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How to Mute a Video on Windows 10/Mac/iPhone Easily

Jane Zhou updated on Mar 15, 2023 | Home > Video Editing Tips

You may want to mute videos in the following scenarios:

  • Want to add a new background music track to replace the original one
  • There is much annoying noise in the video 
  • Want audiences to focus on the images in your video
  • ...

As shown above, muting videos has become commonplace in video editing, but many people may still have no idea how to remove the sound of your videos. If you are one of them, don't fret, you can get solutions in this post. Here we will share some amazing video editors and walk you through the steps to mute a video on Windows 10, Mac, iPhone, and even online! 

Part 1. How to Mute a Video on Windows 10

When it comes to muting videos on Windows, an excellent video editing program is necessary. After testing lots of popular software on the market, we have picked out the No.1 in our mind to share with you. That is EaseUS Video Editor.

Coming with an intuitive and simple interface, this software is easy to handle by all levels of users, even the novices who have little editing experience. Although this video editor looks simple, it offers numerous powerful editing features, including muting videos, extracting audio from video, applying various special effects to videos, etc. Plus, some basic editing functions are also included here, such as splitting, rotating, trimming, reversing, and so on. In a word, almost all the editing tools you need can be available here.


  • One-click to mute video or remove sound from video
  • Enable to extract audio from video freely
  • Support multiple audio and video tracks
  • Embed or add subtitles to video to make it more understandable
  • Export edited files in different formats like MP4, MOV, and many more

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While speaking of removing sound from video using EaseUS Video Editor, it is extremely easy to get the work done like below:

Step 1. Drag and drop your video in EaseUS Video Editor, or use the Import feature to upload the video.

Import video files

Step 2. Add the video to the timeline. Right-click on the video on the track and select Mute.

Click on Mute option

Step 3. Click Export and save the muted video.

Export muted video

Just download this powerful software to mute your videos now!

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Windows 11/10/8/7

Part 2. How to Mute Videos in iMovie on Mac

For Mac users, there is an inbuilt video editor that will let you mute or remove all unwanted sound from your video clips without any effort. That is iMovie, a famous and great movie editor for macOS and iOS users, and almost everyone knows it more or less. So here we won't talk more about its features. Let's dive into the tutorial directly!

Step 1. Open iMovie, and click "+" > "Movie" > "Import Media" to add your desired video that you want to mute. 

Import video to iMovie

Step 2. Once imported, drag and drop it to the timeline, then you will see the blue area showing the audio decibel levels.

Step 3. Click the line inside the audio section and simply drag it down to 0%, and last, the video is muted.

Mute videos

Part 3. How to Remove Sound from Video on iPhone in Photos

If you want to share the muted videos directly from your iPhone, you can directly mute your videos on your iPhone in the Photos app. It is mainly designed to save all the images you took or downloaded, but now it also offers editing features, including silencing videos. Let's check the steps to mute your video in Photos.

Step 1. Open Photos and find and tap your desired video that you want to silence.

Step 2. Next, press the "Edit" option in the upper right corner of the screen, and tap the yellow speaker icon in the left corner to disable the audio.

Choose the Edit button

Step 3. Once done, you will see that the speaker icon changed to a grayed-out one with a diagonal strike mark through it. Finally, tap "Done" to save the muted video for sharing.

Disable audio in video

Part 4. How to Silence a Video Online

Apart from the offline software letting you mute your videos, there are some online audio removers available on the internet. So in this section, you will learn an easy and quick way to remove audio from your video online for free!

Clideo is one of the most widely used online video editors, and it can really help you make your videos silent in simple three steps. Besides, this online service provides a lot more editing tools like cropping, cutting, resizing, looping, etc., and that will turn your video clips into a brilliant masterpiece.

Step 1. Go to https://clideo.com/mute-video, and click "Choose file" to upload your video clips.

Step 2. Wait for your video to be muted. Once done, you can download the silent video by hitting "download".

mute video online

Final Words

This post covers some workable solutions to help you mute your videos within three steps. Whether you work on a Windows PC, Mac, or even mobile phone, you can always find a suitable method here. If you happen to be a Windows user, don't miss EaseUS Video Editor. It not only allows you to remove sound from video but also edit videos as you like!

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Windows 11/10/8/7

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