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Remove Music From YouTube Video in 2023 [Newly Updated 🤩]

Jean updated on Jun 26, 2023 | Home > Video Editing Tips

Have you encountered some situations in which you may want to remove music from YouTube videos if you are a professional YouTube uploader or a video editor? Do not worry. This article will teach you the five online and offline ways with detailed steps which are suitable for desktop and mobile users.

Now there is a table showing some testing statistics of the five solutions, including the difficulty level, performance, and availability. You can learn about it, and it is hoped that this table can help you a lot.

✅ Methods 😊 Effectiveness 📶 Difficulty level
YouTube Moderate Difficult
EaseUS VideoKit High Super easy
Flixier Moderate Medium
VEED Moderate Easy
Media.io High Medium

Remove Music From YouTube Video on YouTube [Difficult]

1. YouTube

The first way we recommend is to use the built-in feature of YouTube to remove music from YouTube videos. You can follow the steps below.

youtube mian interface

Step 1. Sign in to YouTube Studio.

Step 2. On the left menu, select Content.

Step 3. Click the filter bar Copyright and find the YouTube videos that you want to remove music from.

Step 4. In the Restrictions column, hover over Copyright, and then Click SEE DETAILS.

Step 5. Under the Content identified in this video section, click Mute song.

After following the above steps, you can freely remove the background music from YouTube videos for free. If you are still confused about them, there is a detailed tutorial video for you to learn, and you can watch it!

Remove Music From YouTube Video Offline [Safe and Easy]

This part will show you the second way and an easy and safe solution to help you remove music from YouTube videos. Now you can read this part to get detailed information in this way.

2. EaseUS VideoKit

The second way we recommend is to use third-party software: EaseUS VideoKit, an excellent music remover for most Windows users. By using this music-removing tool, it is believed that you can successfully separate music from YouTube videos. As a high-quality vocal remover, it can also help users divide audio files into vocals and music.

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Windows 11/10/8/7

For example, you can merge videos in high quality and at a fast speed. It supports all kinds of formats, like MP3, M4A, AIFF, etc. Besides you can also use this editing software to remove vocals from Spotify songs. Therefore, if you want to remove audio from video safely and conveniently, EaseUS VideoKit is a good option for you to consider.

easeus videokit mian interface
Now here are some detailed steps for you to follow to remove music from YouTube videos.

Step 1. Download and launch the software EaseUS VideoKit, and click on the Video Editor feature.

Step 2. Then you need to choose Add Files to open the video you want to change.

click on add files

Step 3. After that, you can click on the Audio icon.

choose the audio icon

Step 4. Reduce the volume to zero by dragging the bar, and click on the Save option.

choose reduce the volume to zero

Step 5. And then, you can freely export the video file while choosing different resolutions, qualities, formats, encoders, and frame rates as you like.

choose export the video file

After the above steps, it is trusted that you have mastered the easy and safe solution. Now you can try to download EaseUS VideoKit and fix your problem. If you want to know how to remove music from TikTok videos, read the article below.

Cut Music From YouTube Video Online [No Downloads]

This part will show you the three solutions to separate music from YouTube videos online. If you are inclined to use an online music removal tool, then this part will be a better choice for you to choose. However, it is suggested that you can choose the second method: EaseUS VideoKit if you want to make sure of safe and stable music removal.

Here is a fast navigation of the three online ways.

  1. # Flixier
  2. # VEED
  3. # Media.io

Now you can continue to read to know more detailed information about these online music removal tools.

3. Flixier

Flixier is an online free music removal tool for many video editors or YouTube uploaders. As a free online vocal remover from YouTube, it can help users remove vocals from videos in high quality. Besides, it can help you remove sound from YouTube videos, and you just need to copy and paste the URL of the YouTube videos you want to cut from. In addition, this online remover tool can also help users separate music from vocals.

flixier music remover from youtube video

Now you can follow these steps below:

Step 1. Enter the website of Flixier, and you can click on Link or Import to upload your YouTube videos.

paste url of youtube video or import video

Step 2. Choose the video on the screen; you will see an Audio option in the upper right corner. Click on it.

choose audio option

Step 3. Drag the volume bar to the left, which means muting the YouTube video.

drag volume bar to zero

Step 4. After that, you can click on Export to save the newly edited video.

After finishing the above steps, it is believed that this method is also helpful for users to remove sound from YouTube videos. However, this method has a time limit of up to 30 minutes.


VEED is a free and convenient music-removing tool. By using the online video editor, you can freely import your YouTube videos and make some changes to them. Besides, it can also help users add transition effects. In addition, you can also add voiceover to your videos after removing sound you do not like from videos. And this online tool also supports text-to-speech features. Therefore, it is also a good choice for video editors.

the veed music remover

You can follow the steps below:

Step 1. Choose the Upload your YouTube Videos option.

Step 2. After processing your video, you will see a Speaker icon.

darg the speaker icon to zero

Step 3. Drag the volume bar to zero.

After that, the YouTube video will be muted. In a word, this method is still convenient for users to delete sound from YouTube videos. You can also consider trying this solution. If you are still confused about how to follow the above steps, here is a video that will show you the detailed steps. So you can watch this video.

5. Media.io Online Video Muter

Media.io Online Video Muter is the last online music remover tool we recommend in this article. This online tool can not only help users mute video in high quality and at a fast speed but also can help change the video speed, loop your video, or reverse your video. Therefore, the best special effects video editor is also a good choice for you to remove audio from YouTube videos.

media music remover

Now you can follow the steps we provide below:

Step 1. Click on the button Choose Files.

Step 2. Choose the option Upload Media and upload the YouTube video you want to mute.

choose upload media

Step 3. After uploading, click on the video on your screen.

Step 4. You will see a speaker icon and reduce the volume to zero.

reduce the volume to zero

After that, you can choose the Export button in the upper right corner. After the above steps, it is believed that you can successfully remove music from YouTube videos. You can share this passage on your social media to make more people know the above five helpful ways to fix this question.



In a word, this passage has discussed some helpful methods for users to remove music from YouTube videos by providing detailed steps and some YouTube videos. In fact, compared to the above five methods, every method has its advantages. But in terms of performance, difficulty level, and safety, using offline software is more recommended.

Therefore, EaseUS VideoKit is a better choice than any other online music removal tool as it can help users delete sound from YouTube videos in high quality and at a fast processing speed. You can download and try this powerful software.

  Free Download
Windows 11/10/8/7

FAQs About Remove Music From YouTube Video

After learning about the above methods we provide, there are some other related questions that some users frequently ask. You can read about them.

1. How do I remove music from a video but keep the voice?

You can use EaseUS VideoKit as your music remover. It can help you remove the background music but keep the voice or vocals in your video. It is the feature of Vocal Remover in EaseUS VideoKit.

2. Is it possible to separate voice from background music?

Of course, it is possible to separate voice from background music. You can consider using offline or online vocal removers, like EaseUS VideoKit, Tunebat Vocal Remover, PhonicMind, Notta, MyEdit, LALAL.AI Vocal Remover, etc.

3. Is background music copyright infringement?

You must first obtain permission from the composer or producer when using music for videos, whether as background music or jingles. The music policy on YouTube ensures that creators are paid when their work is used in accordance with copyright law.

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