How to Use Siri Text to Speech to Make it Read Text [iPad/iPhone/Macbook]

Learn how to use Siri text-to-speech for effortless text reading. After reading this article, you can unlock the power of Siri and make your text read by Siri easily.

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Updated on Jan 26, 2024

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Siri is a voice-control virtual assistant for Apple devices that uses spoken commands to answer questions, make recommendations, and perform actions by delegating requests to Internet services. Among these features, the Siri Text to Speech function helps users hear any text on their Apple device spoken aloud by Siri.

So, this article is written to help more users know how to use Siri text-to-speech and even how to make their documents read loud by other voices. Let's delve in.

Key Takeaways

🚩To get Siri to read text on iPad/iPhone, go to "Setting" > "Accessibility" > "Spoken Content," then turn on "Speak Screen." Then say "Hey Siri" to activate it and say "Read My Text" to let it read.

🚩To make Siri read text on a Macbook, enable Siri by "System Preferences.." > "Accessibility," click "Spoken Content," and tick the "Speak selection." Select the text you want it to read, then press the keyboard shortcut "Option + Esc" to make Siri start reading it.

How to Get Siri to Read Text on iPad/iPhone

To Enable Speak Screen

Step 1. Go to "Setting" on your iPhone.
Step 2. Press "Accessibility" and tap "Spoken Content."
Step 3. Turn on "Speak Screen."

ipad enable speak screen

To Use Speak Screen

1️⃣Way 1. Ask Siri to Read the Screen

Asking Siri to help you read the text out loud works well with compatible apps such as Mail, Safari, etc.

Scanario 1: Read Message

Step 1. Say "Hey Siri" to activate it. In iOS 17, you don't even have to prefix a command with "Hey" to invoke Siri anymore.

Step 2. Say "Read my messages" to have it read any text message to you.

Scenario 2: Read Text on the Screen

Step 1. Select the specific text you want to read out loud.

Step 2. Activate Siri and say "Read this text to me."

To adjust reading speed: Say "Faster" or "Slower" after Siri begins reading.
To change Siri's voice, Go to "Setting" > "Accessibility" > "Spoken Content" > "Voices," choose the language you want to change the voice for, then select the name of the voice you would like to use.

2️⃣Way 2. with Speak Controller

From the instruction we gave above, every time you want to have Siri read a text to you or change speed, you need to keep saying commands. So there is also a way to quick access to the Speak Screen controls.

Step 1. Tap "Speech Controller."

Step 2. Turn on "Show Controller." The first time the Speech Controller appears, it will be in the upper-left corner; you can drag it with your finger to move it.

ipad show controller

Step 3. To display the controls, tap the controller arrow. To hear all the text on the screen, tap the play button. Also, from here, you can change the speaking rate.

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How to Make Siri to Read Text on Macbook

To Enable Siri Text to Speech on Mac

Step 1. Click the Apple menu at the top of the desktop.
Step 2. Click "System Preferences.."
Step 3. Click "Accessibility" and "Spoken Content" on the left.
Step 4. Tick the "Speak selection."

macbook speak selection

From its options, you may let it show the controller, change the keyboard shortcut, highlight content, word color, sentence color, etc.

To Read Selected Text
Step 1. Select the text you want it to read.
Step 2. Press the keyboard shortcut "Option + Esc" to make Siri start reading it. There will be a pop-up control you can use to pause, play, adjust speed, or skip sentences if you let it show the controller.

macbook read selected text

Adjust the Reading Speed: Step 1. Go to "System Preference" > "Accessibility" > "Speech." Step 2. Adjust the speaking rate.

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In Closing

Siri text-to-speech allows users to have Siri read aloud any text on their iOS or macOS devices. This article gives you a detailed guide on how to use Siri text-to-speech on your iPad, iPhone, and Macbook. We even offer you ways to change its reading speed and voice. For a text-to-speech service with no limited customization and supports more formats, EaseUS VoiceOver is here to help you.

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FAQs on Siri Text to Speech

1. Can Siri do voice to text?

Yes, Siri can do voice-to-text. You can use it to dictate text anywhere you can type it. To use Siri for voice-to-text, you need to enable Dictation and Speak Selection in "Setting" > "General" > "Accessibility" > "Speech."

2. How do I make my iPhone voice text-to-speech?

To make your iPhone voice text to speech, you need to enable Speak Screen in "Setting"> "General" > "Accessibility" > "Speech." Then, you can swipe two fingers down from the top of the screen.

3. How do I make Siri voice?

You need to set up Siri on your iPhone first, then activate Siri with your voice by saying "Hey Siri" or "Siri."

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