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Best 5 MP4 Compressors for Discord That Worth Your Time

Sofia Albert updated on Mar 15, 2023 | Home > Video Converter Tips

Discord is very popular among young people, especially those who love games, because it allows people to convene, chat, share content, and play together. People can send text-based messages or videos on Discord. But if you're planning to share a large video file, it will give you the following message. 

"Your Files are Too Powerful” will pop up with small text that reads, "Max file size is 8.00 MB please.”

Many people have run into this problem. If you're one of the groups, just use the following video compressors to make your video more minor than 8MB and then share it with Discord. 

EaseUS Video Converter

EaseUS Video Converter is, without a doubt, top on this list. It has everything you need from a top-rated media compression and conversion tool. It supports over 500 formats and has a breakneck conversion speed and excellent features. The interface is simple, so you wouldn't find it hard to work on as a beginner. 

More specifically, you can gain these benefits from EaseUS Video Converter:

  • A versatile video and audio converter
  • A high-performance video compressor
  • Convert and compress media files at high speed
  • Merge files into one
  • No quality loss

If you're interested in this program, don't hesitate to download it on your computer and try it!

  Free Download
Windows 11/10/8/7
  Free Download
macOS 10.13 or later

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Video Converter on your computer, and then click "Video Compressor" from the Home Page.

Choose Video Compressor

Step 2. Click "Choose Files" to select all video files you wish to compress. 

Add files

Step 3. Click the gear icon next to your video information to customize your video size, targeted output format, bitrate, resolution, and more. Then, click "OK," and then "Compress" to start the compression process. Besides, you can also preview your video by clicking the "Preview" option.

Choose file size

Step 4. Once done, go to the "Finished" tab to check the compressed videos. 

Compress completed


HandBrake is a free media converter that can convert just about any format to MP4. Although the number of output formats it supports is limited, Handbrake makes up for it in the fact that it can perform other advanced functions like:

  • Rip CD/DVD
  • Download music and video
  • Record screen
  • Compress video using some tweaks in the video codec, thereby maintaining video quality

 So if you prefer to use Handbrake, follow these steps to compress MP4 files for Discord with it.  

Step 1. Download and install HandBrake from its official site.

Step 2. Select "File" on the left side under Source Selection. 

Step 3. Select the file you want to compress and click "Open."

Step 4. Choose the storage path you wish to save your compressed video by clicking "Browse." Then, give your video a new name.

Step 5. Under Output Settings, choose MP4 for Container. 

Step 6. Click the "Video" tab and choose "H.264 (x264)" for Video Codec.

Step 7. Choose the "High Profile" under Encoder Options.

Step 8. Click "Start" to compress the video.  



As an online converter, 8mb.video brings innovative conversion options to the fields with its ability to compress any video to under 100MB, 50MB, and 8MB. It also has quality enhancement options, trimming options, and sound extraction, most of which are not easily found on other online compression tools, making 8mb.video stands out among its peers. 


  • Video compression
  • Audio extraction
  • Trimming
  • Quality enhancement
  • Auto-download

How to Compress Videos for Discord Using 8mb.video

Step 1. Visit the website.

Step 2. Upload a Video by clicking on browse and choosing a video from device storage. Alternatively, you can import videos using a link as well.

Step 3. Click on the green tab to start compression.

Step 4. Once done, download your video to your computer.

8mb video


VEED.IO is another online compression tool with rich features and functions like cutting, cropping, trimming, rotating, resizing, merging, splitting videos, and so on. Since it is a simple online tool, we won't dive into more details. Here are the steps to use it. 

Step 1. Visit the website. On the main screen, click on tools and look for the "Video Compression" option.

Step 2. Click on the blue tab and select the video to upload from your device storage. As an added option, you can choose to upload a video with a link or from the Dropbox cloud storage.

Step 3. VEED will upload your video and give you a recommended compression size. You can change this or use their recommended settings.

Step 4. Click on Compress video, start compression, and download when it is done.

veed io


FreeConvert is one of the many converters that add their uniqueness to the platform. It lets you compress video, images, music, and PDF. Besides, it lets you convert any supported formats to MP4, audio, image, documents, ebook, and other options. What's more? You can also resize, crop, and trim your videos on Freeconvert.


  • Video, audio, document, and image converter
  • Video and audio compression
  • Video cropping
  • Trimming

To Compress Video for Discord with Freeconvert

Step 1. Visit the website and upload Video. Click on the upload tab and select a video from your file.

Step 2. There are five different compression methods on the website, percentage, MB size, video quality, video resolution, and max bitrate. The tip on the website says h.265 helps with keeping the video quality, so change the codec from h.254 to h.265.

Step 3. Click on "Apply settings" and then compress.

Step 4. Download your video after compression.


Online Converter

Try an online converter for simplistic conversion, compression, and other video editing features. Although being simple means you don't get a lot of options, an online converter can still compress video just by resizing it and without affecting the quality. You just need to adjust the height and width, and your video will be compressed with a smaller size.


  • Video, audio, image, and document converter
  • Video and audio compressor
  • Video trimming and resizing
  • Audio extractor
  • Split and merge video
  • Add watermark to video

In Conclusion

Choosing an excellent converter and compressor for Discord shouldn't become a problem for you now. Two software converters and four online converters mentioned in this article are all good, and the one we recommend is EaseUS Video Converter. With its many supported formats, you can convert and compress just about any video format with 30X speed and without quality loss, all the more reasons for using EaseUS Video Converter.

  Free Download
Windows 11/10/8/7
  Free Download
macOS 10.13 or later

Frequently Asked Questions About MP4 compressor

Below are some frequently asked questions about MP4 compressors. If you also have the same questions, check the below instruction to get the answers. 

1. What is the best video compressor for Discord?

It depends on your specific needs. If you want convenience, you can use some online video compressors to compress a video for Discord because such converters don't require installing any program. But on the downside, online compressors may have a slow compression speed. If you pursue high-speed compression, a desktop video compressor like EaseUS Video Converter is your best option. 

2. How to bypass the 8MB limit Discord?

Your only option for this purpose is to compress your video to under 8MB. 

3. Is there any image compressor for Discord?

You can use many online image compressors to compress images for Discord. No installation is required. You can complete the whole process on a browser. Some good options include:

  • https://tinypng.com/
  • https://compresspng.com/
  • https://imagecompressor.com/
  • https://www.iloveimg.com/compress-image/compress-png

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