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How to Convert WAV to MP3 Easily

Melissa Lee updated on Mar 15, 2023 | Home > Video Converter Tips

WAV is a music file format for playing music. It is a great way to preserve the complete and accurate quality in a genuinely lossless format on your computer. But compared to MP3, it takes up a lot of disk space and is limited by the device. That's why people are willing to use MP3 format instead of WAV in their daily life. How to convert WAV to MP3? You may have no idea about it. Now, we will show you some practical ways to convert WAV to MP3 on Windows, Mac, and online. 

How to Convert WAV to MP3 on Windows 10

To convert WAV to MP3 on Windows 10/8/7, we recommend you try those programs to do the task. All of those converters are robust and helpful for Windows users.

1. EaseUS Video Converter

To convert WAV audio files to MP3 format, EaseUS Video Converter is the most suitable files converters you can get for Windows PC. This versatile software supports audio and video formats, ranging from MP4, AVI to MP3, WAV. This converter is popular among people who like creating videos as it can convert input video and audio clips without losing quality. After converting WAV to MP3, you can get MP3 files that sound clearly.

More than merely file conversion, this software also offers you a built-in file merger that can help you combine the clips into one. Suppose you want to extract the audio from a video and save it in a proper format. In that case, EaseUS Video Converter is also practical, and you can adjust the output format freely. 

Key Features:

  • Convert WAV to MP4, MP3, M4A, etc.
  • Play the media files with a default player
  • Suitable for beginners and professional users
  • Convert files 30 times faster than other software

Click on this button to download this great WAV to MP3 converter to your Windows PC.

  Free Download
Windows 11/10/8/7
  Free Download
macOS 10.13 or later

Steps to Convert WMV to MP3 with EaseUS Video Converter:

Step 1. Open EaseUS Video Converter on your computer. Next, click "Choose Files" followed by "Audio Converter" to add your target audio files.

Import audio file

Step 2. Click "Settings" > "Audio" and then choose MP3 as your output format. Moreover, you are able to select the quality according to your needs. 

Output settings

Step 3. Then go back to the main interface, and click on the "Convert All" button to start the conversion.

Start conversion

2. EaseUS Video Editor

EaseUS Video Editor is a versatile video and audio editor that enables all levels of users to edit videos. You can trim, rotate, reverse videos with it in a few straightforward steps. Apart from that, it supports all popular video and audio formats. You also can convert video/audio formats easily, like convert mp4 to MOV.

EaseUS Video Editor

Easy & smart video editing software for beginners

  • Cut, rotate, trim, split, zoom, speed up/speed down, reverse video, and more
  • Add effects to videos such as filters, transitions, text, overlays, elements, and music
  • Convert video/audio formats, like convert WebM to GIF
  • Support green screen cutout, PIP, voiceover, speech & text convert

Trusted by TechRadar, Fstopper, etc.

3. Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player is a media player for the Windows platform. As we all know, it supports different file formats such as MP3 and WAV files. Windows Media Player is a free and open-source media player that opens almost any file format. Moreover, it has a power hiding function to convert audio file formats. It can help you to convert WAV to MP3 easily. 

Simply follow the steps to use it.

Step 1. Open the Windows media player and drag the WAV file to the program.

Import WAV file

Step 2. On the top left corner, click on "Organize" and then choose the "Options." 

Set the format

Step 3. Click on "Rip Music" and select the "RIP Settings" option. Now click on the "Format" menu and select the"MP3" format. Then click on "Apply" followed by "OK."

Choose MP3 version

Step 4. Rip the audio files on your computer.

How to Convert WAV to MP3 on Mac

iTunes is the available media management tool for Mac. It can help you do a lot of tasks, including file conversion. Using iTunes, you can convert WAV audio files to MP3 and other popular file formats. It is a straightforward process that is simple and needs no download or installation of any third-party software.

1. iTunes

Follow the steps to convert WAV to MP3 with iTunes.

Step 1. Launch iTunes, choose "iTunes"> "Preferences", then click "General."


Step 2. Click "Import settings" in the Import Using menu. Choose "MP3 Encoder" and click the "OK" button to continue.

Choose MP3 encorder

Step 3. Import the WAV file. Drag the file from the folders into the iTunes program.

Step 4. Select the WAV file. Click on the file to select it. Then click the "Advanced" button and select the "Create MP3 version." You will get the converted files.

Create MP3 version

2. Switch Audio File Converter

Switch Audio File Converter is the stable audio converter for Windows and Mac users. Supporting almost all popular audio formats, it also works as a WAV to MP3 converter. The conversion process is fast and efficient, thus quickly converting the audio files.

