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10+ Female Voice Changer for Discord (2023 Updated)

Larissa updated on Apr 14, 2023 | Home > Voice Changer Tips

Online gamers are increasingly banking on a voice changer app to stay behind the veil of anonymity, whether on gaming platforms like Discord, chat applications like Skype, or streaming portals like Twitch. You can record your voice and apply voice filters to produce fantastic results for work or play. However,  we will focus on the best female voice changer for discord which can help alter the pitch of your voice, change the frequency and even adjust its timbre. 

10+ Best Female Voice Changers for Discord

Below, we have collated some of the best voice changers meant for Discord user

1) Voicemod (Windows & macOS)

Safe download URL: https://www.voicemod.net/

voicemod voice changer

Pull a prank on an unsuspecting friend with the Voicemod free voice changer. Its realistic effects can mold your voice to sound like another human, a baby, or an animal. You can choose among 50 preset voices, including a zombie, woman, robot, and more. 

It's recommended to record your voice before applying the filters as the quality of voice in real-time is not up to the mark. 

👍Pros 👎Cons
  • Delivers realistic voice distortion effects for PUBG, Skype, etc
  • Users can enjoy live voice effect demos 
  • Auto-tune features can make you sound like your favorite celebrity
  • Features a rich library of sound effects
  • Ads can dampen your experience
  • Tends to crash during the voice-changing process

🎯 User Feedback - Voicemod voice changer has bagged 3.8 stars out of 5 on Trustpilot. 

2) Clownfish (Windows)

Safe download URL: https://clownfish-translator.com/voicechanger/

clownfish voice changer

Change your voice easily with this free Windows software offering more than 14 plug-ins of Atari, Alien, Robot, Clone, Baby Pitch, Mutation, Female Pitch, Baby Pitch, and more. Tweak your voice in real-time with Clownfish, for online meetings and gaming sessions. 

This female voice changer for Discord gets installed at the system level and affects every microphone and other device capturing audio. As a result, your voice will be tweaked as per the settings in TeamSpeak, Skype, Steam, Viber, or Discord. 

👍Pros 👎Cons
  • Voice Assistant feature can easily convert text to speech
  • It supports various file formats
  • Allows users to create their customized voice pitch
  • Users can modify their voice before sharing it on chat apps
  • It only allows changing from male to female voice
  • It is sometimes challenging to understand the altered voice

🎯 User Feedback – This sophisticated voice-changing application has earned 3.2 out of 5 stars in Chrome Web Store. 

3) Morphvox Pro (Windows & macOS)

Safe download URL: https://screamingbee.com/morphvox-voice-changer

morphvoc Pro

Alleviate your voice-changing game with MorphVox Pro, whose excellent tech allows various modifications like enhanced sound quality, noise cancellation, and premium voice learning. This voice changer app delivers crisp audio quality without burdening your CPU. 

You can easily create optimal sound effects by mimicking your voice. Currently MorphVox Pro offers other functionalities like improved list management, restoring files in a similar folder, plug-in support, MP3 reading, and multi-user support. 

👍Pros 👎Cons
  • Users can add background music while interacting with friends online
  • Sound effects can be dispatched with quick keys
  • You can alter the already available voices
  • Ultra-quiet noise cancellation feature can make your surroundings quiet
  • Not meant for novice users
  • It does not support iOS or Android mobile platforms

🎯 User Feedback: Users have given 3.9 out of 5 stars on Softpedia to this software which can change your voice in real-time. 

4) MURF.ai (Online Voice Changer)

Safe download URL: https://murf.ai/voice-changer


Get ready to completely transform your voice and impart a professional look and feel with this female voice changer for discord. Now you don't have to worry about background noises and interruptions. 

With Murf.ai by your side, you can exercise extreme precision in editing the audio file without any recording equipment. For example, Murf uses professional AI tech to deliver premium-grade voiceovers and high-quality presentations in a few steps. 

👍Pros 👎Cons
  • You can choose from the 100+ AI voices
  • Users can sync both audio and video with utmost perfection
  • All unwanted parts of the audio recording can be either muted or deleted
  • You can create a natural recording by removing all the filler words
  • The quality of the voice can improve further
  • The free option is more of a demo 

🎯 User Feedback: You can develop the best voiceover using Murf.ai, which has bagged 2.9 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot. 

5) Voicemeeter (Windows)

Safe download URL: https://vb-audio.com/Voicemeeter/index.htm


Create audio effects best suited to your preference with the VoiceMeeter tool. However, this tool is comparatively more complex than its peers on the list. Therefore, you must possess the technical know-how to use this audio mixing tool. 

👍Pros 👎Cons
  • It is easy and fast to install
  • It can be used for free
  • It supports DX, ASIO, MME, WDM, and KS interfaces
  • You can create various customized effects for Discord
  • Not meant for novice users
  • Technical knowledge is required to operate this tool

🎯 User Feedback: Voicemeeter has gained a rating of 3.3 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot. You can click on the following link for more User Feedbacks:  https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/voicemeeter.com

6) Voxal Voice Changer Software (Windows & macOS)

Safe download URL: https://www.nchsoftware.com/voicechanger/index.html

voxal voice changer

If you are searching for the best voice changer app with an easy-to-use interface and numerous effects, then using the voxal voice changer is recommended. It supports various audio input devices like a DSLR microphone. 

Users can also play the recorded voice through their headphones or speakers. For example, you can apply voice filters to sound like a girl, boy, robot, or alien. Recording voices for games or audiobooks becomes easy with the Voice Creation option.

