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FLAC vs WAV | Is WAV Better Than FLAC in 2023

Sofia Albert updated on Mar 15, 2023 | Home > Video Converter Tips

WAV and FLAC are two lossless audio formats, and they both have similarities and differences. On one hand, both of them have good quality as for lossless audio. On the other hand, they are different in many aspects like video compression, etc. Knowing the comparison between them is helpful for you to choose which audio format can be played on your devices. 

flac vs wav

This post provides you with a clear understanding of FLAC vs WAV and how they are processed and used.

Comparison FLAC Audio Format WAV Audio Format
Definition Developed by the Xiph.Org Foundation, the FLAC audio format is an audio format for lossless compression of digital audio. Developed by IBM and Microsoft, WAV is mainly used on Windows systems for uncompressed audio.
File Extension  .flac .wav or .wave
Video compression Compressed lossless audio format Uncompressed lossless audio format
Audio Quality Good audio quality as it is lossless High-quality audio used by professional users
Compatibility Compatible with most modern media players Compatible with many media players

Bonus Tips: Convert WAV to FLAC on Windows>>

WAV Versus FLAC | Comparison

Many users want to know the question "Is WAV better than FLAC?". WAV and FLAC formats are containers for lossless audio, while they do have some differences for many aspects. 

  • Compressed and Uncompressed 

Firstly, WAV is an uncompressed format while FLAC is a compressed one. Usually, you will see the WAV files in a bigger size, compared to FLAC in the same level. So, if you want to save space on your computer, then FLAC is your choice. However, as FLAC is a compressed audio format, it will have limitations on bit-depth, etc. Therefore, WAV could be the choice when you want to play an audio track that has pure quality and bitrate. 

  • Free and open-source

FLAC is a free and open-source audio format, which can be edited. WAV file has been patented, as it is developed by Microsoft. To experience more flexibility in editing audio files, FLAC is a good choice. 

  • Sample Rate and Bit Depth

These two factors can be the inflection of accurately recorded sound. In most cases, the higher the sample rate and bit depth, the higher quality you will receive. As FLAC is a compressed audio format, the sample rate and bit depth are limited. On the contrary, WAV has an unlimited sample rate and bit depth. So it will surely take a lot of space. 

  • Conclusion

To conclude this FLAC vs WAV demonstration, FLAC is a better choice for several reasons. If you think FLAC is adaptable, you can convert WAV or other audio files to FLAC with best free audio converter like EaseUS Video Converter

Overview of WAV and FLAC

To know these two audio formats deeply, follow this part. 

What is WAV?

WAV, also known as Waveform Audio File Format, is mainly appearing in .wav or .wave for file extension. It is designed by IBM and Microsoft for storing all audio data such as sample rate, bitrate, etc. Because this format contains many audio data, it can be quite large than other audio formats. Therefore, WAV is a common audio format used by music producers. 

What is FLAC?

FLAC, or Free Lossless Audio Codec, as its name suggests, you can use this compressed format to save audio, which helps save a lot of space. When you use this audio format, it is able to reduce the audio to about 60% of the initial size. Although it's a compressed audio format, FLAC can still maintain good audio quality with a smaller file size compared to a WAV file. Therefore, FLAC is a better choice if you don't use audio professionally. 

Bonus Tips: Convert WAV to FLAC on Windows

If you want to convert WAV to FLAC or vice versa on Windows, then choose a practical audio converter like EaseUS Video Converter. By importing the audio file from your computer, you can even use the batch converting feature when you have a large number of WAV files. Or you are allowed to merge all WAV files into one file, and then convert it. 

The lossless conversion can be operated efficiently in this 4K video converter. Not only WAV files, but also you can convert audio between MP3, OGG, M4A, AAC, AC3, etc. Moreover, you can even extract audio from a video file. 

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Key Features:

Here is a list of steps on converting WAV to FLAC:

Step 1. Download and install EaseUS Video Converter on your computer. Launch it and go to the "Audio Converter" option. Then you will find a "Choose Files" button for you to import the source audio file.

import audio

Step 2. After importing the audio, click on the "Settings" button. The "More Options" window will pop up, and you can select FLAC or MP3 or other audio files as the output format from the list of optional audio formats.

select flac

Step 3. Next, tap on the "Convert" button when you want to convert the imported file. The "Convert All" button is also available for processing a batch of files. Don't forget to set a suitable save path.

convert to flac

Step 4. Soon, you will get the converted audio file after the conversion. The file can be found in the "Finished" tab.

save flac audio

FAQs About FLAC vs WAV

Here are frequently-asked questions about WAV versus FLAC gathered from the public. 

1. Does FLAC sound worse than WAV?

FLAC is a compressed audio format that will reduce size for saving space. It has limitations in things like sample rate, bit-depth, etc. However, it provides you with high quality even it is compressed. You cannot say the FLAC file sounds worse than WAV as different audio files have different sample rates and bit-depth. 

2. Does FLAC really sound better?

Developed by Xiph.Org Foundation, FLAC is a compressed format while still maintaining good quality. For playing the audio file on media players, FLAC is a good choice as it does offer high quality. 

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