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10 Best Free Windows Voice Changer Software for Games/APP/Discord

Larissa updated on Apr 12, 2023 | Home > Voice Changer Tips

Voice changer software can create a fun environment in many cases. Think about it, and you can use voice effects provided by these tools in online games or use the voice modulators as a way to prank your friends while on a call.

However, finding the right voice changer tool with the ability to do recorded voices or edit background noises is a challenge. You can find many online tools, but none are as good as you hope. That's because one wishes to use them in games, apps, Discord, etc.

In other words, users need a Windows voice changer that they can use across platforms and in various cases. Today, we are looking at some of the best real-time voice changer software that you can use, so let's jump right into it.

10 Best Windows Voice Changer Software for Games, APP, Discord

Before you go on Google to find the right tool, let's stop you right there. If you look on Google, you will find many biased articles selling their own tools. But what you need is a good-quality voice changer that helps you use it on games, Discord, and other apps. Bearing those things in mind, here are 10 of the best Windows voice changers you can use today.

1. Voicemod

If you are mindful of voice changers then chances are that you have already heard a bit about Voicemod. And since it is one of the top voice changers in the world today it has earned quite the reputation in communities such as gamers as well as YouTubers and streamers. It is a very excellent game voice changer.


The reason this tool is so good is for of its ability to morph voice in real-time while you're in the game or using an app. Therefore, you can pick any voice effect and use it in online games while hearing your voice change in real-time.

📺 Recommend Scenarios:

  • Changing voice during a call
  • To mask voice when gaming
  • Become a character/celebrity
✅Pros ❌Cons
  • Over 100 voice filters
  • Very affordable & cost-effective
  • Easily integrates with games, Discord, etc.
  • Subscription-based
  • Locked filters in the free version

🙋‍♂️User Review:

2. Murf.ai

If you are considering a voice filter that doesn't necessitate you to do any installation, then Murf.ai is one of the most foremost online voice changers. There aren't many options that surpass this one when considering an online tool, which is why it has quickly become one of the favorites of users around the globe.


It's an extensive online AI-based voice changer and speech generator toolkit that allows you to morph voices as well as generate speech-to-text or vice versa.. And besides that, it has an outstanding range of voice effects and a growing library of sound effects.

📺 Recommend Scenarios:

  • Converting text to speech
  • Masking voice in a phone call
  • Pranking friends
✅Pros ❌Cons
  • Very easy to use
  • Ideal customer service
  • Very cost-effective
  • Beginners may find it difficult
  • Not easy to configure with other tools

🙋‍♂️User Review:

3. NCH Voxal Voice Changer

If you are looking for a simple yet effective option, then NCH Voxal Voice Changer is the right choice for you. This tool is known for its incredible voice-changing abilities and a vast library of voice filters unmatched by most installable voice filters today.

nhc voxal voice changer

Growing library of voice effects aside, this software is an extensive free voice changer as it doesn't require you to pay up until you run out of effects. Besides that, it's one of the few tools on this list that supports XP Vista PCs.

📺 Recommend Scenarios:

  • Use character voices in a call
  • Morph voice while gaming/Discord session
✅Pros ❌Cons
  • Realistic and natural voice filters
  • Simple design makes it easy to use
  • Takes little system resources
  • A bit expensive
  • An outdated UI

🙋‍♂️User Review:

4. MorphVOX

There aren't many voice changers that have stayed relevant and continually changed as much as MorphVOX has. This outstanding voice changer for PC is one of the top choices that you can find today, and there's a good reason behind that.


It has one of the simplest UI designs alongside voice filters that allow you to morph your voice while you are gaming or on a call. This live-morphing makes it one of the best voice changers for PC users, as it works flawlessly with games and apps like Discord.

📺 Recommend Scenarios:

  • Using various voice filters
  • Live voice-morphing
  • Adding background sounds
✅Pros ❌Cons
  • Ideal for integration with other tools
  • Wide range of free voice filters
  • Easy to use with games and apps
  • A bit expensive
  • The free version doesn't have many voice filters

🙋‍♂️User Review:

5. AV Voice Changer

Some tools fall into obscurity over time but AV Voice Changer is not one of them and that is why it has been one of the top choices for PC users for years. While the tool is almost a decade old yet it has seen constant updates and changes that have kept it relevant.

av voice changer

All that is because of the various voice filters as well as the ability to customize virtual audio effects by this voice changer. Besides that, you can simply use it as a voice recorder along with its numerous voice filters.

📺 Recommend Scenarios:

  • To alter the voice pitch
  • To change the voice from male to female and vice versa
✅Pros ❌Cons
  • Very easy customization
  • Ideal integration with apps and games
  • Attractive and simple UI design
  • No hotkey support
  • Very expensive

🙋‍♂️User Review:

6. VoiceMeeter

VoiceMeeter might be made for professionals, but this tool has made its way into the heart of many gamers and streamers. The reason behind that is its outstanding capability to work with games, apps, and hardware such as Stream Decks.


