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How to Reduce MP4 File Size on Windows/Mac/Online

Sofia Albert updated on Mar 15, 2023 | Home > Video Editing Tips

MP4 is a multimedia file storage format. This type of format can be used in many media players and operating systems, and the MP4 format is widely used on the Internet.

With the popularity of the MP4 video format, it also comes with a problem: the file size takes a lot of storage space. When your video collection is growing, the videos will take up too much space, and you need to reduce the MP4 file size.

This post will show you how to reduce MP4 file sizes on different devices with efficient tools.

Part 1. How to Reduce MP4 File Size on Windows

This part will give you two methods to help you compress an MP4 video. We recommend two tools: EaseUS Video Editor and Movavi. Read on to learn more information and detailed operating steps.

1. Use EaseUS Video Editor to Compress MP4 File Size 

EaseUS Video Editor is a fantastic video editing program. This app is straightforward to operate. You will know how to use this app when you open the main screen of this app. You need to click some simple buttons to create a perfect video.

With this app, you can resize your video, add text effects, add music, convert voice to text, compress MP4 video size, and so on. Expect these basic video editing functions, and this app also supports converting video or audio format. Such as converting MP4 to MOV, converting MP4 to GIF, and so on.

When you finish compressing your video size, you also can convert the video format as you want.


  • Support compressing video size
  • A powerful video converter for windows 10
  • Support 300+ effects and transitions
  • Support speech & text convert function

Before you follow the tutorial to compress your MP4 video, remember to download and install the software on your Windows PC. You can click on the button to get it for free.

  Free Download
Windows 11/10/8/7

How to reduce MP4 file size using EaseUS Video Editor:

Step 1. Import video

Launch EaseUS Video Editor, select the correct aspect ratio and import your video by clicking "Import". 

import file

Step 2. Put the file to the timeline

Right-click the file, choose "Add to Project" to add the video to the timeline. You can also drag and drop the file to the timeline.

add file to timeline

Step 3. Modify compression settings

Click the "Export" button, and you will see the "Output Settings" button, click it, then select a lower resolution or bitrate.

Adjust the video resolution and bitrate

Step 4. Export video

Click the "Export" button to export and save your video. You also can select the video format you need here.

export video

2. Reduce MP4 File Size on Windows with Movavi

Movavi is another powerful video editing program that you can use for free. This app provides a lot of basic video editing features, such as adding text, adding background music, stabilize shaky footage, compressing the size of the MP4 file, and so on.

Like EaseUS Video Editor, Movavi also supports converting video file format, and this app almost supports all video formats. You can simultaneously change the video format while compressing its size.


  • Support compressing the video
  • Allow users to add filter to video
  • Support adding video clips with animated transitions


  • A little expensive

How to reduce MP4 file size with Movavi:

Step 1. Click the "Add Media" button and choose the video you want to convert, then drag it into the timeline.

movavi import video

Step 2. In ribbon presets, choose the desired video format or target mobile device. And you also can the search function to find the format you need.

movavi ribbon presets

Step 3. Return to the source file list and setting the desired output file size and bitrate. You can click the "Convert sample" button to preview the video.

movavi compress video

Step 4. Click the "Save" button to export and save your compression video.

Download: www.movavi.com

Part 2. How to Reduce MP4 to Smaller File Size on Mac

When it comes to the MP4 compressor on Mac, we suggest an all-in-one tool, iMovie. It is a popular cross-platform media player designed for macOS users. Instead of editing videos, it supports the reduction of an MP4 file size as well.

use iMovie to compress MP4

Here are steps to reduce MP4 file size on Mac with iMovie:

Step 1. Open iMovie and put your MP4 file on the timeline as usual.

Step 2. Click on the "Share" icon at the top-right corner, and you will see a new window.

Step 3. Choose "File". Adjust the resolution and quality of your MP4 to make the storage of MP4 smaller. The screenshot below shows the original file size of the mp4 video.

Step 4. Then, click "Next" > "Save" to keep your reduced MP4 file on your computer.

Part 3. How to Reduce MP4 File Size with Online Tools

Many people complain that downloading third-party software is too tedious, and they wonder if they can finish compressing MP4 online. Of course, they can. In this part, we will introduce 2 useful online MP4 compressors, including their features and steps.

1. Compress MP4 Video Online with PS2PDF 

PS2PDF is a free online video compression program. This app is the fastest online MP4 video compress that compresses MP4 files without a limit. If you want to find a powerful online video compression program, you will not miss it.


  • Support compressing an MP4 video file
  • Support compressing many video file at the same time
  • Support free to use


  • Have too many ads
  • The main screen is too chaos

How to reduce MP4 video size using PS2PDF:

Step 1. Open this website, click the "Add Files" button to import your video. And you also can import a lot of videos at the same time.

ps2pdf import video

Step 2. You can adjust the video's output quality and file size. Such as reduce the file size or reduce the method.

ps2pdf adjust video compression method and size

Step 3. Click the blue "Compress Now" button to export and save your video.

Try: www.ps2pdf.com/compress-mp4

2. Reduce MP4 File Size Online with Clipchamp

Clipchamp is a free online video editing program. This app has already attracted 8 million video creators to join. Using this app, you can trim, freehand crop, flip, and adjust the brightness or color.

Expect the video editing feature, and this app also has a powerful compress feature. You can compress your video in a few minutes, and this video compressor has seven different resolutions for you to choose from and without change MP4 format.

Whether you need to save time on uploads or save money on storage, Clipchamp is the best choice for you.


  • Multiple videos can be compressed at once with batch uploads
  • It supports seven different resolution qualities
  • Have extensive video and audio stock library


  • Some functions need to cost money
  • Need to create an account to use

How to reduce MP4 file size using Clipchamp:

Step 1. Open this website and log in with your account. Click the "Create a video" button, select the correct aspect ratio, and then drag your video into the timeline.

clipchamp import video

Step 2. When you choose compression settings for an MP4 video, it's best to keep the format with MP4. There is no need to change the video format.

Pick out the video compression setting

Step 3. After you finish your operation, click the "SAVE" button to export and save your video. And you also can share your video online by clicking the" 'Upload & Share" button.

Try: clipchamp.com/en


Although reducing MP4 file size online is very convenient, you cannot edit your video. If you need to reduce an MP4 video efficiently, we still recommend using EaseUS Video Editor. This app not only supports compressing your MP4 video but also supports converting your MP4 video to other video formats. Do not miss it!

  Free Download
Windows 11/10/8/7

FAQs About Reducing MP4 File Size

Instead of the content mentioned above, many people may be puzzled by many relevant questions. Here we list several frequently asked questions and their solutions as below.

1. How do I make an MP4 file smaller?

All the tools we offer in this post can help you deal with this problem. You can pick one following your actual demand. As for Windows users, using  EaseUS Video Editor to make an MP4 file smaller is a good option.

2. How do I reduce the MB size of a video?

You can use an online tool named Clideo to finish this task.

Step 1. Open Clideo and upload a file. (up to 500 MB)

Step 2. Wait for a while, and the file will be compressed.

Step 3. Click "Download" to save the compressed video on your computer.

3. How do I reduce the file size of an mp4 in VLC?

VLC can help you reduce the size of an MP4 quickly and easily.

Step 1. Download and install VLC. Dag and drop your target video.

Step 2. Click the "Settings" button at the right of the Profile dropdown, then select the "Resolution" tab.

Step 3. When you are done, click "Save".

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