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7 Best Windows Movie Maker Alternative in 2023

Sofia Albert updated on Mar 15, 2023 | Home > Video Editing Tips

In the industry of video editing, the term 'Movie Maker' is defined as a piece of dedicated software for making movies with videos, sounds, images, texts, and many other enhanced effects. Windows 7 and 8 adopted the name of Movie Maker, and computers or laptops, which are shipped with a legitimate Windows 7/8 operating system, are equipped with such an essential video editing software so as to use it for free. Though still accessible, Windows Movie Maker has officially removed from the latest Windows versions.

Instead, the replacement of Windows Movie Maker surged into the market. What is the best Windows Movie Maker alternative to editing videos? Is there any free video editing software like Movie Maker to create perfect and stylish videos? Check the 7 best alternatives for Windows Movie Maker in 2020 and select your favorite one.

#1. EaseUS Video Editor
#2. Photos App
#3. Shotcut
#4. VSDC Free Video Editor
#5. DaVinci Resolve
#6. Openshot
#7. VideoPad Video Editor

#1. EaseUS Video Editor

EaseUS Video Editor is a comprehensive video editing program based on Windows PCs and laptops. It's so far the most competent Movie Maker alternative for beginners to quickly start making their own videos. Launch it, you'll be presented with dozens to hundreds of fashion and fabulous materials for you to download and put into use. With EaseUS video editing software, you can freely add texts, filters, overlays, transactions, and other stunning elements to turn your clips, footages, and images into a masterpiece.

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Windows 11/10/8/7

Not only for beginners but also pro-level users love it. Import the media files, you'll be able to combine files into one, during which you got multiple edits options: create a video sequence, delete video clips from the timeline, split video clips, trim, speed, rotate, crop a video Windows 10, and enhance video clips. Upon finishing your work, you should notice the "Export" option. It allows you to export your work as a project file, to let you convert video to MP4, GIF, MP3..., or export to video platforms like Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc.

What improvements shall we expect: 

Only ready for Windows OS. It'll be a perfect solution to support other OS platforms, like macOS, Android, and iOS.

Step 1. Open EaseUS Video Editor

Download this video editing software and launch it, then, you'll see there are 4:3 and 16:9 modes for your choice. Select the correct mode based on your original video aspect ratio or the websites that your video will be uploaded to.

select your mode

Step 2. Import Videos

You can import the media that you are going to edit, apply texts/filters/overlays/transitions to the video clips. If you install and run the program for the first time, you can learn how to use the basic editing functions step by step via the prompts.

import video files

Step 3. Add to Project

Add video clips to the timeline panel by dragging and dropping from the Media Library. You can also right-click the clips in the "Media" and choose "Add to Project" to load them to the timeline.

add to project

Step 4. Edit Videos

Right-click the video and select "Edit".

edit video-1

Then, you can split, trim, speed, rotate, add watermark or enhance video clips.

edit video-2

Step 5. Export Projects

Click "Export" in the Toolbar to export the project. There are four available ways to save the project.

export videos

#2. Photos App

photos - best windows movie maker alternative

Windows 10 Photos app is taken as the successor of outdated Windows Movie Maker. As a free photo viewer and video editor included in Windows 10, the Photos app gets a huge update with the Windows 10 Fall Creator Update. Now it offers users a user-friendly interface, many enhanced templates like drawings, background music and 3D effects to videos. To edit videos in Windows 10 Photos, you need to import the source video files and click "Edit & Create" on the toolbar, where you can trim, add slo-mo, create a video with text and add 3D effects.

Note that Windows 10 Photos is included in your computer by default. If by chance you cannot search the Photos among your Windows 10 apps, you can always get it from the Windows Store, as the given link above.

#3. Shotcut

shotcut - best windows movie maker alternative

Shotcut is recommended by many reputable review websites as a remarkable free video editor that makes even advanced editing straightforward. After downloading the program and attempting to create my own video, I appreciate it very much. First of all, Shotcut's standard interface is smart and intuitive. The process of importing video clips, audio and images is similar to that of EaseUS video editor, you just select manually or drag them to the timeline. 

Moreover, the best feature of Shotcut is its massive video and audio filters. Those filters are fully customizable and can be layered and combined in all sorts of interesting ways.

