From the listed video, hit the Settings icon and choose "Video". Scroll down the options and select MOV as the output format. To apply more functions, hit the "Edit" option. Also, change the saving path from "Save as".

Before hitting the "Convert All" button, choose the related Quality and Resolution.

video mov format

Step 3. View the Converted File

After conversion, you can play, delete, and rename the MOV file from "Finished".

output mov file

2. EaseUS Video Editor

EaseUS Video Editor is an all-in-one video editor that can edit, convert, and upload videos to social media formats. When it comes to YouTube to MOV converter, EaseUS Video Editor is your best choice.

This video editing software can convert video of any format to MOV, MP4, WMA, GIF, and more. Since the software offers a non-linear timeline, you can merge multiple videos into one file. You get 300+ free visual and audio effects in the form of text, filters, overlays, transitions, elements, and music. Along with essential editing tools like split, trim, mosaic, you also get a professional timeline feature.

EaseUS Video Editor

Easy & smart video editing software for beginners

  • Build-in 100+ visual effects like transitions, filters, overlays, etc.
  • Trim, crop, split, rotate, import, mix video and audio, etc.
  • Adjust style, add watermark, zoom, mosaic, speed or slow video/audio.
  • Support green screen cutout, PIP, voiceover, speech & text convert

Trusted by TechRadar, Fstopper, etc.

3. iMovie

iMovie is a free and powerful YouTube to MOV converter for macOS users. It is available on mobile as well with cross-platform compatibility. It makes an obvious choice, and since it is powered by Apple's platform, It does a fantastic job converting to any format to MOV file. Apart from that, you can create trailers, use themes, supports green screen backgrounds, and picture-in-picture mode if you plan for some gaming videos.

Best for basic editing and suitable for beginners.

Step 1. Import video and edit files

Open the iMovie app and then import the video you want to convert into MOV. You can then make sure to edit the file to remove unnecessary parts of the video. If at all you wish, you can add effects, stabilize videos, correct the colors, and so on.

Step 2. Export and convert video file type

iMovie Export YouTube to MOV

Click on the File menu, and then click on Share. Here you can select video resolution, quality, and file type. If you want a better quality of the video, then make sure not to select Faster compression; instead, choose Better quality from the dropdown.

4. OpenShot

It's an open-source video editor that offers professional tools to edit the videos and supports most of the popular format for both output and input. On top of this, it is a cross-platform editor, which means you can edit in Windows, and then continue in macOS. Features include Multilayered video timeline, Time, Slice, Animations, keyframes, 3D animations, Slow-motion, effects, and more.

Best for Amateurs and Professional.

Step 1. Import, Edit, and Add effects

Launch the video editor, and then import the downloaded YouTube video into the editor. You can then choose to edit and remove what is not required. You can also choose to add more videos if you wish to convert multiple MOV files.

Step 2. Convert to MOV format

OpenShot Export Video

Click on File, Export Project, and then export video. Here you can select a video format by clicking on the dropdown next to Target. Make sure to select format as MOV, video profile according to the original video, and quality as high. Click on the Export video for the process to complete.

Top 2 YouTube to MOV Converters Online

If all you want is to convert YouTube to MOV, then it is best to use the online converter. The only problem with these online tools is that there is a limit on the size of the video, and privacy concerns. So choose wisely.

1. ClipConvert.CC

It's an excellent online YouTube to MOV tool that can convert any format to almost any format. It can take a YouTube URL, and then you can click on MOV format, and download it right away. The tool offers consumers to choose between audio and video format, automatic detection mode, or select a time to convert.

Step 1. Open the website and paste the URL in the box. Select MOV from the available format.

Step 2. If you want to convert only part of the YouTube video to MOV, then you can set up the start and end of the video.

Clip Convert YouTube to MOV

Step 3. Click on the continue button to start converting the video and then download it when it's ready.

2. Zamzar

It's an online tool that converts any YouTube video into a MOV format. All you need to do is paste the YouTube URL and press the convert button. It will instantly process the video into the MOV format. Since downloading YouTube videos is easy, and the size is small, the conversion will not take much time.

Step 1. Copy the video link, and open Zamzar converts by URL website. Paste the link.

Step 2. Select the MOV format from the next dropdown, and then click on the convert button. You can choose to get an email once the conversion is complete.

ZamZar to MOV from YouTube


When looking for YouTube to MOV converter, it is best to use desktop software like EaseUS Video Converter. It not only enables you to change video formats but extract audio tracks effortlessly. Moreover, some advanced features like bulk conversion, merging files, and more are also available here! Just try this program now.

YouTube to MOV Converter Frequently Asked Questions

If you have some other question about YouTube to MOV converter, you can find answers below.

1. Can you upload .mov to YouTube?

Yes, you can upload the MOV file to YouTube. In fact, it is one of the preferred formats as it helps to maintain quality when processed by YouTube.

2. YouTube to MP3 Downloader for PC.

  • YTMP3.CC (
  • 320 YouTube (
  • YouTubeToMP3 (
  • YtMate (

3. How to convert MP4 to MOV on Mac?

You can use iMovie App on macOS, which can easily change MP4 to MOV. The processing is fast as well.

4. How to Convert YouTube to MPEG-2?

  • Convertio (
  • Zamzar (
  • ClipConvert (

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