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How to Convert YouTube to CD

Jane Zhou updated on Jun 19, 2024 to Audio Editing Tips

I found a movie song on YouTube that I like and want to convert to CD so that I can play it on my portable CD player, is there any way to do this?" 

- Question from the YouTube Community

This is a common question from the YouTube community. Here we can tell you with absolute certainty that there are ways to convert YouTube to CD. But first and foremost, you'll need to extract MP3 from YouTube videos. If you've got those MP3 files prepared, you can directly jump to Part 2 to burn them onto a CD. If not, you can follow Part 1 to download YouTube videos to MP3 first and then copy them to a CD by following Part 2.

Whether you've downloaded MP3 from YouTube or not, you can follow these steps to convert YouTube to CD. Now, let's start our guide with downloading YouTube videos to MP3. 

Part 1. How to Download YouTube Videos to MP3

As we mentioned earlier, you'll need to download YouTube videos to MP3. So far, the quickest way to save YouTube videos in MP3 format is to use some video downloaders. And here, we mainly recommend this easy-to-use video downloader - EaseUS Video Downloader to you. With it, you can download any videos from any site in MP4/MP3/WAV format. These popular sites include but are not limited to YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion, etc. If you want to convert local videos to MP3, it's also possible with this program.

To download YouTube videos to MP3:

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Video Downloader and choose your desired format and quality.


Step 2. Then copy the YouTube link and click "Paste Link." You'll see the video displayed below.


Step 3. Wait for the download to complete, then click "Open File Location" to locate and check the video.


Disclaimer: Bear in mind that it's illegal to download copyrighted content and use them for commercial intensions without authorization. Before you download videos, you'd better check whether the sources are copyrighted.

Part 2. How to Convert YouTube Songs to a CD with a CD Burner

After preparing the song, it's time to burn it onto a CD with a CD burner, Windows Media Player, or iTunes. These tools work best to convert YouTube songs to a CD, but in terms of quality and practicality, a professional CD burner is more advisable. Such CD burners often come with some editing tools that allow you to shorten the length of a song, adjust the volume, add effects, etc. And more importantly, it is easy enough to pick up quickly.

If you want to give such CD burners a try, you can consider using this easy-to-use CD burner - EaseUS MakeMyAudio first. With it, you can handle many different tasks with audio, such as recording audio from the website, shortening the length of a song, converting audio files, ripping and burning a CD, etc. 

For more functions of this program, you can download it on your computer to explore. And here, we'll mainly focus on its function of burning. Now, let's start copying songs onto a CD with EaseUS MakeMyAudio.

Step 1. Launch EaseUS MakeMyAudio on your PC and choose "CD Burner" from its main screen.

Burn songs onto a CD - 1

Step 2. From the top menu, click "Add Files" to import the audio files you wish to burn onto a CD. 

Burn songs onto a CD - 2

Step 3. Click "Start" to start the burning process and wait for the process to finish. 

Burn songs onto a CD - 3

Step 4. Once it's completed, you see a prompt that says the process has finished.

Burn songs onto a CD - 4

Tips: If you want to burn songs onto a CD without third-party software, you can use Windows Media Player or iTunes instead. The steps of using both tools have been detailed in our previous guide on how to burn songs onto a CD, you can check it if you need. But before that, it's necessary to know some common problems you might run into while using Windows Media Player (WMP).

  • WMP might not recognize your blank disc.
  • Your audio files won't fit on one disc. If that happens, you have to split your playlist into two discs.
  • WMP doesn't allow you to add more files to a disc when you've finished creating a CD.

As you can see, using Windows Media Player or iTunes to burn a CD is a complex operation involving many problems. If you don't want to face those problems, you can go back to use EaseUS MakeMyAudio to get the job done. 

The Bottom Line

That's all about our guide on how to convert YouTube to CD. We hope you've mastered the methods to download audio from YouTube and convert them to CD through this guide. If you have any questions related to this question, don't forget to contact us to help you out. 

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