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Add Voiceover to Video | How to Do a Voice Over Video Easily

Jane Zhou updated on Mar 15, 2023 | Home > Video Editing Tips

Do you know how to add voiceover to video? Technically, adding voiceover to video clips is not complex but it may still be a challenge for video editing beginners to complete this task.

First and foremost, you need to download and install competent voice overs software that enables you to edit your video and audio files and merge them. This post will introduce the top 5 voice over programs on several platforms and offer you detailed how-to tutorials to use them. Keep reading to get more information.

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How to Add Voiceover to Video on Windows [2 Methods] 

As beginners of video editing, no matter you are using Windows 10, 8, or 7, you can try the following recommended voice over programs on Windows to add voiceover to video easily.

EaseUS Video Editor - Free Windows Video Editor 

This is a video editor that is suitable for both beginners and experienced users of video editing. As a powerful video maker with a voice over function, it also offers a lot of basic and advanced editing tools so that you can easily cut, trim, split, rotate, and merge videos. With those tools, you can record and add voiceover to your video with one simple click and effortlessly make your videos stand out on social media platforms. There are some sound effects are available and you are capable of boosting your audios with this software. 


  • Make movie trailer and other types of videos
  • Support adding extra sound effects to video
  • Add picture to video in a few clicks
  • Add or remove the background music easily
  • Share videos to YouTube, Vimeo, and other platforms quickly

You can click on the button below to download and install this voice over video software free.

  Free Download
Windows 11/10/8/7

How to Voiceover a Video on Windows:

Follow this tutorial below to create your own voice-over videos now!

Step 1. Import File

Launch EaseUS Video Editor, select video aspect ratio: 9:16, 16:9, 4:3 and import video, picture, audio, etc., files to create a new project.

Import file to EaseUS Video Editor.

Step 2. Create a Video Project

Right-click on the imported file and select "Add to Project". Repeat the process to add all the needed media files into the project.

Add files to project

Step 3. Record or Add Voice/Voiceover to Video

Connect your microphone to your computer in advance. Move the timeline to the point where you would like to add voiceover and click the microphone icon to "Record voiceover".

Start record voice for video

Click "OK" when you finish recording voice over for the video.

Finish recording voiceover

Step 4. Adjust Voiceover, Add Sound Effect to Video

You can double-click the recorded voiceover to reset its speed, volume, fade in, and fade out, etc., settings. Click "OK" to save changes.

Set voiceover settings

You can also add some sound effects to the video by moving the timeline to a proper point, select a favored sound effect, such as Cheers, and right-click to "Add to Project".

Add sound effect to video

Step 5. Finish Video Editing and Export Video

After adding voice or voiceover to your video, you can continue editing the video by adding more effects like text templates, filters, transitions, etc., to the video.

When you are done, click "Export", select a desired video format and set the video resolution, click "Export" again to save the video to your computer.

Export video

Sound Recorder and Photos App - Windows Default Applications

Windows has two built-in applications - Sound Recorder and Photos App that can also help you record voice and add the voice recorder to your video. It's also free to add voice to a video on Windows PC using these two apps. 


  • Support recording voice or voiceover
  • Support adding voice audio to video


  • The operating steps are more complex than using other Apps

How to Do a Voiceover on a Video on Windows:

First, you can use Sound Recorder to record your voice and save it on your computer. After that, add the recorded voice to your video with Photo App by checking the following steps.

Step 1. Search Photos in Windows Search bar and click to open Photos App.

Step 2. Click "Video Project" > "New Project" and name the video project, click "OK" to confirm.

Create video project

Step 3. Add video to the project by clicking "Add" > "From this PC" to load your video to Photos App.

Load video

Step 4. Drag the video to the Storyboard and click "Custom audio".

Add voiceover to video

Step 5. Click "Add audio file" and browse to select your voice recording.

Step 6. Click "Done" Then you can click "Finish video", set the video quality, and click "Export" to finish. After this, you have successfully added voice to the video.

How to Do Voice Overs Videos on Mac 

For Mac users, a cool tool that can help them to add voice to a video is a built-in app, iMovie. It's fully compatible with all macOS systems in video editing. You can directly record a voice over for your video, edit and export the whole video for free.