If you think it might be a complicated tool to use at first glance then aren't exactly far off. But it's not going to be rocket science either as customizing this voice modulator is quite easy. That is how it allows you to use it as a real-time voice changer software.

📺 Recommend Scenarios:

  • Professional-level voice editing
  • Using customized voice filters
✅Pros ❌Cons
  • Extensive customizability
  • Limitless potential for voice filters
  • Unique design
  • It isn't easy to use
  • t can be difficult to integrate

🙋‍♂️User Review:

7. Clownfish Voice Changer

There aren't many good free voice changers, but Clownfish voice changer stands out as perhaps the only good option that you can use. This outstanding voice changer has also been around for years, and it has continued to be free in all those times.

clownfish voice changer

The free voice changer has a straightforward UI design that lets you to pick a voice filter and alter it until you hear a voice that you like. Besides that, this freeware is quite easy to use and integrate with games and apps— and that's why it is one of the best options on this list.

📺 Recommend Scenarios:

  • Needing a simple voice changer
  • Altering voice pitch
✅Pros ❌Cons
  • Around 14 free voice filters
  • Continuous free usage
  • Easy integration with games and apps
  • Limited support nowadays
  • A bit outdated

🙋‍♂️User Review:

8. Athtek All-in-one-Voice Changer

This freeware started out as a voice changer for Skype users, but since it masks your entire microphone input, you can use it alongside any app or game that you wish for. While Athtek's all-in-one voice changer isn't exactly a feature-rich option, it's still better than nothing.

athtek all in one voice changer

So if you're wondering how it's on this list is because of its realistic voice filters, as few as they may be. Besides that, it's an ideal tool for beginners who wish to test the waters before they invest in a more advanced level of voice changer with more voice filters.

📺 Recommend Scenarios:

  • When needing a quick voice changer
✅Pros ❌Cons
  • Very light on system resources
  • Ideal for beginners or one-time use
  • Limited but easy customizability
  • The overall requirements of 3DS
  • Lacks a lot of features
  • A bit outdated

🙋‍♂️User Review:

9. Adobe Audition

If you are an expert who wants to go all out on a voice changer then the famous Adobe Audition might be the best among all these options for you. Granted that it's a bit expensive but the options that you get within this tool make it more than worth it.

adobe audition

As you can perceive in the image the tool is complete with thorough details and options that a lot of users may not even touch. Therefore, the voice effects and editing background noise might be a bit of a problem for beginners.

📺 Recommend Scenarios:

  • Using for podcasts
  • For advanced-level voice editing
✅Pros ❌Cons
  • High-level customizability
  • Very lenient usage
  • Professional-level of details
  • Not made for beginners
  • Very expensive

🙋‍♂️User Review:

10. Voicechanger.io

And lastly, we come to the simplest option of all, and that is Voicechanger.io—an online voice changer that allows you to use more than 50 voice filters. These filters include some of the most famous characters and celebrities. It is also a wonderful Windows 10 voice changer.


And when you consider that this allows you to generate text-to-speech, it also makes it a bit more convenient. But this tool isn't exactly made for live-voice morphing as all you can do with it is create new voice recordings or convert existing audio clips.

📺 Recommend Scenarios:

  • When generating speech from text
  • Converting an existing audio clip or recording one
✅Pros ❌Cons
  • More than 50 realistic voice filters
  • Very easy usage
  • Ideal for converting existing clips
  • No live voice morphing
  • No software integration

🙋‍♂️User Review:

Sum Up

There you have it, people, some of the best free Windows voice changers you can use today. While not most of these tools are strictly "free," they offer some of the most remarkable features in their free trials.

But if you do pick one that stands heads and shoulders above the rest, then it would be Voicemod, as it's easy to install and integrate with software like Discord and most games today. It has many great voice filters, making it a treat to use during online gaming or online chatting sessions.


You might have a few more questions, so we hope you find their answers here.

1. Does Windows have a voice changer?

Windows does not provide any pre-installed or in-built voice changers that you can use. And while you can find a few choices on the Microsoft store, they aren't precisely good or offer the finest voice conversion, and that's why it's better to use the tools recommended in this list.

2. Is Voicemod legit?

Yes, Voicemod is legit, which is why it is used by many streamers, gamers, and YouTubers around the globe. The main reason it is legitimate is its ability to morph your voice quickly. Moreover, it does all that without affecting your system resources.

3. What is the best free voice changer?

There are many options, such as Clownfish voice changer, that are absolutely free to use. But if you want a long-term voice-altering solution, then going for a paid option might be better for you.

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