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7 Best Free MP3 Splitters for Windows 10/8.1/8/7

Melissa Lee updated on Mar 15, 2023 | Home > Video Editing Tips

There is always a time when you collect a piece of amazing music on your computer and you want to split a part of it and make it your ringtone or upload it on your social platform to share with others. However, you do not know how to split an MP3 file for free. Actually, you just need a powerful audio file splitter to help you.

So, in this article, I will show you the seven best free MP3 splitters for Windows. These programs will help you easily and quickly to split the part of an MP3 file without losing audio quality.

Top 1. EaseUS Video Editor - The Best MP3 Splitter for Windows 

Applies to: Windows 10/8.1/8/7

The first recommend software is EaseUS Video Editor. This freeware is an all-in-one video editing program, in which you can use this software to crop, trim, split, merge videos, and other video editing operations. 

Apart from that, this software also works as an audio editor that supports you to cut, combine and compress MP3 files. Whatever you are a beginner or a professional, you can edit an MP3 file with just some simple clickings. Using this program, you can also convert MP3 to ACC. If you are a Windows user, we recommend you choose this software.

If you are interested in this software, you can click the following link to download it for free and have a try.

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Windows 11/10/8/7


  • A clear interface that is friendly to newbies 
  • Support editing audios with various features
  • Allow you to convert video to audio
  • Export MP3 files with high quality

How to split MP3 for free using EaseUS Video Editor:

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Video Editor, then click "Import > Import file" to load your files into the app. You will need to navigate to the folders where your files are located and select them to be added to the software.

add audio file

Step 2. When your audio files are available in the software, right-click on them and select "Add to Project". They will be added to the timeline so you can then trim them.

add audio to timeline

Step 3. Place your cursor where you want to cut your audio file and click on the "Split" option in the toolbar. It will split your music file into two parts. Then click on the audio part that you do not wish to keep and select the "Delete" option. It will remove that part from your file.

cut audio files

Step 4. Finally, you can save the trimmed file in an audio format on your computer. Click on the "Export" option at the top, choose the "Audio" tab, and select either "MP3" or "AAC" as an output format. Then, click on "Export" at the bottom to save your file.

save cut file

Top 2. Openshot - An MP3 Splitter with Multiple Tracks

Applies to: Windows, Mac, and Linux

OpenShot is a popular video editing software that is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. Openshot is an entirely open source and easily accessible software. It has a lot of editing features in which the drag and drop interface is very easy to use.

The other important features included audio splitting, audio mixing, and unlimited layers. Using this cool MP3 splitter, you can split a large MP3 file into a smaller one. Additionally, it also offers a real-time preview between clips while creating the transitions.

openshot main screen


  • Free and easy-to-use audio and video editor
  • Support resizing, trimming, and cutting MP3 files
  • Support editing audio with multiple tracks
  • Support exporting edited MP3 files as most other audio formats

Top 3. Blender - A Useful Audio Splitter Freeware

Applies to: Windows, macOS, and Linux

Blender is another recommended MP3 splitter that is compatible with the three common OS. It is also open-source for modeling, rendering, animation and rigging, and video editing. 

It offers various basic actions of audio editing, such as cutting, speeding up, muting, and joining. In short, it is a very flexible audio editor that is useful for both basic and advanced editing purposes. Using this tool to split MP3 on your Windows computer is a good option as well.

Blender screenshot


  • Support downloading for free
  • Support audio mixing, scrubbing, syncing, and waveform visualization
  • Support adjusting the audio speed
  • Support editing video as well

Top 4. Free Audio Editor - An Open-Source MP3 Splitter

Free Audio Editor is a totally free audio editing program. With it, you can capture sounds from any source, remove background noises, and also edit an MP3 file, like cutting, splitting, merging, and other editing functions.

This MP3 splitter supports most audio formats includes MP3, OGG, WMA, WAV, AAC, FLAC, APE, AIFF, MP2, MPGA, M4A, and several others. The software meets your need in splitting an MP3 and also works as a converter to convert audio files into most of the popular formats. Before exporting, you can adjust the quality of the edited audio as you desire.

free audio editor to split mp3


  • Support extracting an audio track from a video
  • Support plenty of audio file formats
  • Support editing fade in and fade out audio effects in your audio
  • Free and easy to split MP3

Top 5. Ocenaudio - An MP3 Splitter for Windows OS 

Applies to: Windows 10/8.1/8/7, Windows XP, Windows Vista

Ocenaudio, as a cross-platform, fast and functional audio editor, allows you to split MP3 files for free. This software is suitable for people who prefer Windows computers since it is compatible with almost every Windows OS.  As a free audio splitter, it enables users to cut, trim, join audio in many kinds of file formats. Ocenaudio also has powerful audio editing features that will please more advanced users.

ocenaudio mp3 splitter


  • Support editing a podcast or interview with this tool
  • Cut or split part of your audio
  • Very easy to use for audio editing beginners
  • Dozens of effects are available

Top 6. Free MP3 Cutter Joiner - A Free-to-Use MP3 Splitter 

Applies to: Windows 10 or higher

Free MP3 Cutter Joiner, as its name says, is an MP3 audio editing freeware. This software is made up of a free MP3 Cutter and a free MP3 Joiner. With its free MP3 Cutter, you can get the highlights of your MP3 file and save it on your computer. And with its MP3 Joiner function, you are allowed to merge 2 or more audio files into one. 

free mp3 cutter joiner to split mp3


  • Cut audio and convert them into MP3 format
  • Cut and join MP3 with high precision and without losing quality
  • Marge multiple files into one file
  • A built-in player that allows pre-listening

Top 7. Wavosaur - A Lightweight MP3 Splitter

Applies to: Windows OS

Wavosaur is a lightweight free editor software from France. The software comes with effects like resampling, vocal removals, pitch shift, and ASIO support. You can use this program to cut, copy, paste, mix, trim and crop your MP3 audios. In addition, this tool also supports muting audio, normalizing level, and fade in/fade out your MP3.

wavosaur mp3 splitter


  • Free to download and use
  • Support loads of import and export audio formats
  • Multi-point envelope editing
  • Supports VST plugins
  • A lightweight MP3 splitter that occupies little storage space


In the end, on this page, we are talking about the best 7 best MP3 splitters for Windows users. You can choose the one according to your needs. Here we still suggest you choose EaseUS Video Editor. Considering the program functions and practicability, this software is a worthy choice. Download this free MP3 splitter and try its powerful functions by clicking the following button.

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Windows 11/10/8/7

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