The conversion process is also simple as you only need to comply with three steps of uploading files, choosing output format, and then conversion. Moreover, the feature of equalizing and normalizing the audio during conversion is also available.

Key Features:

  • It supports 75+ audio formats for conversion
  • Extract audio from DVDs with ease
  • Good-quality output files

Switch - WAV to MP3 converter

3. Movavi Video Converter

Whenever someone needs an incredible WAV to MP3 converter for both Windows and Mac, Movavi Video Converter comes into place. The software supports multiple file formats, including MP3, MP4, AVI, MKV, and many more, and it provides you with advanced options for changing your audio and video codecs.

The conversion process is straightforward with good video compression quality. Even a naive person can use it and efficiently carry out the conversion process. Plus, the converter also offers basic editing features like adding subtitles, AI upscaling, resizing, and cropping your video before conversion.

Key Features:

  • Offer preprogrammed optimization and conversion profiles
  • It resolves incompatibility issues
  • Quick and easy conversion
  • Support many file formats, including DVD

Movavi WAV to MP3 converter

4. VLC Media Player

Besides Movavi, VLC Media Player is also a free WAV to MP3 converter that can work on any device. While converting WAV to MP3 or other formats, you can optimize your audio or video file with the help of available features.

In addition, the software also offers different streaming protocols. The fantastic feature is leaving zero copy on the GPU with its advanced technology.

Key Features:

  • Feature of installing extensions
  • You may control the converter with keyboard shortcuts
  • It supports a wide range of input and output formats
  • Adjust settings as per your requirements

VLC - open source WAV to MP3 converter

How to Convert WAV to MP3 Online

If you don't want to download or install any software on your computer, you can still use some online converters to convert WAV to MP3. Among lots of online converters, we choose the top 3 converters for you to use.

1. Convertio

Convertio (https://convertio.co/) is a free online converter. It supports all the popular audio formats like MP3, OGG, WAV, WMA, and others. You can upload the WAV files or paste a URL directly to convert WAV to MP3.


  • Support all platforms, like Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS
  • Delete input files right after editing and output files after 24 hours
  • 100 MB maximum file size


2. Zamzar

Zamzar (https://www.zamzar.com/) offers a free online WAV to MP3 converter. Using it, you can do the task in a few simple steps: select your file, pick a format to convert to, and away you go.


  • Support 1200+ file formats.
  • Aim to complete all our conversions with 10 minutes


3. Audio Converter 

Audio Converter (https://online-audio-converter.com/) is a popular WAV to MP3 online converter. It can convert multiple files simultaneously in a batch, saving them in a ZIP archive to speed downloading.


  • Allow you to extract an audio track from a video
  • Work with over 300 different file formats, including video formats
  • Delete the converted files automatically a few hours after you are done working with them

Audio converter

4. Online Converter

Online Converter provides you with free conversion services by supporting an extensive range of file formats. This universal, credible, and free WAV to MP3 converter proves to be a handy tool for both professional and personal work. Quality is also maintained during the conversion process.

It converts audio/video files, ebooks, documents, presentations, and much more. This is an entirely free converter with no need to do the installation. Being a browser-based tool, you can open it on any device and convert your files easily.


  • Free and easy to use the converter
  • Multi-purpose conversion services
  • It keeps good file quality while converting
  • Completely secure and stable

Online Converter

To Sum Up

We have recommended you the best WAV to MP3 converters for Windows, Mac, and online. You can choose one to convert WAV to MP3, which depends on your operating system.

If you are a Windows user, we highly recommend you use EaseUS Video Converter. This converter makes sure that the quality of the original files will not be influenced so that you can use it to process some essential files. Moreover, its batch conversion feature enables you to convert a multitude of audio and video files at once. 

  Free Download
Windows 11/10/8/7
  Free Download
macOS 10.13 or later

Convert WAV to MP3 FAQs

There are some questions that people ask frequently, and you can read on. 

1. How can I convert WAV to MP3?

Step 1. Download and launch EaseUS Video Editor.

Step 2. Import and drag the WAV files on the audio track in the timeline.

Step 3. Click "Export" and select the "MP3" button, then save the converted files.

2. Does converting WAV to MP3 lose quality?

Converting WAV to MP3, you will lose much of its data. And the audio files will degrade in both size and quality.

3. How do I convert WAV to MP3 for free?

First, you can download a free audio converter like EaseUS Video Editor, import your WAV files and export them in MP3 format. Or you can use an online converter called Convertio to finish the task.

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