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4 Effective Ways to Make MOV Files Smaller [2023 Updated Guide]

Myra updated on Feb 14, 2023 | Home > Video Converter Tips

The .mov file format is a great video type for recording or editing videos. If you want to send a .mov file by email or upload it to social media, you'll need to reduce your file size to fit website limits. Thus, you will need some tips and tricks to help. In this guide, some of the best ways are available to make .mov files smaller without ruining the quality.

In this article, you will learn how to shrink MOV file size with different compressor software and file reducers. We will focus on their features, functions, and steps to help you through the process.

Here we introduce the following 4 practical ways to compress MOV files. So let's start with the first easy method, EaseUS Video Converter.

Part 1. How to Make MOV Files Smaller with EaseUS Video Converter

EaseUS Video Converter

EaseUS Video Converter is a free application for video processing, including compression, format conversion, file merging, and other functions. This Video Converter makes it possible to convert video or audio files to 1000+ formats at 30X faster speed. And today, we will pay more attention to its compression part.

Firstly, you need to download and install the application for Windows or Mac at the EaseUS website. If you are a Window user, you can also click on the button below to get it for free.

  Free Download
Windows 11/10/8/7
  Free Download
macOS 10.13 or later

Then, follow the steps below to take on the editor to process your MOV video file to the smaller file size you want. Now let's get started.

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Video Converter on your computer, and then click "Video Compressor." 

Choose Video Compressor

Step 2. Click "Choose Files" to select one or multiple video file(s) you wish to compress. 

Add files

Step 3. Click the "File Size" option from the bottom menu bar to choose the file size you want. You can change the saving path by clicking the down arrow icon next to "Save to. Then, click "Compress" or "Compress All" to compress your video(s).

Choose file size

Step 4. Once done, you can check and view your converted files in the "Finished" tab. 

Compress completed

Part 2. How to Reduce the Size of MOV Files with VEED Online

VEED Online

VEED is a free online MOV file compressor. It can reduce the size of your MOV files with less quality loss. The resolution and image qualities are also available to choose from during the compression process.

Now let's follow the steps below to compress your MOV file with VEED online.

Step 1. Go to the veed.io website from your browser and navigate to the video compressor tool under the More section from Products on the top bar.

Products on the top bar

Step 2. Then click on Choose Video to select the MOV file you want to compress.

Choose Video

Step 3. Next, click on Upload a File to upload your MOV file, drag and drop it here, paste the video URL to the proper position, or connect your Dropbox. Just select the way you like to upload files.

Upload a File

Step 4. Once the upload is complete, it will open up the compressor interface, where you can adjust the quality, resolution, and advanced settings as you demand.

Adjust the setting

Step 5. After you are done with the settings, click on Compress Video. It will compress your video and automatically download the output on your computer.

Download the output

Part 3. How to Shrink MOV File Size with VideoProc Converter

VideoProc Converter

VideoProc Converter can also reduce video file size for Windows and Mac without causing quality loss. It can compress, convert, and edit MOV files. It offers a one-click solution to reduce MOV video file size by over 90% without affecting the picture quality. 

Now follow the steps below to compress MOV files with ease:

Step 1. Import MOV files.

Import MOV files

Launch up VideoProc Converter. Drag your MOV file from the local disc onto this program.

Step 2. Compress the MOV file to a smaller size.

Compress the MOV file

Open Target Format > General Profiles > HEVC Video > Done. When you choose the format for output, you can click HEVC or a more efficient format, such as MOV H.264. You can reduce the MOV file size by over 90%.

Step 3. Adjust the compression parameters.

Adjust the compression parameters

Click the Codec option icon and select one or more compression parameters to reduce the MOV file size further.

Step 4. Export the MOV files.

Export the MOV files

Uncheck Auto Copy and enable Use High-Quality Engine to reduce MOV file size without quality loss. Then click Run to compress your video and export the output.

Part 4. How to Use XConvert for MOV File Compression


XConvert can change the video resolution for compression purposes. The MOV compressor is also an online video processing service for free. Remember that the system only keeps your files on the servers for up to 4-6 hours, and all files will be entirely deleted from servers after timing out. So after the timeframe, no one will access your files, and your information is safe to be uploaded here.

The compression process is very swift and straightforward, and now let's learn how to compress MOV files on this platform.

Step 1. Click and select or drag and drop your .mov files into the dark blue box. 

Step 2. Once you add all of your .mov videos, press Compress. This will compress all of your .mov files. 

Step 3. Just wait until it processes your files to download them as a ZIP file or individual images.


Now you know how to compress a MOV file with these four efficient tools. All of these compression tools mentioned above are simple to operate and get the output files quickly, whereas EaseUS Video Converter also helps you transfer media files to any video format with ultra-fast speed as your want. 

  Free Download
Windows 11/10/8/7
  Free Download
macOS 10.13 or later


If you have questions about MOV file compression, you may check the commonly asked questions below. We hope this section clears all the doubts and sets you free. Let's review the FAQs now. 

1. Why are MOV files so big?

MOV files are larger than other file types because they are intended to include detailed information captured by the camera for editing purposes.

2. How long will it take to convert videos?

It depends on your desired MOV file size and your compression tool. Generally speaking, the smaller the video file, the less processing time it takes. 

3. How do I make a MOV file smaller to email?

 First, right-click the MOV file and click Send to > Compressed (zipped) folder. Once Windows zips your video, attach it to your email.

4. How do I convert a MOV file to MP4?

  • Open your computer map and select the corresponding MOV file.
  • Check the File name extensions on the map header. This needs to be enabled to change the extension.
  • Right-click the file and hit Rename.
  • Change the extension .mov to .mp4.

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