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How to Compress MP4 Video to Smaller Size Online for Free

Myra updated on Feb 14, 2023 | Home > Video Converter Tips

Are you looking forward to compressing the MP4 video to a smaller size for free?

MP4 videos are large and occupy much space in the device's memory, thus making it a must-have procedure for many of us to reduce the video size of MP4. Compressing these files eventually helps users manage many files effortlessly and improves your device's performance. 

The guide is designed to assist all people looking forward to compressing MP4 video to smaller sizes online for free.

compress video

Advantages of Online MP4 Video Compressor

If you have some queries and are just thinking about why to opt for an online MP4 video compressor, here we are with one of the most prominent benefits that will help you know about this excellent option in detail.

Compress MP4 online

Users can easily compress their preferred MP4 online by directly accessing their browser. It not only keeps you safe from the hectic downloading or installing of any software or application but also keeps you safe from wasting time. You can easily acquire free space on your device without any hassle.

Extreme convenience

Online resources offer an extreme level of convenience for users. The majority of the sources available online today offer easy-to-go operations that don't require special technical skills to work on. 

Faster process

The online MP4 video compressing tools are powered by the latest technology, ensuring users have super fast accessibility. Users here can efficiently run anything from low-powered PCs and laptops effortlessly.


Most online video compression tools use encrypted HTTPS connections, ensuring the users' data security. 

Free access

Online video streaming tools usually provide free accessibility to users—one doesn't need to pay any penny to enjoy the services.

Effortless access

Online video streaming tools offer seamless access to users. One can easily use this compressor while sitting around any corner of the world.

File deletion

Online video compressor tools allow users to automatically upload and remove all files as per their preferences.

How to Compress MP4 Video to Smaller Size Online for Free

As for compressing videos online, you may follow these approaches:

  1. Fix 1: Video compressor Online - Clideo
  2. Fix 2: Online Video Compressor - Veed.io
  3. Fix 3: Free Online Video Editor - Video Candy

Method 1: Video compressor Online - Clideo

Clideo is one of the best methods for compressing MP4 videos online. The platform not only provides seamless access but also ensures users have faster compression as well. The tool features security encryption for keeping access to your data files safe. All of the communication here is being done through secure channels. Users here are free to preview their referable files and can offer users the freedom of saving them back then.

clideo compress video

The main things that you have to do to compress MP4 video to a smaller size online with Clideo are:

  • Select your preferable file from any of your preferable devices on Clideo.
  • The tool usually takes minutes to set up the necessary parameters for your video. Once done, compress the file and reduce its size.
  • Once done, take a preview of the preferable file to check whether everything is ok or not, and once it's done, save the result to check it later.

Method 2: Online Video Compressor - Veed.io

Veed.io is another beautiful online video compressor option that makes the MP4 video smaller than online for free. The platform is designed to be easy to go and doesn't require any technical skills to work on. You can compress your preferable MP4 video effortlessly with just a few clicks.

veed compress video

Method 3: Free Online Video Editor - Video Candy

Video Candy is one of the most reliable online video compressor tools whose integration has made MP4 video compression quite fun. The platform features a straightforward, intuitive, and interactive interface that everyone can handle conveniently. One can easily access the tool by making a secure sign-in to its official website.

video candy compress video

How to Compress MP4 Video to Smaller Size Offline?

Compressing MP4 videos to smaller sizes offline is not as difficult as it seems. It is an easy-to-go process where you must make a few things to complete the task. 

The main advantages of desktop video compressors are:

  • It helps you in accessing smaller overall file sizes.
  • The tools require lease storage space.
  • It requires lower transmission bandwidth.

Regarding offline video compression tools, EaseUS Video Converter is one of the most reliable names. It is one of the leading offline video compression tools that are not only relatively simple and easy to use but runs efficiently on a wide range of file formats.

  Free Download
Windows 11/10/8/7
  Free Download
macOS 10.13 or later

The tool is designed to work with more than 30X faster speed, which is quite good enough to acquire the best. EaseUS Video Converter is featured with advanced conversion technology. The media converter tool allows users to convert multiple video and audio files in batches with 1:1 or higher quality.

If you want to use EaseUS Video Converter for compressing your videos, you can easily do it by:

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Video Converter on your computer, and then click "Video Compressor." 

Choose Video Compressor

Step 2. Click "Choose Files" to select one or multiple video file(s) you wish to compress. 

Add files

Step 3. Click the "File Size" option from the bottom menu bar to choose the file size you want. You can change the saving path by clicking the down arrow icon next to "Save to. Then, click "Compress" or "Compress All" to compress your video(s).

Choose file size

Step 4. Once done, you can check and view your converted files in the "Finished" tab. 

Compress completed


So, Guys! Hopefully, you have got to know how to compress MP4 videos to smaller sizes online for free. Video compression no longer remains a hectic task now. Just a reliable and perfect tool, you will be perfectly done with the same. Whether you are willing to get an online source or are picking up an offline video editing tool, it is always advised to get a reliable and trusted option only so that it can perfectly retain the quality of your video and doesn't affect your access. Here, we have provided different solutions for compressing your MP4 videos to smaller sizes. You can go through any of these and get the best option depending on your preferences. 

  Free Download
Windows 11/10/8/7
  Free Download
macOS 10.13 or later

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