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[Free] How to Convert GIF to AVI on Windows/Mac/Online

Melissa Lee updated on Mar 15, 2023 | Home > Video Editing Tips

In your daily life, have you ever encountered the situation that you cannot play a GIF file directly on your computer? If you really want to watch the content within, you may convert the GIF file to another format that can be played by a common device – AVI seems a good choice. In this article, we will show you how to convert GIF to AVI step by step on your Windows and Mac devices. If you don't want to download any software, online converters may be helpful for you.

Part 1. Convert GIF to AVI on Windows

When it comes to converting GIF to AVI, you must not miss EaseUS Video Editor. As a video editor for PC, it is not only good at editing videos but also converting file formats. With this software, you can convert GIF to AVI, convert YouTube to GIF, convert AVI to GIF, etc.

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Moreover, it can also make videos of different topics. For instance, you can use it to make a slideshow with music, make an instructional video, and make a birthday video, etc. In a word, this application can meet almost all the needs you may have. To show you how to use this application, we offer you a tutorial below.

Step 1. Select an Aspect Ratio

Upon launching the app, the first thing it will ask you to do is to choose an aspect ratio. Select the ratio that best fits your video file and continue.

select aspect ratio

Step 2. Add Your Files for AVI Conversion

The second thing you will need to do is to add the media files that you want to convert to the AVI format. These files could have any video format. Click on "Import" followed by "Import file" to add these files to the app.

add media files

Step 3. Add Your Files to the Timeline

Your imported file or files will show up on the app interface. You now need to add them to the timeline and this can be done by right-clicking on them and choosing "Add to Project". Your videos will instantly appear in the timeline tracks.

add files to timeline

Step 4. Convert Your Videos to AVI

Here comes the actual conversion task. To convert your files to AVI, click on the "Export" option at the top. On the following screen, click on the "Video" tab and choose "AVI". Then, hit "Export" at the bottom and your file will start converting to AVI.

convert files to avi

Part 2. Convert GIF to AVI on Mac

ImageJ is an all-in-one image processing tool. It is able to view, edit, convert and analyze a wide range of graphic formats. The utility is quite lightweight, considering the impressive number of capabilities. However, this comes at the cost of the graphic interface as ImageJ does not have the layout that most editors employ. Since its functions are not very intuitively dispersed along with the interface, and the toolbar is not the best way to access them, it may not be the easiest tool to work with for novice users.


Step 1. Launch ImageJ and click "File">"Import" to import the GIF file you want to convert to AVI.

Step 2. When the GIF file is shown in the window, click "File">"Save as">"AVI" to save the GIF as AVI format.

Part 3. Convert GIF to AVI Online

For those users who don't want to download any software, we listed six online file format converters below. They are totally free, and you can convert almost convert any file you know to another one successfully.

Tool 1. Cloud Convert

Cloud Convert converts your image files online. It supports nearly any audio, video, document, ebook, archive, image, spreadsheet, or presentation format. It runs fully online, so there is no need to download and install any software. Moreover, you can use the options it offers to control image resolution, quality, and file size on your own. Follow the steps we give you, and you can convert your GIFs to AVI successfully.


Step 1. Visit the official website of Cloud Convert and click "Select File" to import the GIF file.

Step 2. Click "Convert" and wait for the conversion process.

Step 3. After conversion, click "Download" to save the converted file to your computer.

Tool 2. Onlineconvertfree

Onlineconvertfree supports over 100 types of image formats. Just drop your GIF files on the page, and with a few clicks, it can convert it to AVI for you. You don't have to worry about file leaking since it will delete uploaded GIF files instantly and convert AVI files after 24 hours. All files are transferred with secured an advanced level of SSL encryption. The operation steps are listed below.


Step 1. Select the GIF file which you want to convert from your computer, Google Drive, Dropbox by clicking "Choose File", or drag and drop it on the page.

Step 2. Select AVI (or any other format to which you want to convert the GIF file to) as a result.

Step 3. Click "Convert" and wait till your file be converted to AVI.

Step 4. Click "Download" to save the AVI file to your computer.

Tool 3. File Conversion

Files-conversion provides you with a free service to convert any format. Here you can convert a video (from extension 3GP to AVI or WMV to FLV). It supports over 60 conversions between different file formats. You will find it can convert almost all the file formats that you know.

files conversion

Step 1. Click "Select a File" to import a GIF from your computer.

Step 2. Choose AVI as the export destination.

Step 3. Choose the quality of the exported file. You may choose from a low, moderate, high, and very high quality.

Step 4. Choose the size of the exported AVI and click "Convert" to start conversion.

Tool 4. File Converter Online

With file-converter-online.com you can convert almost any file online for free. Whether you want to convert scanned images to PDF, or your recipient can only view .doc documents – it can help you to convert them all. It takes only three steps to convert a GIF to your desired format.

file converter online

Step 1. Click "Choose File" to upload a GIF from your computer.

Step 2. Choose AVI as the destination file format from the box "Choose filetype".

Step 3. Click "Start Converting" to start conversion.

Tool 5. FileZigZag

FileZigZag is a free online converter that supports converting a wide range of formats, including audio, video, image, document, ebook, and archive. Over 20 popular conversion combinations are supported. It uses a sophisticated conversion engine to deliver the best quality conversion. Also, you don't need to install any software on your computer. However, it supports only ten files per day, 50 MB each.


Step 1. Drop the GIF file you want to convert in the box "Drop your files here". You can also click "Browse for Files" to select a GIF from your computer.

Step 2. Click "Start Converting" and wait for the result.

Tool 6. Pixiko

This Video Converter is ready to help you to do the following things: convert a video for an Instagram post, convert a video for your Instagram story, convert a video for any other social networks, and convert a video to an appropriate format for your video player when it supports only certain formats, etc. It's free and easy to use. You can convert a GIF to an AVI with just three steps.


Step 1. Click "Get started" to get into the main screen.

Step 2. Click "Upload" to import a GIF you want to convert to AVI.

Step 3. Choose AVI under "Select output format" and click the "Convert" button to start conversion.


To sum up, converting file formats is increasingly become a basic need in our daily life. The programs we mentioned in this article are all capable of converting file formats. Among them, EaseUS Video Editor is the best choice for Windows users because it supports almost all the common file formats and is easy to use.

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