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Make Animalese sound with the 5 free online Animal Crossing voice generators. Have fun with your favorite fictional game characters.

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Dawn Tang

Updated on Feb 15, 2024

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If you have ever tried to mimic "hu el leh leh oh," you are probably a fan of Animal Crossing, the popular animal simulation video game. However, the Animalese is tricky, and it can be hard to capture its essence since it doesn't exist at all. Here, the 5 Animal Crossing voice generators come in handy to help you sound like the lovely villagers.

About Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing is a social simulation video game series by Nintendo, which allows the players to customize their lives in a village inhabited by different anthropomorphic animals. Here, you can enjoy the fun and authenticity of fishing, planting, collecting, and socializing with other villagers. Most items gathered from these activities can be sold for Bells, the in-game currency for you to buy furniture and clothes or redecorate your home.

Animal Crossing

There are four prominent characters:

  • Tom Nook is a Tanuki shop owner and real estate broker who offers interest-free loans for players.
  • Mr. Resetti is a mole who used to pop up when players turned off the game without saving. Now, he's a rescue service operator.
  • K. K. Slider is a canine traveling musician who plays music in the town and gives the player his song because his music "wants to be free."
  • Isabelle is an assistant to the player in New Leaf and becomes the town community manager in New Horizons.

5 Animal Crossing Voice Generators Online Free

Now, let's get the cute voices of Animal Crossing villagers using the best AI voice generators. For your quick selection, I made a comparison table for the 5 text-to-speech tools.

Animal Crossing TTS🏘️ Characters👨‍🌾 Voice🗣 Language🔠 Quality💯
Animalese.js Demo Animal Crossing 1 1 ♬♬♬
Jokerm Isabelle 1 1 ♬♬♬
Kits AI Whitney 100+ 10 ♬♬♬♬
101 Soundboards Isabelle, Villager, Tom Nook 4724 1 ♬♬♬
EaseUS VoiceOver Animal Crossing 468 149 ♬♬♬♬

1. Animalese.js Demo

Animalese.js is a demo that synthesizes the voices of Animal Crossing villagers based on JavaScript. It employs riffwave.js to convert audio data into a DataURI, allowing playback through an

animal crossing voice generator animalese.js

The demo enables nearly infinite script length and allows you to regulate the degree between Grump and Isabelle. You can also preview the file and download it.

               Pros                ☃️Cons
  • Super easy user interface.
  • Free JavaScript demo.
  • Adjust the degree of similarity.
  • Preview the audio, and free to download.
  • Lack of advanced voice settings.

Watch the video to see how the developer built the code🎦:

I Built The Animal Crossing Voice Generator In 64-Lines of Code - (Animalese)

2. Jokerm

The deepfake voice generator free is a privately owned Animal Crossing NPC voice generator. With the same interface as Animalese.js, it also allows users to enter long scripts and convert them to Isabelle's sound. Then, preview the work and download it optionally.

animal crossing voice generator jokerm

Besides that, the website is mainly a collection of anime recommendations and some utilities built by the cartoon and game hobbyist JokerM.

               Pros                ☃️Cons
  • Intuitive UI and easy operation.
  • Free to use.
  • Based on Animalese.js.
  • No other customization options for emotion or volume.

3. Kits AI

Kits AI is an AI-powered online text-to-speech converter and AI music cover platform. Backed by more than 100 royalty-free voices in 10 languages, one can get the voices or AI songs of his favorite artists. The natural speech synthesis technology ensures the quality of the final work.

animal crossing voice generator kits ai

You can use the AI song cover generator to create your own AI voice or separate the vocals from the music. It also provides dozens of instruments for musical creation. Free users get 15 convert minutes and 300 text-to-speech characters per month. For more characters, upgrade to the converter/creator/composer plans.

               Pros                ☃️Cons
  • Train your own AI voice.
  • Make AI singing voice.
  • Get text-to-voice conversion.
  • Make AI rap music.
  • Voice-to-instrument models for music.
  • Limited free voices and characters.
  • A login is required.

4. 101 Soundboards

101 Soundboards boasts 4,734 voices and millions of sound clips. Basically, you can find any desired voices from anime, comics, games, memes, movies, and other categories. It is a free AI character voice generator accessible on both mobile devices and online platforms.

animal crossing voice generator 101 soundboards

Featuring a wide selection of soundboards under individual voices, 101 Soundboards allows you to listen to the sentence and download MP3 clips. Although the text-to-speech generation is pretty simple, the Pokimane AI voice maker actually has a noisy interface for the first-comer.

               Pros                ☃️Cons
  • 4,734 voices and multifarious soundboards.
  • Change the text into voice easily.
  • Enter unlimited characters.
  • Upload your own soundboard.
  • Download preset sentences of specific voices.
  • The interface is a bit complicated for newbies.
  • No customization voice options.

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5. EaseUS VoiceOver

Last but not least, one of the best free text-to-speech, EaseUS VoiceOver makes quality voiceover from any written text. With 468 voices in 149 languages and accents, you can easily find your preferred voices and customize their volume, pitch, mood, and pauses.

animal crossing voice generator easeus voiceover

The text-to-speech with emotion employs AI deep learning techniques to produce genuine and natural voice output. It is designed to enhance the expressiveness and authenticity of generated speech, providing a more immersive and engaging experience for users.

               Pros                ☃️Cons
  • An extensive and growing voice library.
  • Multiple languages and dialects are supported.
  • Able to fine-tune the voice.
  • Free AI-powered TTS program without installation.
  • Do not support AI music cover so far.

Visit the website to get your free text-to-speech now!

Wrapping up

Unleash your creativity and bring your virtual world to life with these incredible Animal Crossing voice generators in this article. Whether you're a seasoned player or a newcomer to the game, the authentic Animalese sounds will add a delightful touch to your content creation or entertainment. Share the joy of these fantastic tools, and let the Animalese adventure begin!

Animalese Generator FAQs

1. How do they make the voices in Animal Crossing?

The voices in Animal Crossing are created through a process known as "animalese." Instead of using actual recorded human voices for the characters, the developers at Nintendo use a system that generates a series of unique sounds for each character's dialogue. This distinctive and charming language system has become a hallmark of the Animal Crossing series.

2. What is Animal Crossing speech called?

The speech style used in Animal Crossing is commonly referred to as "Animalese."

3. How do you write Animalese?

Writing Animalese involves using a set of phonetic sounds assigned to each letter of the alphabet. While there isn't a standardized guide, you can create your own based on the games. For instance, assign sounds to the letter (a👉ah), combine sounds for words (hello👉huh-eh-luh-oh), and add variations for the pitch and speed of the sounds.

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