  • Support recording voice over
  • Support combining voice recording to a video for free


  • No advanced voice templates

How to Add a Voiceover to a Video:

Step 1. Launch iMovie on Mac, click "New" to create a new movie.

Create new video project

Step 2. Select a theme or No Theme, and click "Create". Name the new movie video and click "OK" to confirm.

Name the video

Step 3. Go to Finder to drag the video that you want to add voiceover onto.

Drag video to iMovie

Step 4. Go to the iMovie menu, click "Windows" and "Record Voiceover".

Open Voiceover feature

Step 5. Click the microphone icon, and then you can start speaking to record a voiceover for your video.

Start recording voiceover

Step 6. When you finish recording, click the microphone icon to "Stop Recording". And then you can export the video with your voiceover to the Mac computer.

Save and export video with added voiceover

How to Make a Voice Over Video with Voice Over App 

Recording videos and uploading videos with mobile phones have now become a popular way for iPhone and Android phone users to share their ideas and life with their friends. By using the following recommended voice over apps, you can efficiently add voiceover to video for free.

iMovie (iOS)

Like Mac users, iPhone users can also apply iMovie to edit videos on their phones and iPad for free. Recording and adding voice to videos on iPhone can be smooth and enjoyable using iMovie.


  • Support recording voice over and add to a video
  • Support adding music to video
  • Support adding basic filters to video


  • Lack of advanced video editing features

Add voiceover to video with iMovie

How to Add Voiceover to Video with Voice Over Video App:

Step 1. Launch iMovie on iPhone, tap "Project" > "New Project" > "Movie".

Step 2. Select media - photos or videos that you would like to add voiceover onto and click "Create Movie".

Step 3. Click the Plus button and scroll down to click "Voiceover".

Step 4. Then you can click "Record" to start speaking and adding voiceover to your video. When you finish, click "Stop" and "Accept" to finish.

Step 5. After this, click "Done" on your iPhone. 

Add Audio to Video (Android)

For Android users, Add Audio to Video is an efficient app that can assist ordinary users in adding voice to video on their phones for free.


  • Support creating the music video
  • Support mixing audio with video
  • Free to add created voice file to video


  • Doesn't support directly record voice to a video

Add voiceover to video on Android

How do You do a Voice Over on Android:

Step 1. Tap "Sound Recorder" on your Android phone and start to speak or record the voiceover for your video.

Step 2. When you finish recording the voiceover, save it on your phone.

Step 3. Tap Add Audio to Video, and tap "Select Video".

Step 4. Select the video file that you want to add voice onto from Android Gallary.

Step 5. Click "Add Selected Audio" and select the saved voiceover, tap "Add".

Step 6. Save the changes and close this app.

After this, you can play and share your video with added voice online or with your friends by then.

How to Add Voice to Video Online

Besides using software and apps to add voice to videos on the computer and mobile phones, the last practical application that you can try is the online video editor. Kapwing is a renowned online video editor that supports all levels of users to upload videos and add voiceover for free online.

You can also apply this online application to add a voice recording to your video for free.


  • Support adding voice to video
  • Support adding audio to video
  • Support adding images and text to video


  • Lack of advanced video editing features

How to Make a Video with Voice Overs Online:

Step 1. Drag or upload a video to Kapwing.

Drag video to Kapwing

Step 2. Click "Audio" from the top menu. Click "Record" to start recording voiceover to the video.

Start record voiceover for video

Step 3. Click the red button to start recording your voiceover for the video and then click "Done" when you complete the recording.

Finish adding voice to video online

Step 4. Sign in with your Facebook account and click "Publish" > "Workspaces" > Find your created video project with voiceover and click the three dots > "Download".

Download video with added voiceover

After this, you can view and play the video with an added voiceover on your computer by then.

Try: www.kapwing.com/resources/add-voice-over-to-video-app-easy-audio-recorder/


This page introduces the 6 best ways of adding voice or voiceover to a video for free on Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, and online.

  • For the easiest way to add voice to video on Windows PC, EaseUS Video Editor is worth trying.
  • For Mac and iPhone users, iMovie is an optimal choice. Android users can use Add Audio to Video for a try.
  • Superb online video editing software - Kapwing is applicable for all users to add a voice recording to video online. 

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Windows 11/10/8/7

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