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Solved | How to Add Music/Sound to GIF for Free

Melissa Lee updated on Mar 15, 2023 | Home > Video Editing Tips

When you send a GIF to your friends or upload it on social media websites, you are expressing your emotions through GIF files. Nowadays it's better to show your feelings by adding music to GIF files. Putting popular songs on GIFs can give them more spunk, and makes them funnier and more entertaining. However you may have no idea how to add music to GIF files, don't worry. This article will offer you 6 reliable methods to add music to GIF and give you a tutorial in detail. 

How to Add Music to GIF on Windows 10 for Free

Want to combine music with GIF on Windows PC easily and quickly? You can't miss EaseUS Video Editor. This video editing software is a powerful GIF maker. It can help you create a musical GIF, edit GIF files by adding visual effects, and crop GIF with basic and advanced editing tools. Moreover, you can convert GIF to MOV and vice verse with this great video editor. Apart from GIF maker, this video editing software is also a versatile video and audio editor, which can assist you in modifying video and audio files.

More stunning features about EaseUS Video Editor:

  • A simple interface and easy to use
  • Enable you to add text to GIF
  • Offer more than 300 visual effects, including filters, overlays, transitions, elements, and more
  • Provide basic and advanced editing tools, such as, rotating, flipping, reversing, trimming, and so on
  • Help you extract audio from MP4 and make the picture in picture video with ease

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Windows 11/10/8/7

How to make a GIF with music by using EaseUS Video Editor? Let's check below detailed tutorials.

Step 1. Import the GIF File

You can add multiple photos and even custom audio files as background audio. Since the sequence is important for GIF files, make sure to add GIFs in the right sequence. You can either drag and drop them to the timeline or click the plus icon.

import gif

Step 2. Import the Music File

This video editor offers various background music which you can download and apply it to the imported file. Align them correctly to the length of the images or GIFs.

add music to gif

Step 3. Export the GIF with Sound

To achieve the same what a GIF can achieve, ensure to keep it short. When exporting the file, select the output format. 

export gif with edited content

How to Add Music to GIF on iPhone

GIFX is an excellent application designed for iPhone users to add music to GIF for free. This app offers over 100+ masks to customize your GIF effects. Also, you can customize your GIFs by changing opacity, size, and even making out areas of the GIF for another level of creativity. When finished you can save as GIF, movie, or even add another GIF layer to your project. Besides, you can show off your latest creation to all of your friends and family in seconds.

Add music to GIF on iPhone

Step by step to add sound to GIF on iPhone:

Step 1. Download GIFX and import the GIF file to it.

Step 2. Tap on the menu and hit the Music icon. Next, you can press the Song button to choose the song that you want to add to the GIF. 

Step 3. Once you are done, go to the top right corner and tap it to save it. Here you can choose the output quality between High and Low, then press the Save button.

How to Add Music to GIF on Android

StoryGif is a wonderful app that can help you add music to GIF easily on your Android phone. It has a massive music library, which will be updated daily so that you can add your favorite music to GIF with millions of tracks from top artists to choose from. Also, you can record your voice or merge GIF with ease. Apart from that, you can easily upload your musical GIFs from your camera roll to the social networks.

Add music to gif on Android

Steps to add sound to GIF with StoryGif:

Step 1. Download StoryGif. Next, select or search a GIF.

Step 2. Instantly preview your short movie and add music to it.

Step 3.Share it on social media sites or save it to your camera roll.

How to Add Music to GIF Online Free

There are a great many online GIF with music makers that you can use. To save your time on finding the right tool, we offer you the most two popular programs to help add music to GIF online for free.

1. Kapwing

Kapwing is a multifunctional online video editor, which can help you make a video, modify video/audio files, convert file formats, and also create a GIF with sound easily. This online tool also can assist you in adding music to GIF, and the process of adding audio to GIF just needs simple three steps.

Add music to gif with Kapwing

Tutorials on how to make a musical GIF online with Kapwing:

Step 1. Go to the Studio and upload the GIF file that you want to add music. Here if you want to resize the GIF for a social media platform, you can use the options offered to adjust the size and position of the GIF layer.

Step 2. Click the "Audio" button in the Studio toolbar. Here you can upload a music file or paste a link to the YouTube video with the music that you want. If the audio is too long, you also can choose the "Trim Audio" button to define the start and end time, then, click "Done" to return to the Studio.

Step 3. Once your GIF looks and sounds right, click "Publish" to save and share your musical GIF.

2. Wofox

Wofox is another online musical GIF maker. It makes it easy to add music to GIF. What's more, this online program also offers you abundant options to edit your videos. With this software, you can make an intro and outro, edit panorama and logo, etc.. You can even use it as a free photo slideshow maker. This all-in-one video editing software is worth trying.

Add music to gif with Wofox

Steps to mix audio and GIF file with Wofox:

Step 1. Upload the GIF to which you want to add music/sound.

Step 2. Add music to the GIF file.

Step 3. Download the newly created GIF with music to your computer.

How to add Music to GIF on Mac

iMovie is a free yet excellent video editor for Mac users. Using it, you can create movies with a lot of amazing templates, make movie trailers, combine multiple audio/video files, and add music to video without watermark or GIF effortlessly. This GIF with sound maker is powerful and very easy to use.

Add music to gif with iMovie

Steps to add sound to GIF with iMovie:

Step 1. Launch iMovie and import GIF to the media tab or directly drag it to the timeline. After that, you can choose the sound or add music files from your computer.

Step 2. To make you GIF files more brilliant, you can add visual effects, change the speed of GIF, adjust the background music, and more. All of the work can be completed quickly and easily.

Step 3. When you are done, you can export the musical GIF. Make sure to choose the right quality when exporting GIF. If you want, you can share the GIF file with your friends or upload it to social media sites.


On this page, you can learn six reliable ways to add music to GIF. Whether you work on Windows PC, Mac, or mobile phones, you can easily find the most satisfying software in this article.

Among those software, we highly recommend EaseUS Video Editor. It can not only add sound to GIF but edit GIF with great editing tools. You like trim, rotate, and even add text to GIFs with a few simple clicks. Most importantly, it is a powerful video and audio editing program. With it, you can create all kinds of movies easily, like make movie trailer, and more. Now download it and make a brilliant musical GIF!

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FAQs About Adding Music to GIF

There are some questions that people also ask about adding music to GIF. Read it to learn more about information.

1. How do you add background music to a GIF?

A GIF with music maker can solve this problem. You can use EaseUS Video Editor and move to Part 1 to learn how to add background music to a GIF.

2. How do I add music to my iPhone GIF?

You can use GIFX. This application can help you add music to your iPhone GIF. Go to Part 4 to learn how to mix music with GIF.

3. How do I add audio to my Android GIF?

You can complete this task with StoryGif on Android. Part 5 can guide you on how to add music to your Android GIF.

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