👍Pros 👎Cons
  • The program works without overloading your processor
  • The voice change helps users retain anonymity 
  • Users don't need to meddle with its settings and configurations for different applications
  • Users can apply effects to their voice in real-time
  • The free version comes with distracting ads
  • It isn't compatible with various online games

🎯 User Feedback: Enjoy voice customizations easily with the Voxal voice changer, which has an expert rating of 4.4 out of 5. 

7) Voice Changer.io (Online Voice Changer)

Safe download URL: https://voicechanger.io/

voice changer.io

Add effects and transform your voice with this female voice changer for discord which can completely customize your voice as per your preference. For example, you can use a web browser or microphone to record your voice. Users can also upload an audio file from the hard drive and impart their preferred voice effect. 

👍Pros 👎Cons
  • Users can generate speech from the text entered
  • You can choose between different voice effects
  • Being a web-based tool, it doesn't require any software download
  • Allows users to create funny voiceover profiles
  • Not a real-time voice generator
  • Being more of a hobby project, it isn't updated regularly

🎯 User Feedback: Voice Changer.io has received 4 out of 5 stars on MyWot. 

8) Voice changer with effects (Android)

Safe download URL: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.baviux.voicechanger&hl=en_US&gl=US

voice changer witheffect app

This voice changer tool is both easy to install and use. Users can easily disguise their voices and add more effects for fun. For example, you can import pre-recorded sounds before tweaking them. 

👍Pros 👎Cons
  • It works well with different chat applications on Android
  • You can choose among 40 other voice effects
  • Can create speech from text
  • The final results can be shared on social media
  • It doesn't deliver results on a real-time basis
  • It doesn't have advanced editing functions

🎯 User Feedback: It has bagged 4.4 out of 5 stars in Google Play Store, making it an excellent voice changer app.

9) Speechify Voice Changer (iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows)

Safe download URL: https://speechify.com/blog/voice-changer

speechify voice changer

This easy-to-use tool is compatible with mobile, desktop, and Chrome extensions. It can maximize your productivity as you power through documents and make the most out of the content your read. 

👍Pros 👎Cons
  • Allows translation into multiple languages
  • Can convert text into audio format
  • The premium plan comes with robust features 
  • It has a built-in audiobook library
  • Paid plans might seem too pricey
  • The free program renders the robotic sound effect

🎯 User Feedback: Has bagged 4.1 out of 5 stars in Trustpilot from users who loved the program.

10) AV Voice Changer Software Diamond (Windows)

Safe download URL: https://www.audio4fun.com/voice-changer.htm

av voice changer

Users can completely modify their voice to make it sound younger, older, higher, deeper, more feminine, or any other way with the female voice changer for discord. Its advanced technology helps connect with top VoIP programs like Discord, Skype, Steam, Twitch, etc. 

👍Pros 👎Cons
  • The voice changer supports different keyboard shortcuts
  • Can record and edit different types of sound or voice
  • It has numerous built-in sound effects 
  • Parody Mixer helps create parody by imitating other people's voices
  • Advertisement pop-ups can be very irritating
  • Windows 7 and 8.1 users often face glitches 

🎯 User Feedback: It has received 3.5 out of 5 stars in Softonic. 

11) Discord Voice Changer (Android)

Safe download URL: https://apkpure.com/discord-voice-changer/com.oviagames.discordvoicechanger

discord voice changer

Disguise your voice by choosing among the countless voice effects of this entertainment app. You can either sound like an alien, your favorite animal, or even a pop-culture character like Robocop or Yoda. Discord Voice Changer's clean and comprehensive interface makes searching for different sound effects easy.

👍Pros 👎Cons
  • Free voice changer with unlimited special voice effects
  • Sound effects can be applied in real-time
  • The user interface is easy to navigate
  • You can both create and save a modified voice
  • Frequent advertisements can dampen your experience

🎯 User Feedback: Discord Voice Changer has bagged an excellent review of 5 out of 5 stars on Apkure.

12) Voice Changer - Voice Editor (Android)

Safe download URL: Voice Changer - Voice Editor - Apps on Google Play

voice editor app

Have fun pranking your friends by masking your voice and making it sound like your favorite superhero or cartoon character with Voice Changer – Voice Editor. You can either record audio or open an existing file from your system to make the necessary changes. 

👍Pros 👎Cons
  • Users can alter the pitch and rate of their voice
  • Allows creating DIY ringtones
  • Voice recorder allows recording audio easily
  • All types of music can be freely edited into different formats
  • Frequent ads will dampen your experience
  • The voice edit is not up to the mark

🎯 User Feedback: Voice Changer - Voice Editor has received 4.3 out of 5 stars on Google Play.

Sum Up

A male-to-female voice changer can be a fun way to spice up your Discord conversations. If you record audio or stream videos, you will love the voice changers. With multiple tools plying the market, it can be a challenging task to choose the best one. 

If you are searching for a voice changer app compatible with different gaming platforms and chat applications, then Voicemod can be your best bet. But if your priority is a tool with a built-in voice changer and audio editor that minimizes CPU usage, then you can opt for the voxal voice changer.

FAQs on Female Voice Changer for Discord

1. How can I change my voice to a woman's voice?

You can change from male to female voice by choosing any of the 12 voice changers listed above. No matter which one you choose, you can make use of it to create a woman's voice successfully. 

2. Does Voicemod have a female voice?

Yes, Voicemod supports changing your voice to a female tone. And you can use it to change your voice into a female sound with ease.

3. What is the best girl voice changer?

It is hard to say which one is the best. The best one is largely based on which can satisfy your needs. But according to most users' feedback,  Voicemod is one of the best girl voice changers, which has a simple interface and easy operation. Maybe you can try it to alter your sound effects.

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