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How to Turn a YouTube Video into MP3

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How to Turn a YouTube Video into MP3

Myra updated on Feb 14, 2023 to Video & Audio Downloading

Speaking of changing a YouTube video to MP3, you may have no idea how to do it. Actually, converting YouTube videos to MP3 is such a common need that there are so many ways to achieve this goal. For example, there are online YouTube to MP3 converters that allow you to download YouTube videos to MP3 without software installation. There are also desktop programs that work to download YouTube to MP3 in a safe and quick way.

No matter which method you prefer, you can find the corresponding solution from the details below. Check these proven solutions and carry out the way best suited to your needs.

Option 1. How to Turn a YouTube Video into MP3 Safely

Do you want a YouTube to MP3 converter that is safe, fast, versatile, and free of ads? If you do, don't miss the reliable video downloader - EaseUS Video Downloader that can download video or audio files from over 1000 sites. Most importantly, it has special support for YouTube. That means you can:

  • Convert YouTube videos to MP3 directly
  • Download YouTube videos in different formats and qualities
  • Download YouTube audios in MP3 or WAV at 320kbps, 256kbps, or 128kbps
  • Download YouTube video or audio in bulk

Whether you want to turn a YouTube video to MP3 or convert YouTube playlists to MP3, EaseUS Video Downloader will satisfy your needs perfectly.

To turn a YouTube video to MP3:


Option 2. How to Download a YouTube Video to MP3 Online

With any software installation, you can also get MP3 from a YouTube video using one of the online converters. Among the numerous choices, you should be careful enough to choose an online tool that is not loaded with ads and won't redirect you to another page after you click the download button. Since almost all online YouTube to MP3 converters work similarly, here I'd like to take one of them as an example.

To download a YouTube video to MP3 online:

Step 1. Copy the URL of the YouTube video and visit the online YouTube to MP3 converter.

Step 2. Paste the video URL into the address bar and click "Search."

Step 3. Wait for the website to parse the address.

Step 4. Afterward, choose "MP3" > "320kbps" and click "Convert."

Step 5. Wait for the file conversion to complete and then click "Download" to save the audio to your computer.

How to convert YouTube to MP3 online

Option 3. How to Convert YouTube Videos to MP3 Files with a Browser

Converting a YouTube video to MP3 using a browser is actually another way to spare you from downloading and installing a program. Unlike the two ways above, using a browser extension won't need you to copy the URL of the video. Instead, the addon will provide a download button for you on the YouTube page, with which you can download YouTube videos to MP3 directly.

To Convert YouTube videos to MP3:

Step 1. Add the YouTube Video Downloader extension to your browser.

Step 2. Find and play the video you want to convert.

Step 3. Click the extension icon in the toolbar.

Step 4. Select "Convert to MP3" and choose the target quality you prefer.

Step 5. Click "Download" to save the MP3 file to your computer.

How to download YouTube videos to MP3 via a browser

Since Google Chrome has banned many YouTube video downloader extensions, you can switch to Firefox for help if you find the extension doesn't work on Chrome.

The Bottom Line

Isn't it easy to turn a YouTube video into an MP3 file? No matter which type of file you need, there is an example for you. Of course, there are many other choices for you to choose from for each type of tool. If you are not satisfied with the ones shown above, you can search from the Internet to pick up the one that is most suitable for you.

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