What improvements shall we expect: 

You cannot preview a filter before applying it, which is kind of awkward.

#4. VSDC Free Video Editor

vsdc free video editor - best windows movie maker alternative

VSDC Free Video Editor is fully featured with all easy and advanced video editing tools, which is said to be able to compete with even expensive editing software. Nevertheless, it's much easier to master than some professional programs. With VSDC, you can take your video clips, footages, images, and music into a project, and additionally layer some interesting effects to it. Each project you add can be edited, moved and cut independently and export to a variety of formats, with ready-made profiles for popular devices.

What improvements shall we expect: 

You must disable hardware acceleration before you can export videos.

#5. DaVinci Resolve 

davinci resolve - best windows movie maker alternative

Davinci Resolve is previously known for commercial filmmakers, but it has the free version which retains many powerful tools. For beginners who are new to the video editing work, if they can get through the learning curve, Davinci is one of the best Windows movie maker software that will assist you greatly in creating astonishing visual projects.

As powerful as it is, Davinci is featuring a classic timeline complete with media pool, effects, and sound libraries, audio mixer, inspector, and the potential for unlimited video and audio tracks. Anyone who is between amateur and pro can give it a try. It's the typical Windows movie maker alternative with the easy-to-use interface but powerful editing abilities.

What improvements shall we expect: 

We found no direct export to social media or video platforms.

#6. Openshot

openshot - best windows movie maker alternative

Are you interested in a cross-platform open-source video editing tool for Windows, Mac, and Linux? Openshot is an ideal choice. With stable compatibility with all prevalent operating systems, the interface is pretty basic but offers everything you need from the standpoint of a video editing software. It can help with 3D animated titles, audio mixing/editing, fame accuracy, clip resizing, desktop integration and more widely used functions for its users making videos.

Developed by NCH Software, a reputable company offers many other programs, Openshot is regularly updated and improved to be a potential video editor for long-term use.

What improvements shall we expect: 

Still lack some features, and non-functioning features make for frustrating user experience. 

#7. VideoPad Video Editor

videopad - best windows movie maker alternative

VideoPad Video Editor is a free video editing software and movie maker to edit videos and movies. It applies to almost all operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. VideoPad features a complete interface very much in the style of professional editors, so you may think it not as simple as it advertised at first sight. As a matter of fact, it's really a great choice for video editing beginners as it will take your first step in the world of multimedia video editing. 

The program includes a few video effects and transitions, not too many but enough for everyday editing. After finishing your project, simply click the "Create Movie" button on the interface, you'll be able to export it to a variety of file formats so that you can freely open and continue editing the project depending on the platform you're producing the video for, such as PC, Mac, portable device, mobile phone, etc.

What improvements shall we expect: 

Too simple for more advanced users. Embed many more templates, effects and special effects in the program.

What People Also Ask

1. Is Windows Movie Maker still available?

Windows Movie Maker is a simple and free video editor from Microsoft. Officially it is no longer available since the day Jan 10, 2017. For people who are getting used to Movie Maker and unwilling to change to its alternatives, they can still download the Microsoft Windows Movie Maker without tech support. For your data safety, we do not suggest you work on a deprecated program.

2. What is the best free movie maker?

There is plenty of free movie maker software on the market. As of speaking the best ones, those best movie maker may show you the way to find your favorite.

  • EaseUS Video Editor
  • iMovie
  • Blender
  • Shotcut
  • Lightworks
  • ...

3. What is the easiest movie maker software?

EaseUS Video Editor is comparatively not so sophisticated video and movie editing software in the industry. It covers simply all features to meet your demands of making great movies: you can trim, cut, split, merge, rotate, mix video clips, apply stylish video effects, accelerate, slow down your video speed. Why people love it is mostly because it's easy-to-use.

The Bottom Line

The carefully selected Windows Movie Maker alternatives are all capable of empowering a marvelous video project, only differentiated each other in ease of use and supported OS platforms. In my opinion, the top-ranked EaseUS Video Editor is a hassle-free choice for both beginners and professionals. In addition, the EaseUS brand can be another noticeable benefit for you to choose it. As you may have heard of, EaseUS data recovery, computer backup, and disk/partition management are famous all over the world, and it has in-house 24x7 tech support.

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Windows 11/10/8/7

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